Full and Fluffed Up: Feathered Eyebrows Are In

When you think about the 1980s, what comes to mind? Is it the harmonious hits of Bruce Springsteen (who btw was Born in the USA), or the controversial structured shoulder (*cough* shoulder pads)?

For me, it involves eyebrows. Instead of a meticulously plucked look, the ’80s boasted full and fluffy, totally natural brows that were loud and proud, seemingly a vessel of personal expression.

Unfortunately, the natural look slowly morphed into the overly-plucked skinny mini brows of the ’90s and Y2K. Not only was this era notorious for narrow brows, but for narrow female physique, popularizing the idea that the idea of femininity equated to shrinking the body until it was barely visible…

I’ll save you dear readers from my soap box on ~beauty standards~ and point out that we have come a long way. Especially now, here in 2022, the resurgence of the full brow is back — and I think it’s here to stay.


New Year, New Name

The feathered eyebrow. No, not the very… different trend from 2017 (where eyebrows were literally made into feathers), but the fully wild and beautifully unkempt eyebrows of today. Capitalizing on the natural look, feathered eyebrows present as bushy yet neatly combed with the use of makeup or a technique entitled microfeathering. The genius behind the method is eyebrow extraordinaire, Kristie Streicher co-founder of Striiike. Our queen, Streicher, was unimpressed by an original eyebrow method, microblading, so she decided to come up with her own.

Micro-what? WTF is That?

Let’s understand the basics, what the heck is microblading and why would you want it? Microblading uses semi-permanent technology (a hand-held device with tiny blades that are dipped in pigment) to create hair-like lines to your existing eyebrows. Essentially microblading emboldens your original eyebrow to make it big, bold, and defined (which can. If done correctly, the procedure ensures your eyebrows will never have to be filled in again– save for a touch up every 12 months.

This brings us to the alternate method, microfeathering. The eyebrow master Kristie Streicher, thought the look of microblading was too tattoo-like, making it obvious that the brow was not natural. She adapted the technique, ensuring that the microblade was used to enhance the brow that was already present instead of building up and around it. This trend pulls back the layers of a heavily made-up face (although there ain’t nothing wrong with that) and helps to construct a prominence to your original brow.

So… What Are The Cons?

In the age of social media, fads are usually just that, fads. Since the act of microblading/feathering is semi-permanent, you may still be sporting your look after the trend has set sail. Similarly, the result of the procedure may not be what you bargained for, leaving you feeling like you’re having a perpetually bad hair day.

BEWARE: If you’re prone to infection or keloids,  pregnant or breastfeeding, on blood thinners, or have sensitivity to cosmetic pigments, you are ineligible for this procedure.

No need to fear! I have found some non-needly ways to make your brows go from flat to full, feathered fluff.

Kits and Sh*t

If you’re not ready for commitment, like all men I have met, your eyebrows won’t have to endure the heartbreak. Instead, get yoself an eyebrow kit which will include a serum to help grow the brows, a solvent to perm, a cleanser, and an eyebrow soap — when wet, the soap turns into a gel to place the brows exactly where you want them to be. Some of these kits can get tricky, both in application and when comparing price to effectiveness (do not underestimate the power of reviews!).

Lustre Lamination Kit

eyebrow lamination kit from brow code

For our more fancy followers, I recommend the Brow Code Lustre Lamination Kit for a cute lil price of $79.90.This baby comes with five products: a perming solution, a fixing solution, a keratin nourishing solution, a brow adhesive, and a brow oil! The website provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial for your lamination needs. You’ll have your brows thicker than ever in no time.

BUY NOW – $79.90

Brow Sculpt Kit

makeup revolution brow kit

If you’re looking for a more conservative route, aka wanting to maximize the bang for that buck, look into Makeup Revolution’s Brow Sculpt Kit ($7.00). Distributed in travel size packaging, it includes a brow gel, powder, highlighter, tweezer, brush, AND spoolie. For use, shape your brow with the spoolie and gel to prep it for some fill in. When you’re satisfied with the arch, get that powder on the brush and apply hair-like strokes to add some oomph or fill in as you wish.

BUY NOW – $7

Kits not your thing? Some helpful tools to have in your makeup case include a pomade (or pot of gel-color), dual-sided thin angled brush, and eyebrow wax. 


Dual Brushes


We hope this gave you all the info you needed on microfeathering! What are your thoughts on the feathered eyebrow trend? Are you in on it? Tell us in the comments!

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