Full and Fluffed Up: Feathered Eyebrows Are In

When you think about the 1980s, what comes to mind? Is it the harmonious hits of Bruce Springsteen (who btw was Born in the USA), or the controversial structured shoulder (*cough* shoulder pads)?

For me, it involves eyebrows. Instead of a meticulously plucked look, the ’80s boasted full and fluffy, totally natural brows that were loud and proud, seemingly a vessel of personal expression.

Unfortunately, the natural look slowly morphed into the overly-plucked skinny mini brows of the ’90s and Y2K. Not only was this era notorious for narrow brows, but for narrow female physique, popularizing the idea that the idea of femininity equated to shrinking the body until it was barely visible…

I’ll save you dear readers from my soap box on ~beauty standards~ and point out that we have come a long way. Especially now, here in 2022, the resurgence of the full brow is back — and I think it’s here to stay.


New Year, New Name

The feathered eyebrow. No, not the very… different trend from 2017 (where eyebrows were literally made into feathers), but the fully wild and beautifully unkempt eyebrows of today. Capitalizing on the natural look, feathered eyebrows present as bushy yet neatly combed with the use of makeup or a technique entitled microfeathering. The genius behind the method is eyebrow extraordinaire, Kristie Streicher co-founder of Striiike. Our queen, Streicher, was unimpressed by an original eyebrow method, microblading, so she decided to come up with her own.

Micro-what? WTF is That?

Let’s understand the basics, what the heck is microblading and why would you want it? Microblading uses semi-permanent technology (a hand-held device with tiny blades that are dipped in pigment) to create hair-like lines to your existing eyebrows. Essentially microblading emboldens your original eyebrow to make it big, bold, and defined (which can. If done correctly, the procedure ensures your eyebrows will never have to be filled in again– save for a touch up every 12 months.

This brings us to the alternate method, microfeathering. The eyebrow master Kristie Streicher, thought the look of microblading was too tattoo-like, making it obvious that the brow was not natural. She adapted the technique, ensuring that the microblade was used to enhance the brow that was already present instead of building up and around it. This trend pulls back the layers of a heavily made-up face (although there ain’t nothing wrong with that) and helps to construct a prominence to your original brow.

So… What Are The Cons?

In the age of social media, fads are usually just that, fads. Since the act of microblading/feathering is semi-permanent, you may still be sporting your look after the trend has set sail. Similarly, the result of the procedure may not be what you bargained for, leaving you feeling like you’re having a perpetually bad hair day.

BEWARE: If you’re prone to infection or keloids,  pregnant or breastfeeding, on blood thinners, or have sensitivity to cosmetic pigments, you are ineligible for this procedure.

No need to fear! I have found some non-needly ways to make your brows go from flat to full, feathered fluff.

Kits and Sh*t

If you’re not ready for commitment, like all men I have met, your eyebrows won’t have to endure the heartbreak. Instead, get yoself an eyebrow kit which will include a serum to help grow the brows, a solvent to perm, a cleanser, and an eyebrow soap — when wet, the soap turns into a gel to place the brows exactly where you want them to be. Some of these kits can get tricky, both in application and when comparing price to effectiveness (do not underestimate the power of reviews!).

Lustre Lamination Kit

eyebrow lamination kit from brow code

For our more fancy followers, I recommend the Brow Code Lustre Lamination Kit for a cute lil price of $79.90.This baby comes with five products: a perming solution, a fixing solution, a keratin nourishing solution, a brow adhesive, and a brow oil! The website provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial for your lamination needs. You’ll have your brows thicker than ever in no time.

BUY NOW – $79.90

Brow Sculpt Kit

makeup revolution brow kit

If you’re looking for a more conservative route, aka wanting to maximize the bang for that buck, look into Makeup Revolution’s Brow Sculpt Kit ($7.00). Distributed in travel size packaging, it includes a brow gel, powder, highlighter, tweezer, brush, AND spoolie. For use, shape your brow with the spoolie and gel to prep it for some fill in. When you’re satisfied with the arch, get that powder on the brush and apply hair-like strokes to add some oomph or fill in as you wish.

BUY NOW – $7

Kits not your thing? Some helpful tools to have in your makeup case include a pomade (or pot of gel-color), dual-sided thin angled brush, and eyebrow wax. 


Dual Brushes


We hope this gave you all the info you needed on microfeathering! What are your thoughts on the feathered eyebrow trend? Are you in on it? Tell us in the comments!

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13 All-In-One Makeup Palettes For Easy Application

An all-in-one makeup palette is indispensable; after all, bringing five different products along with you is unrealistic, especially if they aren’t travel size. Face palettes are super popular now, but with so many options, it can be hard to find one that does everything you need. 

But no more of that searching high and low! Here at QUILL, we believe in making it easy to find all-in-one makeup products, like face palettes. So, we’ve put together a collection of 13 that will give you a glow, flush, or simply neutralize your face – whatever you need, you’ll find here!




This all-in-one makeup palette was made in Italy, with shades that were specifically chosen to blend in with anyone’s skin – doesn’t matter your tone. Included in the One Palette Wonder (great name!): bronzer, blush, and highlighter, so you can sculpt your face to perfection, as well as three neutral eyeshadows that will give your eyes life without overpowering your look.

BUY NOW – $45

stack the odds

stack the odds alleyoop

We love a remix of the bento box in makeup form, which is exactly what alleyoop created with their Stack the Odds three-in-one. Coming in three different shade ranges, this compact kit comes with a blush, bronzer, and highlighter for a natural, flushed look. Jojoba and sunflower seed oil to help protect and nourish, while providing adequate coverage that won’t clog pores.

BUY NOW – $38


cheekbone sustain face palette collection

We love Jenn Harper and Cheekbone, so of course we’re including their Classic Palette! The eight-pan collection features a range of shades, so everyone has options to give themselves a natural contour. There are three blushes to give your cheeks pop, whether you want a deeper, luscious red or a bright pop of neon pink on the apples.

BUY NOW – $53.42

9021-Bungalow! Eye & Cheek Palette

9021-Bungalow! Eye & Cheek Palette

As someone who lives in California, the name of this stood out to me. Then I looked at what was included, and I knew I would be sold if I didn’t have that already-there Cali glow (#humblebrag, #ilovemystate). The powders are universal – brush them on wherever for the glow you desire – with fun names, like Poolside Posh and Cabana Bae. SO California, and I love it.

