These 6 Brands Are Making A Bold Statement: Nail Polish Is For Everybody

Trying to enter the beauty world, but overwhelmed by how completely NOT genderless it is (like literally everything else on any market, tbh)? Not ready to wear the glittery shadow? Wanting to add pizzazz to your body, but not sure where to start?

Nail polish. I’m telling you. That’s the ticket.

It’s blowing up as the latest entry to the beauty world, especially with celebrities. Machine Gun Kelly just released his new line, UN/DN LAQR, in December – we wrote a review about it, and it’s still one of our most popular articles to date.

Then there’s gender-inclusive brand Fluide, with a variety of nail polish shades to fit every mood. Or NE1, who we found on Instagram, founded by a man overwhelmed by the amount of colors out there. And while Lil Yachty is no longer a part of it, he founded crete, which arguably opened the door to many men who perceived nail polish as too feminine.

If you’re a non binary person looking for nail polish that feels right, a man who is dreaming of subtly entering the beauty world, a woman looking to support genderless brands, and anyone in between, these brands support you — and that’s why we support them.



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Lil Yachty may not be a part of it anymore, but his genderless nail polish company, Crete, lives on. Their Instagram is not filled with perfectly-manicured, pointy and glossy nails. In fact, it’s kind of punk, which we absolutely love – catch the heavily-tattooed wrists, imperfect polish, and neon lighting as opposed to porcelain skin and precise paint. The colors are far from subtle, instead bordering on – or completely reaching – neon. The pen is easier to use than your standard brush, making it perfect for nail polish newbies.


Fluide’s description for their nail polish reads that “you can feel good whether you’re waving across the bar or flipping someone off”; basically QUILL’s feelings toward those who are gender-inclusive and those who ignore pronouns, respectively. There are 10 colors, ranging from glossy black to glitter-tinted New Year’s Revolution, and the formula is 7-free, nontoxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. And yep, you read correctly: it has 5 stars out of 40 reviews. Beat that.


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Tess here, saying UN/DN LAQR’s nail polish is still chipping away, with Party Favor and Depressionist still dotting my nails (and that’s without a top or base coat, yes I know, please don’t kill me for this). Machine Gun Kelly’s genderless nail polish brand hasn’t just restocked – they’ve also dropped their latest Chrome collection, which will give you an affordable trip to outer space. And yes, I bought the entire collection immediately, who do you think I am? Didn’t you read my 9/10 review? (If not, it’s here!)

NOW Unisex Nail Polish

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NOW’s bottle immediately shouts “unisex!” in case you missed “Unisex” in the name of each nail polish. Jeff Parshley started NOW to destigmatize beauty, starting at the fingertips. There are tons of colors to choose from, whether you want classic white (for a French manicure, perhaps?), screaming scarlet, or sparkling silver. They also offer a glossy top coat to seal your shade of choice.


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Harry Styles was at the front of the “fuck it, I’m not a woman and I can wear nail polish because gender is a social construct” movement. (Alright, he didn’t call it that, but we’d like to believe that’s what his thought was.) Pleasing is the result, a gorgeous collection of pearlescent shades. They aren’t bright, but they will give your nails a tint of color and a glossy finish if you’re not ready to go full-on pink.


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Cole Kubisiak founded NE1 when he decided to venture into the world of nail polish… only to feel totally overwhelmed by the color options. When he did find a color, he eventually wanted a new one, but still had bottles of old colors. So, when he created NE1’s 13 colors, he decided to use mini bottles. Grab a base coat and top coat while you’re at it – gotta make bottles last when there’s practically none to waste.

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What gender neutral nail polish is your favorite? Do you have a brand you can’t get enough of? Tell us below!

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