I Tried Mintty Makeup’s EMPOWERMINTT Palette, And It’s Incredible

I stumbled upon the lovely Mintty Makeup when researching trans beauty business owners. Enter: Junior Mintt’s brand, with a gorgeous palette: the aptly titled EMPOWERMINTT.

Smitten by the bright colors and looking to support small business owners, I immediately ordered the palette. I’ve been looking for some solid greens and golds, and EMPOWERMINTT was the answer.


Hello! It’s Tess, your local makeup mess, trying Mintty Makeup!

tess without makeup smiling at camera

Today, I’m taking this makeup-free face and putting a lot of crazy colors on it. Here we goooooo.

First of all, the packaging. Uh, can you say adorable!? I smiled immediately when I opened my box, because it’s just so damn bold and fun. And the drawing of Junior herself? Love it so much.tess smiling with mintty makeup empowermintt palette

I had glimpsed the colors on Etsy very briefly. I wanted the damn palette, and I wasn’t about to study and scrutinize. Best. Decision. Ever.

Every shadow’s name ends with “Mintt,” because obviously: A navy blue, “Fulfillmintt”; a deep green, “Understatemintt”; and my favorite, a sparkling bronze called “Announcemintt.” It’s all so appropriate, uplifting, and… fun. Just glimpse at Junior’s Instagram, and you’ll understand that this palette is the creator in 15 shadows.shadows from mintty makeup empowermintt palette

I quickly decided I was going to go for a very colorful, very out-there look – it would be wrong to try out this palette for the first time and be conservative, right? 

So, I started with Fulfillmintt, the deep blue, at the inside corners. On the middle of the lid, I chose Empowermintt – the palette’s name front and center, right?tess trying two colors from empowermintt palette

The pigment is STRONG, so I buffed it out a bit. The shades smear, but in a good way! They’re perfect for blending, which, spoiler alert, I did at the end for cohesion (and it looked good, unlike other shadows that blend into an atrocious brown). 

I then added the gold I fell in love with, Announcemintt, to the outer corners. Engagemintt went into the crease and brow bone – a green haze, in a way, to finish off a bold look. On the bottom lash line, I added depth with Improvemintt; on the top lash line, I went with black, aka Refinemintt.

tess with three colors from mintty makeup empowermintt palette
tess with three colors from mintty makeup empowermintt palette

To blend, I took my favorite brush and gently ran it through glimmery Encouragemintt, then buffed it out from the center to the brow bone. Adding my Guide brow gel and eyeliner, plus my Fluide Therapy liquid lipstick (and dotting some on my cheeks!), I had a ~look.~

tess final eye look with empowermintt palette
tess final look with empowermintt palette, guide beauty brows and eyeliner, and fluide lipstick
(I skipped the foundation because I’m breaking out and trying to let it breathe, rather than cake on and irritate. Don’t judge those red bumps, dammit!)

To say I’m obsessed with this palette is an understatement. I normally go for a bronze smokey eye, but I’m done hiding behind my neutrals. Green and gold are coming out more often – perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day in a few weeks. 

And those hazel eyes of mine? They’ve never looked prettier.

tess final look making funny face with empowermintt palette, guide beauty brows and eyeliner, and fluide lipstick
tess final look with empowermintt palette, guide beauty brows and eyeliner, and fluide lipstick

Thank you, Junior Mintt, for this palette of EMPOWERMINTT. I feel it – and I look it, too!

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