BUY NOW – $25

All-Inclusive Eye, Cheek & Face Palette

All-Inclusive Eye, Cheek & Face Palette

Everything you need is included in this eye-cheek-overall-face palette, including highlighter, bronzer, two blushes, and three shadows. Ultimately, you’ll have a natural glow packed in one rectangle. The powders are buildable, so you can go from slight sheen to major intensity. It’s “Inclusive” for all skin tones, though we’d be lying if we said it’s completely acceptable to call one palette “Inclusive” in 2022 when you don’t offer a variety of shades. Come on now, Milani.

BUY NOW – $14.99



Unlike most of the face palettes on this list, MAC’s palette is filled with concealers to correct even the patchiest, zit-tiest skin out there. There are six different palettes ranging from light to extra deep, so no one has to feel resigned to a shade that kiiiiinda works with their skin tone. On top of four concealers, there are two correctors for the most even skin.

BUY NOW – $37

4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Powders Face Palette

PUR 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Powders Face Palette

It wouldn’t be PÜR if it didn’t come as a 4-in-1, right? Their Perfecting Powders Face Palette comes in three four-pan palettes: fair-light, medium-tan, and dark-deep. In the palette, you’ll find bronzer, blush, highlighter, and setting powder (which doesn’t come in most palettes, as you’ll see!). Inside: PÜR’s Energy Complex, which is filled with ingredients like green tea, ginseng, and vitamin B to fight aging and give you a glow.

BUY NOW – $34

Sephora PRO Face Palette

Sephora PRO Face Palette

Sephora had to get in on a face palette for the SEPHORA COLLECTION, and they did a damn good job on it. The eight-pan palette comes with a variety of powders AND creams, so you can get the contour, evenness, and flush you’re looking for. There are two palettes: light, and dark. In each, there’s highlighter, blush, bronzer, and bronzer to give you the ultimate contour.

BUY NOW – $58

Ambient Lighting Edit Universe Unlocked Face Palette

Ambient Lighting Edit Universe Unlocked Face Palette

While most of these powders have shimmer, Hourglass’ Pro Face Palette is the grown-up edition with its smooth, creamy, satin options. It comes in five shades of the brand’s Ambient Lighting Powder, which mimics the most flattering lighting to give you a camera-ready face. Featuring a bronzer, strobing powder, two blushes, and finishing powder, prepare for a glam-yet-natural finish that captures everyone’s attention.

BUY NOW – $80



You hear “The Lip Bar,” and you probably don’t think of a 4-in-1 face palette, right? But you’d be fooled into thinking that The Lip Bar doesn’t take care of your entire face! This four-pan palette includes face powder, highlighter, blush, and contour that’s infused with the delicious jojoba oil. The result: a flawless face that feels cared for, if not completely coddled.

BUY NOW – $22



Do you hear that “woosh” in the wind? It’s Woosh Beauty’s Fold Out Face Palette, which has… well, everything, not just your four necessities. Follow the arrows to get a full face in one fold-out container. Start out with your eyeshadows; move on to your perfectors, then contours; follow along to your blushes; then add some shimmer before blending. Like I said: you have literally everything here for the ultimate face.

BUY NOW – $45



Sensitive skin requires TLC in order to avoid rashes, break-outs, dry patches, and flaking. So, Doll10 had a doctor create this palette, formulated with ingredients you won’t find in any other option here. Examples: mango butter to soothe and protect, ceramides to nourish, and hyaluronic filling spheres to retain moisture. The result is a nine-pan palette that won’t irritate your skin in the slightest.

BUY NOW – $30

Chasing The Sun Eyeshadow and Bronzing Palette

Chasing The Sun Eyeshadow and Bronzing Palette

When you spend time in the sun, you tan, sure – but you also get this shimmering glow that screams “bronze babe.” That’s what Joah Beauty is recreating with their Eyeshadow and Bronzing Makeup Palette, thanks to five eyeshadow shades – which include glimmer shades! – two bronzers, and one highlighter. The ultimate glow has arrived.

BUY NOW – $21.99



This is the perfect palette for on-the-go application, because each piece of the bento-box replica – which comes with pressed powder blush and highlighter, as well as a cream bronzer – allows for finger application. Correct: no brush necessary here. Simply throw it in your bag and give yourself touch-ups whenever necessary. We recommend carrying around wipes if you won’t be near sinks, just so you don’t rub off makeup onto everything you touch.

BUY NOW – $28

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Which all-in-one makeup palettes are best for your skin tone? Any we missed? Tell us below!

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11 Pastel Eyeshadow Palettes With Dream-Like Shades

I’m a pastel gal. I love light, muted colors – the ones that could scream, but whisper instead. It’s no surprise, then, that my makeup drawer is filled with pastel eyeshadow palettes.

I have hazel eyes, and while I love a deep green smokey eye, I also love putting on a mint and lavender combo and feeling like a delicate fairy. There’s something ethereal and dream-like about them, and I just can’t get enough. 

If you’re looking for a good eyeshadow palette filled with your favorite pastels, these will make you look like a muted, mysterious maven. (You know, aside from that whole pastel yellow and green thing.)


Profusion PASTEL

profusion cosmetics pastel eyeshadow palette

If you want a simple eyeshadow palette that mutes every color of the rainbow without dulling them down, this pastel palette is the one you’ve been dreaming of. Reviews say the highly-pigmented eyeshadow is easy to blend, so mix together any of the 10 shades for a unique, softened-rainbow look.

BUY NOW – $6

Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette

huda rose quartz eyeshadow palette

Huda’s Rose Quartz Eyeshadow palette has 18 shades, and their finishes are all over the place – can you say options? There are eight velvet mattes, three high-shine metallics, three soft-shine metallics, three shimmering shades (quartz-inspired, says Huda), and one “crushed stone” pearly glass hybrid. Shine like the gem you are.

BUY NOW – $67


melt cosmetics millennial pinx palette

I feel a little called out and a little seen by the name of this palette. Mainly: yep, that was our shade, and I’m shamelessly obsessed. You’ll find lots of pastel lights, as well as a few deeper shades to provide contrast – even a smokey eye, if need be. All but the rose-quartz “Mixed Emotions” eyeshadow are vegan, too.

BUY NOW – $58

Palette Beauté Des Yeux Floral Eyeshadow Palette

gucci flower inspired eyeshadow palette

Yes, it’s expensive, but what do you expect from a gorgeous, light eyeshadow palette from Gucci? For $149, you get 12 eyeshadows, and it’s impossible to argue with its high-pigmented high quality. Three metallic shades, two satin shades, and seven matte shades combine for a burst of non-neon brightness.

BUY NOW – $149

ULTA Pastel Skies Eye Shadow Palette

ULTA pastel skies eyeshadow palette

Ulta itself has created a mini pastel palette that will add a subtle hint of color to your lids. “Pastel Skies” is the right name – look up at twilight and you’ll see a combination of these colors dancing in the atmosphere. They’re also filled with avocado oil, helping to soothe puffiness and redness prior to application.

