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16 Jewel-Tone Eyeshadow Palettes To Make Your Eyes Gems

I can wear light eyeshadow shades, but with my hazel eyes, nothing beats a deep green with flecks of glittering gold. Jewel-tone eyeshadow palettes are the best colors for my eyes – and I know I’m not alone.

Jewel tones flatter every eye color and every skin tone – the deep colors play nicely with both light and dark eyes, while highly-pigmented palettes appear bright on any eyelid. Combine jewel tones? You have a show-stopping stare.

There are so many different palettes out there, and I’ve collected my favorite 11 that will work on anyone. Whether you like a deep green or an amethyst purple, a matte or a glitter, you’ll find a shade to rock!

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


play it jewel

play it jewel colourpop eyeshadow palette

Are you looking to get your rainbow glam on? Well, look no further than Colour Pop’s, play it jewel palette. This 30 pan set has something for everyone, serving buildable neutrals to complement 15 vivacious shimmers (I’m looking at you, Crown). Let your inner artisté take the wheel when applying their signature creamy formula, and even send them a photo when you’re done!

BUY NOW – $34

Get Wild Kit

huda beauty jaguar get wild shadow palette

HUDA’s Get Wild Kit options are flawless, but Jaguar is filled with deep, muted shades that add depth to any smokey eye or cut crease. It has nude and black, but it’s the jewel tones that have us captivated by the palette – mix a sparkling bronze with a satin purple, and you’ve got a look perfect for when you’re on the prowl.

BUY NOW – $29


polar bear eyeshadow palette

We love Shared Planet because they know it’s a shared planet. They have two collections: Tiger and Polar Bear. With each purchase from their Polar Bear collection, which also includes lip glosses on top of their jewel-toned eyeshadow palette, they donate 5% to international organizations dedicated to saving animals – including the beloved Polar Bear.

BUY NOW – $32


melt cosmetics SMOKE sessions eyeshadow palette

Melt Cosmetics’ Smoke Sessions Palette is inspired by the brand’s love for all things marijuana, and the greens range from forest to olive to mint. Deep forest green and dark brown are matte bases for your looks, while the greens and gold shades glitter. Just like a lighter, this eyeshadow is a spark in the dark.

BUY NOW – $48

Black Magic ‘Coming 2 America’ Good Morning Zamunda Color Palette

UOMA BEAUTY black magic eyeshadow palette with jewel tones

Want red like a ruby? How about amethyst? Perhaps emerald or sapphire? These gems reside in UOMA Beauty’s jewel-tone eyeshadow palette, a limited edition option with highly-pigmented shades that pop on every skin tone. Dance it up or run for cover through the winter rain – the formula is water-resistant and long-lasting.

BUY NOW – $29

Girls Night Out Eyeshadow Palette

joah girls night out eyeshadow palette

Yeah, it’s “Girls Night Out,” which is a liiiiiittle ridiculous – why can’t everyone have a fabulous, on-the-town night out? – but these shades are impossible to pass up. The 12 shadows come in matte, shimmer, and pearl finishes to give your eyes glam when they catch the light. We love the shimmering jewel tones of the amethyst-mauve-cross in this palette, as well as the matte forest green.

BUY NOW – $9.59



The Gilded Jewel Eyeshadow Palette uses colors and shades touching upon all stones, not just your usual ruby red and turquoise blue tones. There are subtle blends as well – glimpse at Bow Down, with its pink base and tiny flecks of blue – for a complex creation that plays well with other colors, like the pink/nude Smoked Topaz and deep blue Frost Yourself.

BUY NOW – $19.99

Art Nouveau Palette

kailav Art Nouveau Palette jewel tone eyeshadow

Welcome to Kailav, the beauty brand that isn’t afraid to let their colors POP. Formerly known as MusĂ©e Beauty, sisters Kaya and Tara want to up their palette game to the next level. Inspired by their love of both art and makeup, these ladies dreamt of a brand that melded them into one! The palette I’m obsessed with is the Art Nouveau Palette which is inspired by the actual art nouveau movement. These 16 beautiful shades spotlight 8 matte and 8 shimmery colors to resemble the windows made of stained glass, and buildings full of jewels and riches during the 19th century. Check it out to see my personal favorite, Sensuality, a purpley shimmer shade.

