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These 18 Deodorants Will Make Everyone Smell Good

Smell good, gender not included.

I used to wear a deodorant – okay, my ex boyfriend’s deodorant – called “Bearglove.” And, unsurprisingly, it was not marketed as a unisex deodorant, even though I was wearing it – and, though I am just one, I argue that this makes it gender neutral.

But nope, not in the marketing world. Gender scents strike again.

Obviously, every deodorant is unisex. Scents don’t have to determine your gender identity. For some, it does, and that’s important… but for others, they want a unisex deodorant that isn’t marketed toward one gender.

Some companies have “solved” this with unscented deodorants. Awesome! But what many companies have also done is create scents that don’t lean toward one stereotypical gendered smell. Instead of tobacco and beer or coconut and vanilla, they choose to mix citrus with musk, or papaya with turmeric. The result: a universal fragrance that anyone can feel comfortable – and like themselves – wearing.

Ready to find your next signature scent? These 18 unisex deodorants are perfect for everyone, whether you’re sharing with a partner, a family, or doing a friend a solid.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


Eucalyptus Unisex Deodorant

eucalyptus malin+goetz unisex deodorant

We love (MALIN+GOETZ) so much here at QUILL, and I actually own this deodorant! The smell is subtle, but it covers up the stink well. Aluminum- and alcohol-free, it’s perfect for my armpits, especially if I’m using it hours after shaving (I know, shush) – eucalyptus is an antiseptic. Citronellyl is the real hero ingredient, though, thanks to its odor-neutralizing capabilities.

BUY NOW – $14+


Native Unisex Deodorant

native eucalyptus and mint natural unisex deodorant

Of course we had to include Native! They offer so many scents, as well as a fragrance-free version. Some are traditionally “masculine” and “feminine,” but most are genderless – the point is to smell good, not like a gender, basically. The eucalyptus and mint scent is refreshing, and coconut oil and shea butter meet up with baking soda and probiotics to give you a comfy dry zone.

BUY NOW – $11.97

Kopari Aluminum-Free Unisex Deodorant

kopari unisex deodorant coconut oil

You can go hunting for them all you want, but you won’t catch a glimpse of baking soda, aluminum, parabens, gluten, or any kinds of toxins here. You’ll smell like light coconut, but not in an overt way – it mainly comes from the soothing and softening coconut oil, coconut water, and imperfection-impeding sage oil. No fears of smelling feminine here, just good.

BUY NOW – $14

Natural Aluminum-Free Unisex Deodorant

each and every natural unisex deodorant for sensitive skin

Obvs we’re including the deodorant for the deodorant itself. It’s a nice blend of citrus and vetiver, giving you a bright-but-grounded whiff with each arm lift. On top of this, it only uses six ingredients to stop BO – and baking soda and aluminum aren’t included. BUT, we also are so happy about the sustainable, plant-based packaging, making the deodorant one of the more – if not the most – eco-friendly options on this list.

BUY NOW – $17

Energize Unisex Deodorant

indie lee energize unisex deodorant

Organic tapioca and non-GMO cornstarch interact to give you a ~dry pit stop~. (Okay, sorry, it was right there.) The citrus fruits – bergamot, orange, and grapefruit – work together to rejuvenate the skin that so often goes chafed, while the eucalyptus works to stimulate senses. Read: you’re gonna smell damn delicious, and you’re not going to be soaked doing it.

BUY NOW – $19


bravo sierra unisex deodorant - the original

Bravo Sierra is mission-driven, which QUILL loves, and it’s completely genderless. Tested by those in the Armed Forces, you know this deodorant will do the job right without staining your clothes. There are four scents and one unscented option, and you’ll love the ingredients, which include glycerin, aloe, and jojoba esters. Algae extract hydrates and tones, while Panax ginseng root extract slows collagen loss.

BUY NOW – $17.50


public goods unisex deodorant

Public Goods makes things as easy, unisex, and uncomplicated as their packaging. You won’t find the ew here, like parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrance. What you WILL find: baking soda and arrowroot powder to sop up sweat, vegan coconut and candelilla wax to create its easy-glide base, and an essential oil blend that’s totally gender-neutral and totally captivating at once.

BUY NOW – $7.95

CK One Deodorant

calvin klein ck one unisex deodorant

Calvin Klein has done it right, but when does he not? The CK One Deodorant is completely gender-neutral, and you can pair it with Calvin Klein’s perfume of the same scent. Smell sophisticated and feel like yourself – gender not included in that descriptor – with notes of jasmine, green tea, tropical fruit, and amber.

BUY NOW – $21

Hug Me Probiotic Deodorant

blume hug me deodorant

Blume is made for people with periods. Nope, not women: people who have periods. Their Hug Me Deodorant is clean, cruelty-free, and vegan, and you won’t locate any aluminum in the formula. You WILL, however, be happy to feel conditioning coconut oil, softening and sensitive probiotics, and jojoba oil to soothe inflammation and banish any pit-zits and bumps.

BUY NOW – $14

Hume Supernatural Aluminum Free Unisex Deodorant

hume after rain scented unisex deodorant

Is there a smell better than the asphalt right after the rain? I take that back: is there a smell better than after the rain, period? I think not. Which is why this scent is so wonderful when it’s burning: you don’t smell gross, and you’re reminded of cooler days. The plant-based ingredients use both probiotics and prebiotics to stop stink and nourish skin.

BUY NOW – $16.99

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Which unisex deodorant do you use? Tell us below!

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