BUY NOW – $12

NOMAD X Tokyo Harajuku Palette

nomad x harajuku pastel eyeshadow palette

Mineral oil can be f*cking annoying, honestly, especially for sensitive eyes. NOMAD knew this, so they created an entire pastel eyeshadow palette without it – and it’s all cruelty-free and vegan. There are 10 high-pigmented pastels, plus five glittery toppers to add some fun. Camellia Japonica Oil helps to smooth at the same time.

BUY NOW – $39


LURELLA cosmetics pastel daydreamers eyeshadow palette

I’m not saying it’s the most appropriate name for a colorful pastel palette… but it’s kind of the perfect name to describe us Daydreamers. Five shimmers and five mattes come together beautifully: want a sleek spark? What about a muted Monet? Voila: Lurella gives you endless options. Names like Zen, Manifest, and Positive fit the vibe impeccably.

BUY NOW – $15

colourpop nine color eyeshadow collection

I love ColourPop, and it’s because of eyeshadow “palettes” like this one. Their Like Dynamite vault is a collection of their nine most vibrant-pastel shades, from white to teal to indigo. (And, yep, the white will show up, it’s that pigmented!) Four of the shades are classics, but ColourPop threw in five new shades to complete the collection.

BUY NOW – $45


KARA BEAUTY escape the ordinary pastel and neon eyeshadow palette

Come on, being normal is boring. Be the definition of unexpected with this eyeshadow palette, filled with pigmented pastels, pops, and pitch darks. But focusing on those lovely pastels! The mint “Memories Last” is a fun shade that blends with pastel “Take a Chance” lavender, while beige “Break Free” is a solid matte base for it all.

BUY NOW – $17.99

L.A. COLORS 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette

la colors pastel eyeshadow palette

Be a pastel princess through this 16-color palette. The eyeshadows range from a shimmery pearl white to a deeper, matte, satin indigo – with pastels including brown, yellow, and blue found in between, also in a mix of satin and shimmer finishes. Start with blending one or two, then level up to Queen of the Castle by combining multiple. 

BUY NOW – $5

Angelic Glow Highlighter and Eyeshadow Palette

RUDE cosmetics angelic glow eyeshadow and highlighter palette

Don’t be Rude, Angel! Or do, because this pastel eyeshadow palette is gorg, and I’m not here to judge you. Six super light, super shimmery shades come together, mixing the pastel pigments with flashy highlighter. The result: a glow around your eyes. Pull it together with a mascara that will lift lashes, and you’ve got the eyes you’ve always wanted.

BUY NOW – $15.67

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Do you like pastel eyeshadow palettes? Do you have a favorite? Share below!

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These 22 Better Than Sex Mascara Dupes Will Send Your Lashes Soaring

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara has been hailed as the best mascara on the market. It’s affordable, makes your lashes look voluminous, and is considered… well, better than sex, to mascara diehards.

Sometimes, however, you need back-ups in your makeup arsenal. And no, I’m not talking about more tubes of Better Than Sex — I’m talking mascara dupes that are just as good as, or even better than, the classic.

If this is something you’re looking for too, I’ve chosen 22 Better Than Sex dupes that will lift your lashes and give you the ultimate doe-eyed look.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


Big Bang Mascara

fluide big bang mascara

Big? Yep. Bangin’? Also yep. Fluide is giving you the wide eyes you want with their mascara. The hourglass wand coats every lash, from your outermost to your innermost, using polymers that lift each lash up. Their formula includes candelilla wax to soften and shape – drooping doesn’t stand a chance when paired with vitamin E and argan oil condition, keeping you sharp and soft.

BUY NOW – $14

Good Vibes Mascara

trestique good vibes mascara

trestique wants to make your life easy, so they turn one product into at least two. With their mascara, they use an hourglass wand coated in the water-based formula for lengthening and volumizing; the other side has a built-in curler to give you the lift you’re looking for. The company’s products are zero-waste, so simply click the cartridge out when the formula is gone, recycle, then refill with a new cartridge – no throwing away the container! Better Than Sex is 100% NOT as sustainable or efficient as this beloved mascara dupe.

BUY NOW – $25

On Point Mascara with Hemp

pur cosmetics hemp mascara

You know it’s a PUR product because it’s a 4-in-1: this mascara defines, lengthens, nourishes, and protects from pollution. The formula is ridiculously gentle, with ingredients like aloe and sunflower seed oil soothing to the nth degree. Biotin conditions and strengthens, while Alteromonas Ferment Extract (found in the deep sea) protects lashes from environmental stressors. The hemp helps with preventing premature fallout and breakage, plus nourishing the skin around the lash line.

BUY NOW – $22

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara

benefit cosmetics they're real! mascara

If you’re not talking about the classic Better Than Sex, you’re probably talking about They’re Real! from Benefit Cosmetics – which might as well be a dupe, despite its classic status. And, yeah, you’ll have trouble convincing others that you’re not wearing fake lashes. We love how this mascara curls, adding extra definition with the help of the domed-tip brush, which also separates lashes and stops clumping.

BUY NOW – $27

Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

l'oreal mascara dupe for better than sex

Sensitive eyes can also have large, pumped-up lashes without feeling itchy and bothered. L’Oreal’s mascara provides volume and length and is waterproof, so you can know that your makeup will stay put no matter what you do to your eyes. Beeswax makes the formula glide and protects sensitive eyelids.

BUY NOW – $7.99

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

honest beauty mascara

Honest’s mascara is one of the best Better Than Sex dupes courtesy of its 2-in-1 feature. Both a lengthening mascara and a primer, you receive the ultimate boost thanks to prep and execution in one tube. Made with jojoba esters, a form of jojoba oil, the formula is soft and gentle while doing the ultimate work.

BUY NOW – $17.99


nyx better than sex mascara dupe

Sick of mascaras that claim to give you that ultimate, fully-black gaze, only to find it lifts… without that striking black? Same. NYX knows this, which is why their mascara uses a highly-pigmented matte black formula (which is also vegan!). The brush head lifts and lengthens to the highest of heights thanks to its hourglass-round shape, an innovative way to create your most flattering lashes.

BUY NOW – $11

Mile High Club™ Volume and Length Mascara

mile high mascara better than sex dupe

No smudging. No flaking. No running. No BS in general. Aside from the name being perfect for a mascara that boasts lift, it has great ingredients to support lash health and soothe sensitive eyes. Peach leaf extract and castor oil stop breakage and condition, while trehalose strengthens each lash. The result: mile high lashes.