BUY NOW – $42

martine cosmetics wonderland eyeshadow palette

This is my formal petition to reinstate gothic glamor. If you’re a witchy bitch like me, this array of dark matte and metallic shimmers is the palette for you. Jewel tones Euphenia and Freya display the eerie and entrancing facets to the “gothcore” aesthetic. If you’re looking to get spooky, and look hot for the Grim Reaper, this is the palette for you.

BUY NOW – $44.40

Glass Mirror Shadow Palette

glass mirror eyeshadow palette with jewel tones

Although they say not to judge a book by its cover, when an eyeshadow palette catches my eye, I do just that. The Glass Mirror 15 pan delight uses a 3D silver geode design to pull the consumer (aka me) in for further inspection. This color array tells the story of how icy blues, whites and pinks can be warmed by toasty browns and magentas — a modern love story.

BUY NOW – $15

Skyrocket Artistry Palette

illamasqua skyrocket artistry eyeshadow palette

Looking to create a spark? Well, instead of grabbing a lighter, grab your computer and feast your eyes on the Skyrocket palette by Illamasqua. Created with intention, each individual color in this palette is accompanied by its complementary shade. My absolute favs, Absinthe (a mint green) and Vast (a shimmery forest green), were created to assist one another in creating an explosive, envious look.

BUY NOW – $25

Take Flight Eyeshadow Palette

Take Flight Eyeshadow Palette

When thinking of makeup, fierce fiery confidence comes to mind. Dusting vibrant colors onto one’s face transforms them, much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. The Take Flight eyeshadow palette captures the essence of beauty by basing its shades on the wonder of butterflies. Split into warm and cool tones, the combinations are forever changing, much like the flying creatures in the sky.

BUY NOW – $48

tarteist™ PRO REMIX Amazonian clay palette

tarteist™ PRO REMIX Amazonian clay palette

It’s time to take the world by storm and kick some ass while wearing the tarte Pro Remix palette. Shake the house down in an emerald green shimmer, color explosion, bold enough to be worn alone on the lid and still scream, “don’t mess with me.” Or pack it in with some sugary sway (a shimmery light pink) and hit them with some spicy mashup (a bright violet). All options are guaranteed to bestow you with the title of badass. Do with that what you will…

BUY NOW – $32

Secret Palette

secret nabla palette

To juxtapose my gothic dreamworld, I have picked the Secret Palette by Nabla. Treading in a more neutral category, Secret features 15 safer shades with elements of shazam. What makes these shades drool-worthy: their two new notable formulas, diamond and velvet. Diamond is created for shades with a crystalline finish, helping to enhance the color and pigmentation, whereas velvet intensifies matte shades to give them more dimension.

BUY NOW – $39


made for matte elf eyeshadow palette

If sparkle ain’t your thang, but you still like to get down and dirty with eye-catching color, take a look at the Mad for Matte Palette by e.l.f. These ten jewel tones are beautifully blendable and just waiting to be built upon. It can be used as a liner, on the lid or as a way to contour certain parts of your beautiful looks. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $8?

BUY NOW – $8

Holographic 3D Eye Topper eye eyeshadow topper in holographic jewel tone colors

Looking to liven up a regular old matte shadow? To ~top~ this list off, look no further than J. Cat’s Holographic 3D Eye Topper! As a liquid shadow, this baby glides right on the lid of your eye and propels you into another dimension. Coming in six different colors, these small tubes pack a punch by shining in the light, so you’ll illuminate any room you walk into.

BUY NOW – $6.99

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Which jewel tone eyeshadow palettes are your favorite? What is your favorite eyeshadow color to wear? Share below!


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