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Dark And Black Lipsticks Are Super Hot This Winter

Darker, deep red – and even black – lipstick shades are notoriously associated with vampy and  brooding goth looks. Growing up, I felt like darker lip shades were off limits because of the negative or judgemental connotations associated with them.

However, we have entered an age of fashion and beauty where expressing oneself and prioritizing and embracing our unique styles is heartily encouraged. It is no longer expected (and we no longer care) what society thinks about our choice of clothes and makeup, and it is such an exhilarating feeling!

Today, we are celebrating some bad ass, sexy, and chic shades that will look good on every man and woman during these winter months. (Bonus: they also are packed with incredibly nourishing and hydrating ingredients, as no one should ever have to compromise their lip and skin health for the sake of beauty and self-expression.)


Black Lipstick

Paint-It Matte Lip Color – Night Sight

black lipstick about face

About-Face has created the ultimate pigmented lip formula that is vegan, paraben, gluten, phthalates, and cruelty free. Paint-It Matte Lip Color has seventeen stunning lip shades to choose from. What makes this collection so dynamic is how pigmented the shades are. Specifically, Night Sight, the highly pigmented black lip color, is infused with peppermint for that natural, fresh scent, and it glides easily onto your lips. Customers of this collection rave about the long-lasting life that Night Sight has; it can withstand eating, drinking, masks, and nights out on the town! This is the perfect effortless and heavy duty choice for your daring black lip color dreams.

BUY NOW – $22


SMASHBOX tar pit black lipstick

Tar Pit is Smashbox’s version of the perfect matte liquid lip shade. The liquid lip comes with a precision brush that is able to deftly line and fill all lip shapes. Some are wary when matte liquid lip products are suggested, as they can be known to crack during wear or dry out your lips. This matte liquid lip formula is not one to fear, as it is created with primer oil complex,  jojoba, sunflower, and apricot oils, as well as beeswax, all of which hydrate your lips. Feel confident in your matte lip without sacrificing the possibility of a dry and flakey aftermath.

BUY NOW – $24

Maudit Liquid Lipstick

black lipstick maudi luna

Johnny Concert Maudit Liquid Lipstick’s Luna black lip shade is made for long-lasting wear for all skin types (and yes, I mean all: sensitive, dry and acne-prone included). Luna is considered a velvet matte lipstick, as it contains organic apricot, passion fruit, hemp seed, and evening primrose oils that hydrate and keep your lips soft and plump.

Additionally, the applicator for Luna is thin, which provides you with easy, precise, and stunning results. The cherry (or icing) on top for Johnny Concert’s Luna lip is that it dries down to a light and airy velvet matte finish with a french vanilla cake scent (yum).

BUY NOW – $25

Dark Lipsticks


dark lipstick siia purple

Change Agent Original Lipstick in Dizzy Purple is Siia Cosmetics’ classic original lipstick design with epic color-punching results. Siia utilizes Korean skincare ingredients and technology to create advanced, high-quality formulas that are also beneficial to the health and look of your skin. Dizzy Purple is formulated with macadamia seed oil, which maintains and strengthens skin elasticity, and sunflower seed oil and jojoba seed oil to moisturize skin and calm irritation.

As this is an OG lipstick, the texture is creamy and applies smoothly, delivering a dark Dizzy Purple color with deep moisture. Beware, this lip will transfer more easily than our previous matte lip friends (as do all satin lipsticks), but the color is striking and the formula is healing to all winter crusted lips.

BUY NOW – $25


nars lipstick heroine red dark

NARS’ Heroine Red Lipstick is a satin black orchid color created with a blend of moringa and passion fruit seed oils, which provide hydration that conditions your lips and enhances color for pure vibrancy. Additionally, this blended ingredient duo creates a lightweight finish that will leave your lips packing a punch of color, without the weight or discomfort of other lip finishes. As a completely unrelated sidenote, I am a huge book nerd, and the name Heroine Red makes me giddy and proud of all the bad ass lady protagonists that I read and love.

BUY NOW – $26


clove and hallow psych lip creme

Clove and Hallow’s semi-matte lip creme in Psych has a deep rich berry hue made with less than fifteen ingredients. Ingredients that create this rich and creamy formula include: Vitamin E; sunflower, castor, jojoba, vegetable, grapefruit and argan oils; as well as mica, carnauba, candelilla, and orange peel waxes.

As previously mentioned, all of the oils listed provide hydration, decrease irritation, and have smoothing properties to keep your lips soft and healthy. The orange peel, carnauba, and candelilla waxes, however, are 100% natural hardening agents that also provide rich antioxidants into your skincare products.

Lastly, Clove and Hallow uses 100% recycled plastic to create their lipstick holders and are 100% PETA certified. Psych gives you that bad ass dark lip color, while also providing you with incredible skincare and environmental benefits.

BUY NOW – $27


blackberry bobbi brown lip balm meets lipstick

Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Lip Color line is as if lipstick and lip balm had a beautiful baby. To conclude our favorite dark lip color list, I would like to introduce you to Crushed Lip Color Blackberry, which is a lovely deep chocolate berry color. The key ingredient for this lipstick-meets-lip-balm beauty is castor oil. Castor oil has many amazing benefits, which include being: a natural moisturizer, natural anti-inflammatory, and aide in wound healing. Swipe your lips with this crushed pigmented balm for a muted look or multiple times for an intensely satisfying color pay off.

BUY NOW – $29

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Do you like wearing black lipstick, or do you prefer dark, vampy lipstick? What is your favorite color? Share with us below!

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