BUY NOW – $26


saie mascara 101 better than sex dupe

SAIE’s site explains why every ingredient is necessary in their products, and their mascara is no exception. Ingredients include shea butter to condition and nourish and beeswax to thicken. Carnuaba wax helps to hold lashes in place, without flattening throughout the day, while still allowing for flexibility (no one likes lashes that don’t move, it just looks unnatural). All together, you have a buildable mascara that coats every lash equally and elegantly.

BUY NOW – $25

big ego™ vegan mascara

tarte big ego mascara

If your ego is big (which it should be – you’re fab), you need lashes that are equally as large. tarte’s big ego vegan mascara lifts, lengthens, and volumizes for up to 16 hours without flaking or smudging (glycerin is hydrating, so your lashes won’t dry out). You also won’t be bothered with each flutter, with the nourishing babassu and vitamin B5 for sensitive eyes. Thicken up with hydroxyethylcellulose & sunflower seed wax.

BUY NOW – $23

Better Than Falsies Mascara

forchics better than falsies mascara

Yep, this mascara isn’t better than sex – it’s a dupe that’s Better Than Falsies. And if you’re a beauty queen, falsies probably matter a hell of a lot. Short lashes are lengthened and volumized with the hourglass wand, while carnauba acid wax is hypoallergenic and candelilla cera creates a thick texture without requiring beeswax. The result: long, luscious lashes that won’t slip off like falsies.

BUY NOW – $23

The Curler Lengthening and Curling Mascara

The Curler Lengthening and Curling Mascara BETTER THAN SEX DUPES

You’ve never seen a wand like this before. Why a C shape? Because it provides an incredible amount of volume and curling, giving you lift like you’ve never had before. Its bristles are made from curved elastomer and rounded fiber bristles, gripping every lash for maximum effect. Made with nourishing coconut, walnut leaf, and bamboo oils, your lashes will look and feel great.

BUY NOW – $29



We love a good waterproof mascara, but so many just don’t have that major black finish. Not the case here, because Beauty Pie is fearless. Volume, length, and curl are all available in one tube of mascara thanks to its ingredients: pro-vitamin B5 softens your lashes without sagging, while acacia seed peptides lift, shea butter conditions, and arginine encourages growth.

BUY NOW – $30



There’s a reason this mascara is literally called the Pick Me Up! Volume & Length Mascara – because your lashes will have lift and look absolutely luscious. There’s no smudging, running, or flaking here, so that Lauren Conrad moment we mention every now and then? Not happening. Enjoy the feeling of pro-vitamin B to soften, hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, rice extract to repair any damage, and conditioning Tsubaki.

BUY NOW – $24

KUSH Mascara

MILK MAKEUP kush mascara

No no, this mascara won’t get you high – just your lashes. That’s right: the lift here is insane, and you can credit its ingredients. The first we’ll mention, of course, is the hemp-derived cannabis seed oil; it softens your lashes and keeps them from stiffening up from the shape-shifting vegan “beeswax.” Using the applicator, which has hollow heart-shaped fibers, you’ll be blessed with long, volumized, healthy lashes.

BUY NOW – $26



Yep, lashes these good should absolutely be illegal – what an appropriate name from Doll Vault! Mixing together conditioning and nourishing marula oil, strengthening and revitalizing niacinamide, and growth-giving vitamin B, falsies will be a thing of the past. The entire formula is super clean, having been developed by a doctor, so you know you’re taken care of.

BUY NOW – $22

ILIA Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara

ILIA Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara

The sky’s the limit? Nah. Space is the limit? Also nope. Really, your lashes are limitless here with ILIA’s magic mascara touch, making it a worthy addition to our list of Better Than Sex dupes. It boasts the ability to lengthen, curl, lift, and separate… and it lasts for hours, not minutes. The Sephora-certified Clean formula has arginine to nourish, shea butter to condition, and beeswax to provide staying power, so you can feel confident that you’re doe-eyed all day.

BUY NOW – $28


giorgio armani mascara, a better than sex dupe

It’s a standard cylindrical, multi-directional wand, but pair it with Armani’s formula and you have some of your best lashes. The color is ultra-black – none of that “black” but really charcoal BS. The intensity of lifting, curling, and volumizing comes from four patented waxes, and the lash-lovin’ is the result of moisture-locking hydrogenated jojoba oil and sodium hyaluronate.

BUY NOW – $32

Mesmerize Mascara

MESMERIZE mascara from vapour

If you need to take care of your lashes, but still want a jet black flutter, Mesmerize is the mascara for you. Filled with hydrating jojoba oil, conditioning acacia flower wax, and amino acids to nourish from the outside in, enjoy a healthy formula that also lengthens and adds volume to your stare. Flutter away with this mascara dupe, bb, further than you would with Better Than Sex.

BUY NOW – $28


undone beauty mascara with unique wand

Insert gif of Amy Poehler from Mean Girls, but replace “mom” with “mascara wand.” This wand’s four-way shape captures every lash in every direction, giving you max volume and separation. On top of this, the gel formula has nourishing castor oil and no wax (it’s totally vegan!), so while curling isn’t necessarily on the table, the amount of volume the wand gives you makes up for it.

BUY NOW – $10

Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara

RARE BEAUTY mascara, a better than sex dupe

Ms. Gomez, you’re giving Better Than Sex a run for its mascara money with your dupe. Wear this mascara like a second skin – one that does it all, like lift, lengthen, volumize, and curl. The secret to its power: carnauba wax for hold, plus sunflower seed oil for shine and strength, olive oil for nourishment, and castor oil for coddling the smallest and weakest of lashes.

BUY NOW – $20

The Mascara

jones road the mascara

THE Mascara. It’s a bold name, kind of a bold claim. But many reviewers declare that it delivers! Though not a C-shape, the curled wand touches upon every lash, from big to baby, for a lifting and volumizing look. It’s a buildable formula – swipe on one coat of the hydrating sodium-hyaluronate-, vitamin-E-and-B5-, glycerin-filled formula for a subtle look, or multiple layers for ultimate drama.

BUY NOW – $26

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Which Better Than Sex mascara dupe do you recommend? Tell us in the comments!

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11 Waterproof Concealers For Acne-Prone Swims

If you’re heading to the pool or ocean, it’s important to cover up with sunscreen. And for those who love swimming but are a little self-conscious, or simply like an even complexion, waterproof concealer is a must as well! 

Surprisingly, it’s kind of hard to find. Scour the internet, and the results will show water-resistant options, but the two are different: water-resistant isn’t entirely resistant to water (okay, cool, nice name then), whereas waterproof is… totally resistant to water (seriously, who named these?). So, for those who are doing cannonballs? Waterproof concealer is where it’s at.

If you’re struggling to find bomb concealers that won’t wash off, look no further: we’ve collected 11 waterproof options that will stay on no matter how laps you dominate at the swimming pool.


Boi-ing Bright On Concealer

boi-ing bright on concealer from benefit

I’m pulling an all nighter as I write this, so I can guarantee my under eyes will be pretty damn dark in 12 hours. Benefit’s Boi-ing Bright On Concealer helps combat the putrid imperfection in 12 shades, with different undertones to match 1. Your skin tone, and 2. Your dark circles’ less-than-appealing color. Non-caking and waterproof, your eye bags are no match for this.

BUY NOW – $24

hydrocealer™ concealer

tarte waterproof hydrocealer concealer

tarte’s Hydroflex tech helps this concealer move with your skin, rather than cracking and creasing, while its SEA Surge Complex technology keeps you hydrated. The result: a cover-up that lasts 12 hours without moving a smidge. The concealer is waterproof and sweat-proof, so whether you run a mile or go swimming, you can rest assured that your zits will stay on the DL.

BUY NOW – $25


vanish airbrush concealer from hourglass

You know how you sometimes wish you could just airbrush away your imperfections? Ugh, if only. But Hourglass’ concealer is pretty damn close to that simple key command, covering every little bump and pore. The applicator is unique, designed to apply juuust the right amount rather than oversaturating that baby pimple on your chin.

BUY NOW – $36

Infallible Full Wear, Full Coverage, Waterproof Concealer

l'oreal infallible waterproof concealer in 25 shades

What I love so much about L’Oreal is their inclusion of all skin tones, from the fairest of fair to darkest of dark – there are 25 shades of this waterproof concealer! It’s full-coverage, so dot on the formula knowing that a little goes a long way. Despite this, it’s not a thick or greasy formula, and it won’t cake, flake, or transfer. With an extra large applicator, cover it all in seconds.

BUY NOW – $6.39



Twenty-four hours. Waterproof. Transfer-proof. Creaseless. These are all winning words, and they’re all used to describe Makeup Forever’s Matte Velvet Skin Concealer. Going on like – you guessed it – smooth velvet, it’s perfect for all of your pressing needs: covering, contouring, and correcting. Twenty-four hours of perfect skin? Hell. Yes.

BUY NOW – $29

Emotionproof Concealer

tom ford emotionproof and waterproof concealer

I love the name of this, because let’s be real: we’ve all had our own Lauren-Conrad-mascara-tear moment. Emotions are hard, but your makeup staying on when you have a mini breakdown shouldn’t be. And this waterproof concealer stays on so well, it can actually cover tattoos, too! You’ll be glowing by the end of application.

BUY NOW – $60


waterproof concealer stick

We love sticks, and one of our upcoming articles actually includes this waterproof concealer option for hot days that practically require a swim. The formula is amazing: cruelty-free, talc-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, gluten-free, everything-bad-for-your-skin-free, and vegan. With kaolin clay, it also helps to control oil production, so your mere existence won’t cause this concealer to slide off.

BUY NOW – $17.50

Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer

one size patrick starr turn up the base concealer

Well damn, Patrick Starr, you’ve done it again in the form of a waterproof concealer! This medium-to-full-coverage option “glides on skin like butter on toast” with a matte finish. But it’s the ingredients that wow: avocado and mango butters hydrate, caffeine de-puffs, and a special peptide blend encourages collagen production. All ingredients are meant to help out with texture oddities, so blend away knowing those rough patches are soon to be smoothed.

BUY NOW – $25

True Skin High Cover Concealer

catrice waterproof concealer

Catrice’s concealer is ideal for normal and dry skin types, providing a healthy dose of hydration while covering zits. This is all thanks to watermelon seed oil, which moisturizes and acts as an anti-inflammatory, and hyaluronic acid, which hydrates by locking in that moisture. There’s no oil in this waterproof concealer, so don’t worry about any breakouts – embrace clear skin from swimming through the salt water instead.

BUY NOW – $7

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 24HR Full Coverage Matte Concealer

nyx can't stop won't stop waterproof concealer

“And we can’t stop… and we won’t stop…” Miley Cyrus sings the anthem of this waterproof concealer, which is full-coverage and boasts lasting an entire 24 hours. The vegan formula is made for all skin types and tones, coming in 24 (currently 23 available) shades that will match anyone’s beautiful coloring. Plus, by $10.50 more, and you get a free gift with purchase!

BUY NOW – $9.50

Buildable Blur™ HD Creaseless Waterproof Concealer

thrive causemetics waterproof creaseless concealer

Thrive Causemetics makes sure their makeup products don’t only work – they make sure they put in double-time by acting as skincare, too. Example: their Buildable Blur HD concealer includes vitamin E to repair and protect, snow mushroom extract to help with skin elasticity, betaine for moisture, and coconut emollients to lock in moisture.

BUY NOW – $28

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Which waterproof concealers are your favs? Tell us below!

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Cream vs. Powder Blush: Which Is Right For You?

Cream vs. powder blush: it seems like a small choice to make. After all, won’t both give you rosy cheeks? Yes… but there are differences you should keep in mind and questions you should ask. For example, is a powder or cream blush better for your skin type? Does a cream blush appear better on your skin tone? If you like applying makeup with a brush, is the only option a powder blush?

The answers to these questions determine whether you go with cream or powder blushes. And while no two are made the same, overall, knowing the differences will determine which is best for you. Here are the deets, plus our recs for the best blushes out there!


Cream vs. Powder Blush for Skin Type

The most important thing to consider when deciding between a cream or powder blush is skin type.

If you have oily skin, the best bet is a powder blush. Cream blushes can run off your cheeks, so the pigment may not hold up. So, if you tend to have sebum-secretion issues, powder is where it’s at.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, dry skin does well with cream blushes. No surprise here, but cream blushes – the right ones, at least! – can have hydrating ingredients in them that are healthy for dry skin. 

Acne-prone skin, you might be assuming that cream blush can clog pores. While this may be true with lower-quality blushes, many come with ingredients that specifically avoid clogging your pores (think jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid – both great for acne-prone skin!). Powder blush may go on lighter, but its ingredients can bug the skin like any other… and you’re less likely to find acne-fighting ingredients in them. So, go for the cream blushes with good ingredients!

Blush for Skin Tone

If you have lighter skin, congrats: both powder and cream will appear on your skin, and it mainly depends on what your skin type is.

For darker skinned bbs, both can work! Cream blushes, however, are more likely to be buildable. If you want to get the ultimate flush? Invest in both, then layer! Plus, you have options when you stock up on a pair in similar shades. Both cream and powder blushes can contain ingredients that give high-pigment and glow (like those with pearlescent finishes and highlighter), but your best bet is cream blush for its versatility.

Applying Cream vs. Powder Blush

Obvs, powder blush is meant to be applied using a brush. You can use your fingers, but let’s be real – how effective is that? Cream blush, on the other hand, can also be applied with a brush, don’t get us wrong! … But you can also use your fingers, or a sponge, or a knife, or whatever you have (don’t use a knife, pls, that’s dangerous) if you’re on-the-go and don’t have options. 

So, Which Is Better?

Ultimately, you’re gonna have a win with a cream blush. Powder blushes are great, and you can totally use them if you prefer! But when it comes to versatility, texture, ingredients, and brightness, you can’t beat creams – just make sure you find ones with the right ingredients.

Looking for a good cream blush? We recommend the following!

When it comes to cream and powder blushes, which do you prefer? Why? Tell us in the comments!

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Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade Is My Go-To

When I was in seventh grade, I was told I had perfect eyebrows.

This person was a liar. Yes, they were fairly symmetrical, but they were sparse. 

Unluckily, it would take me seven years to discover the power of filling your eyebrows. I still remember it: an acquaintance did my makeup in our mutual friend’s apartment, and I was sold on filling in my eyebrows. My #1 will always be eyeliner, but my #2 will always be eyebrow fillers, now.

And when it comes to eyebrow filling, I only have one go-to product now: Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade. Seriously, my brows have never looked better. Here’s the sitch.


I’d used eyebrow pencils for as long as I could remember. Then I switched to Guide’s brow gel, which was amazing… until I left it at an ex’s place, and we broke up before I could get it back. (Miss you, Guide brow gel, you were the real MVP.) 

Desperate to fill in my brows, I ran to Target. I decided there and then that I wanted something else. Not a pencil, not a gel – something else. 

I ended up with a pomade in a pot, with a double-sided applicator (a brush and a spoolie). Aka, Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio.

maybelline tattoo studio brow pomade on model

I was smitten with the idea of a pomade, and I rushed home to see if it would recreate my amazing brows a la Guide.

Sorry, Guide, you might want to stop reading… because I’ve found a new fav.

First, the pomade is hard. It’s not soft and certainly not goopy, nope – totally solid. But run the brush through it and along your brows, and it’s creamy, gliding right on like butter. It’s easy to wipe off due to its consistency, but it also stays put like no other, gripping onto each hair and giving me perfect eyebrows even after I’ve taken a nap and left the makeup on.tess staring at the camera, with leftover maybelline tattoo studio brow pomade on post-nap. she looks tired.

Me, post-nap, unhappy but with amazing brows

In terms of technical deets: it’s water-resistant and smudge-proof, so no sweat or rain will get in the way of perfect brows. Candelilla wax is present to give glide, while ceresin provides moisture to the skin underneath. I’m used to brow gels making it feel like my skin is tightening underneath my brows – never the case here, thank god.

I can’t recommend this product enough. I bought it when I had dark brunette hair, and though I’m red now, I still rock Deep Brown. (It’s striking, but not clown-ish.) If you’re sick of gels and pencils, go with a pomade; more specifically, go with Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade. You’ll love it.

tess with red hair. her eyebrows are filled and have glitter on top. she's smiling mischievously at the camera

featuring FLUIDE’S UNIVERSAL LINER to top it off!

bow and arrow

Have you tried Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade? Are you a fan? Sound off in the comments!

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Three Must-Have Makeup Products For A Beach Day

If you follow any beauty videos on social media, I’m sure you’ve read comments like “that’s why you take them swimming on the first date!” Although this not-so-funny type of response is usually shot down by the beauty gurus and their beautiful armies, it inspired me to sit down and write this article. How about that for silver linings? 

Living on a sailboat allows me to live almost as one with water. One minute, I’m bone dry; the next, I’m 10 feet under the water chasing after a fish to film for our YouTube Channel. Although I personally try my best to keep my face clear of makeup for those instances, I have found a few tried and true products for all you salty babes looking to enjoy the beach and look fab this summer.


Tinted Sunscreen Foundation

beauty by earth tinted sunscreen for face spf 20

Sunscreen is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. What I really like about Beauty by Earth’s moisturizer is that it doesn’t feel greasy, going on like a regular foundation for a non-cakey finish. A little goes a long way, and one tube has lasted me well over 6 months now! My only gripe with this company is that their shade range is pathetic — it is literally 3 tones. HOWEVER, for those dark skinned babes, I have found an alternative that is comparable for your consideration: check out this Neutrogena tinted moisturizer, which has SPF 20!

Other Options

Waterproof Mascara

colossal mascara beach-proof makeup

Although my usual mascara is Elate Beauty’s black option (I know, it’s not 4+ stars, so don’t tell Tess), it doesn’t hold up well in the water — much like most mineral-based mascaras. If you have little lashes that could benefit from a little boost, Maybelline’s waterproof mascara is by far one of my favorite beach-proof makeup products. It doesn’t totally clump your lashes, and leaves them looking soft and defined all day – in and out of the water.

Other Options

Neutral Palette

houliy nude eyeshadow palette

Going for full glam at the beach? There’s no harm in looking fabulous! As a sailor,  I can appreciate something that serves more than one purpose. Although this makeup palette is marketed as eyeshadow, I’d be dragged to Davy Jones locker if I told you I hadn’t used it as a blush, highlighter, and contour for beach days.

Other Options

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So, swimming on the first date? F*CK YEAH. What makeup can you not live without during beach trips? Tell us in the comments!

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13 Orange Lipsticks That Are Cute, Not Clownish

Jimmy Eat World once sang, “kiss me with your cherry lipstick” – the more adult version of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.” But what do you do when red just doesn’t get you smiling anymore? Answer: orange lipstick.

Orange lipstick gets a bad rap, because it can be so bright and zingy. But, I argue: isn’t that the fun part? Sure, red lipstick is the classic, the iconic, the Marilyn-Monroe-Taylor-Swift descriptor, but orange lipstick (especially blood-orange) can be just as classy… or just a whole lotta frickin’ fun, because why should you only wear lipstick to seem “classy?”

In honor of orange lipstick and its rad-AF aesthetic, I’ve put together a list of my 13 favorite options. Smile wide – you’ll look fabulous in these shades.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick

HOURGLASS CONFESSION lipstick in vivid orange

Neon orange with a lacquer finish? Hourglass has you covered. The Confession lipstick – which is refillable, holla @ sustainability – has a satin finish that stays, so you don’t have to worry about smearing or cracking during the day. Paraben- and phthalate-free, plus vegan and cruelty-free, I Desire is a punch of pumpkin straight to the pucker.

BUY NOW – $39

Magnetic Lip Plush Paints Lip Color

woman wearing nudestix fresh fiji lip and cheek and eye tint

Nope, NudeStix isn’t JUST nudes – they have fun colors, too, thank you very much. This lip color can also be worn on lids and cheeks, so if you’re looking for a fluorescent orange flush, this is the tint you want. It’s ridiculously soothing, combining aloe, chamomile, green tea, and rosewater extracts to give you color without irritation.

BUY NOW – $28


rituel de fille bloodroot enchanted lip sheer

Rituel de Fille wasn’t f*cking around when they created their Enchanted Lip Sheer series, with colors that are cute and quiet when given a once-over, or vibrant and bold when applied heavily. Bloodroot was inspired by the pigment of the achiote tree, which is used by Indigenous peoples as a substitute for human blood in Mayan and Aztec ceremonies.

BUY NOW – $25

Classic Lipstick

photo op runway rogue

You’ll find talc in a lot of products. It’s not bad, but many people prefer their products without it. Runway Rogue heard those who hate it, so the classic lipstick is paraben-, gluten-, talc-, and sulfate-free. What will you find? Ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera to hydrate; white tea and green tea extracts for their anti-aging benefits; chamomile extract to soothe; and a whole lotta vitamin E.

BUY NOW – $25

Liquid Lipstick

mented cosmetics orange liquid lipstick

Darker-skinned bbs, Mented sees you, hears you, and has created an entire line based on your beautiful complexions. Their Liquid Lipstick comes in Blood Orange, but it’s not bright – it’s more natural, and it’s super flattering, not ostentatious. The vitamin E in the sweet almond oil is a fantastic barrier against UV rays.

BUY NOW – $20

Rouge Hermès – Matte lipstick

HERMES ROUGE matte lipstick in orange

Hermes claims their lipstick has a “second skin effect” – that’s how comfortable the velvet formula is. While a splurge, the lipstick is deeply orange, giving you a fiery finish, and deeply hydrating. Part of this is due to the dose of protective vitamin E complemented by sesame seed oil, while squalane is ultra moisturizing on chapped lips.

BUY NOW – $69

Liquid Velvet Supremé by Kuckian

kuckian velvet lipstick in wildfire

Many lipsticks claim to be long-lasting, but this one? It’s actually long-lasting. The secret: apply the formula – one thin layer only! – then let it sit for one-to-two minutes prior to smacking, eating, kissing, etc. It’ll last hours upon hours, and it won’t feel uncomfortable thanks to moisturizing jojoba oil and protective vitamin E. Goodbye cracking!

BUY NOW – $18

Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick

kat von d studded kiss creme in orange

Ms. Von D takes her lipstick colors very seriously, making sure they’re bright, long-lasting, and comfy to wear all day – which she achieves, thanks to her lightweight formula. The 100% vegan formula has creamy candelilla and carnauba waxes, nourishing shea butter, and a healthy dose of vitamin E to keep you safe.

BUY NOW – $10

Justin | Matte Liquid Lipstick

dime justin matte liquid lipstick

This lipstick ain’t a ~DIME~ a dozen! (Yeah, that hurt to write, a little bit, but here we are.) Justin is the matte orange shade of DIME’s Liquid Lipstick, which is filled with ingredients like squalane for hydration and dimethicone to stop moisture from escaping. Our fav part of DIME’s product pages, though? You can see what every ingredient does and its safety on skin. We love transparency.

BUY NOW – $15

Liquid Lipstick (Ginger)

fluide liquid lipstick in ginger

Would it be a complete list without Fluide? Nah, so here they are. Their Liquid Lipstick comes in Ginger, a neon shade that pops on every skin tone. If you’re looking to go big, Fluide is the brand to choose; not only do their shades stand out, but their liquid lipstick is never goopy or sticky or gluey. Graduate from Superneutrals to Ginger – it’s not that scary, promise.

BUY NOW – $16

Velvet Lip Cream

saint cosmetics velvet lip cream in las vegas

Saint Cosmetics gets it right, gets it glossy, gets it good. Their Velvet Lip Cream feels like… well, velvet, sitting comfortably on and hydrating your lips with its long-lasting formula. How does one make a lipstick so ideal? With good ingredients, like castor oil to fight dry lips and vitamin-E-potent sunflower seed oil. And why not throw in some nourishing olive oil and candelilla and carnauba waxes as the cherry on top? 

BUY NOW – $28


SPICY HABANERO from color of lipstick

We love organic ingredients at QUILL! Color the World Lipsticks has perfected their lipsticks; “lipstick” is literally in the name, so you don’t really have the option to get it wrong, you know? And they don’t. Candelilla and carnauba waxes give you the glide, but it’s superhero ingredients like hydrating castor seed oil, fatty-acid-filled avocado oil, and free-radical-fighting honeysuckle that give this lipstick a high score.

BUY NOW – $12.60


haus labs lipstick crayon in fire me orange

Leave it to Gaga to create a lip crayon that is precise, pigmented, and just… pretty, overall. “Fire Me” is the name of this orange, which we’re kind of obsessed with, tbh. The crayon is full-coverage, so you won’t have to worry about your natural lip color peeking through, and the formula is vegan and cruelty-free. 

BUY NOW – $9

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Which orange lipsticks are your favorites? Any you recommend that we didn’t list? Tell us in the comments!

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These 18 Lip-Cheek Tints Will Make Mornings Quick And Easy

I’m a sucker for a good combo product. Eyeliner and eyeshadow pencils? Gimme. Brow and mascara gels? I’ll take ‘em. So, when I heard about lip and cheek tint duos, I knew I had to get in on the fad. After all, cutting down my time in the morning? A goal of mine always.

If this sounds like you, I’ve gathered my 18 favorite lip-cheek duos that will help you slow down in the morning, because, really, who wants to waste five minutes when you could save them instead?

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


cream blush + lip tint

milk makeup cheek lip tint

I just received this in the mail in Berry, and I am so excited to try it out. Milk’s lip-cheek tint is a classic, one of the OGs. You can thank its ultra-hydrating ingredients for the creamy, non-drying formula: a combo of mango butter, avocado oil, and apricot oil. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, too, so you can feel safe and ethical about what you’re wearing.

BUY NOW – $20


noto's lip cheek tint

This is, without a doubt, the most nourishing lip-cheek tint you’re going to put on your face. The color looks deep, but it rubs into your skin as a flattering, subtle blush – not the bold you’ll be expecting. Ingredients include anti-inflammatory shea butter; softening vitamin E; and jojoba and rosehip seed oils for their antioxidants and fatty acids.

BUY NOW – $19

morphe 2 lip cheek tint in honey

Perk Up is the perfect name for a cheek-lip tint. After all, when you’ve just woken up, are sick, or look ungodly after a hangover, what’s the first thing you want? (Aside from moisturizer. Please put that moisturizer on first.) A little color. Morphe’s ingredients list looks kind of intimidating, but all are in there to soften and condition. Mica adds a little shimmer, because why not?

BUY NOW – $12

Gogotint Cheek & Lip Stain

lip cheek tint

While the others are creams, Benefit’s cheek-lip tint is actually a stain – so it goes on, and it stays on for a while. Gogotint is the latest lip-cheek stain, coming in a cheery cherry-red, giving you a flush that can’t be missed. Reviews say a little goes a long way, so don’t get too excited unless you want to look a lil clown-like.

BUY NOW – $18

Universal Gloss

fluide's universal gloss in jupiter

Fluide’s Universal Gloss is universal in two ways: one, anybody can wear it, and two, it can go everywhere. Fluide recommends applying the dewy tint to your entire face – yep, including your lids, it’s a 3-in-1! – and there are currently three shades available. Shine bright like a diamond, and keep checking back for Elysium and Rain to come back into stock.

BUY NOW – $15

Hydrating Mineral Lip & Cheek Tint

omiana lip cheek tint container

Sometimes blush can clog pores, no matter how little you put on. Omiana said “nope!” to the status quo, instead creating a formula (which has ingredients like castor seed and sunflower seed oils to fight inflammation) that won’t clog. The shimmer comes from ethically-sourced mica, while ingredients like clay and talc are left out.

BUY NOW – $27


aisling organics cheek lip tints collection

Use this tint on its own or on top of foundation and concealer – it won’t crack or bleed. The 3-in-1 can be used all over the face for a pop of color, and it’s filled with good ingredients, including oils and extracts. For example: castor oil, lavender extract, and rosemary leaf extract to fight redness – none of that red-on-red to make you look like a tomato.

BUY NOW – $24

Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint with Plant Collagen

FREClK cheekslime cheek and lip tint

Freck is LGBTQ+-owned, so you know we already love the brand – the inclusivity is the cherry on top. These color choices are all gorg – a subtle peach, soft rust, and deep berry make up the collection, giving you three shades to brighten your face. Cheekslime is a weird name, for sure, but it’s because of the formula: it’s so creamy, it slides right on, rather than feeling like putty.

BUY NOW – $22

Dew Blush

saie dew blush

Saie “hello” to a blush that’s technically meant for your cheeks, but is so damn flattering, you can wear it anywhere you want that extra flush. Bonus: the formula is ultra-protective against environmental stressors, thanks to antioxidant-filled ingredients like white mulberry root extract, comfrey leaf extract, and elderberry fruit extract.

BUY NOW – $24

Eclipse Cheek & Lip Stick

r.e.m. beauty lip and cheek tint

r.e.m. offers a futuristic packaging take on the lip-and-cheek stick – while most are in neutral, cylindrical containers, r.e.m. goes spaceship-centric. Formula-wise, Eclipse comes with (inter)stellar ingredients to give you a hydrating glow – jojoba seed oil and grape fruit extracts work together to fight aging and provide moisture to all skin types.

BUY NOW – $18


three shades of gen see's cheek and lip tint

Gen See went bold with their choice of stain shades; while going on sheer, you can build them to accentuate your lips and cheeks to the nth degree. But it’s the formula that truly wins us over, here: squalane enters the chat for hydration, while fermented green tea oil provides antibacterial and antiseptic properties, plus anti-aging and moisturizing benefits.

BUY NOW – $18

Active Lip & Cheek Balm

lique lip and cheek tinted balm

Okay, so I don’t know about you, but shea butter is one of my favorite ingredients. It’s so nourishing – it feels like a hug to the skin. That’s why I love LIQUE’s buildable cheek-lip tint, which has a ton of shea butter to coddle. It also has rosehip oil, which helps to reduce inflammation and bring forth your most radiant skin.

BUY NOW – $9.49

Candy Paint Cheek + Lip Tint

candy paint lip cheek tint from half caked

I found Half Caked before they had any ratings, so I couldn’t include them, which made me super sad. But! They’ve grown, and now I can include their Candy Paint Cream Blush, which comes in 12 colors and a clear shade. Vitamin E protects and soothes inflammation, so the only red on your cheeks and lips is Half Caked’s doing.

BUY NOW – $6.30

Blush & Bloom Cheek + Lip Duo

jouer cosmetics lip cheek tint blush and bloom

Sometimes you don’t want a monochromatic look, and that’s totally understandable. Jouer Cosmetics heard you loud and clear, and they understood the assignment. Their Cheek-Lip Duos have slightly different shades on each end, so you have one lighter and one deeper option. Their Amelie Blush and Bloom comes with a clear end – perfect for radiance minus the red.

BUY NOW – $32+

Lano 101 Ointment Rose Gold Lip + Cheek Tint

lano 101 lip cheek tinted ointment

Lano’s 101 Ointment in Rose Gold is an Anthropologie-exclusive – a shopper’s best-kept secret. But we’re exposing it because it’s too good not to share. Inspired by the cozy, lanolin-covered wool she spent time around, founder Kirsten Carriol decided to take her knowledge of the wax and apply it to a lip product. The result: a cheek-lip tint with Australian lanolin that gives glide and glow.

BUY NOW – $17

Complete Harmony Lip & Cheek Stick

stila lip cheek flush

Stila’s lip-cheek stick is sheer, rather than buildable to bold. It’s the perfect option for days you want to look alive, but not too alive, you know? Ingredients include vitamin E, which helps to protect and heal from environmental stressors and UV, while babassu oil improves texture and fights back against acne-causing bacteria. Buh-bye, inflammation.

BUY NOW – $26

Kjaer Weis Refillable Lip Tint

kjaer weis refillable lip tint

Here at QUILL, we’re big on sustainability – just check out our resident mermaid’s eco-conscious articles! It’s why we love Kjaer Weis’ Refillable Lip Tint: gorgeous, good ingredients, multi-use despite the name, and planet-lovin’ packaging all at once. Just choose your colors, your container, and revel in the fact that you can compost or recycle at the end of its lifespan.

BUY NOW – $17.50

Supernatural Stick Multi-Use Blush

well people's multi use blush for lips in an avocado

W3LL PEOPLE’S multi-use blush is plant-based, so you won’t find any icky ingredients in there – especially great if you have sensitive skin. It’s vegan and cruelty-free, starring green tea to protect from free radicals, plus sunflower seed oil and avocado oil to keep skin hydrated and happy with their fatty acids. If you’re curious about their ingredient list, you’re able to hover over each ingredient for a description of what it does, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

BUY NOW – $20

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What is your favorite lip and cheek tint? Tell us in the comments!

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