Hims and Hers’ Biotin Gummies Let Me Down

I’m a sucker for a good supplement… okay, not really.

The truth is, I don’t take supplements. My mother and brother are queen and king of supplements, and I just didn’t pick up the habit – which is hilarious, considering all of my health complications. I digress.

Now that it’s clear that I don’t take care of myself, that’s why it was such a big deal when I challenged myself to 30 days of taking Hims and Hers Biotin gummies to write an honest review. I don’t do this! And a beauty supplement? Who am I?

But my hair and nails have been struggling, so… why not? And with that, I did 30 days of gummies. Here’s what happened.


First of all, Hims & Hers nailed (pun intended) the taste of a biotin gummy, because when you hear “biotin,” you don’t think “delicious.” But delicious is what these gummies are. So delicious, in fact, that there were some days where I snuck extras. Gotta get that hair growing, ammirite? 


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But hold up, let’s take a minute to talk about biotin, yeah?

Biotin, aka vitamin B7, plays a big role in your hair, nail, and skin health. That’s why it’s so popular in beauty supplements: it covers a wide range of ailments. You can find it naturally in foods like eggs, milk, and bananas. Biotin deficiency can result in thinning hair, brittle nails, and rashes on the face, so get that B! 

Hims and Hers Biotin Gummies have biotin, duh, but also ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Ingested, these are supposed to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, and act against aging, respectively. And while these are all applied topically now, you can get these amazing ingredients in your everyday diet.

But, more importantly, my Hims and Hers Biotin Gummy Experience.

Here’s where it’s time to note: beauty supplements can’t be regulated by the FDA, and whether or not they actually work is kiiiind of complicated – and super divisive. As long as you’re not taking an obscene amount of biotin supplements, and instead are taking a gummy every day, it won’t hurt you. But will it help?


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For me, it didn’t. My hair, 30 days later, has grown at its normal rate, my nails are still breaking, and my acne is increasingly worse depending on where I’m at during my menstrual cycle. Plus, I’ve started taking more lithium for my depression, so the acne is extra bad. 

Hims and Hers, your biotin failed me, though your gummies did taste delicious and make me feel proud of myself each time I remembered to take them. Perhaps it’s my own body chemistry and shitty diet, perhaps it’s just that you don’t work. Regardless, I’ll finish your bottle… and then stick to my soap.


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Have you tried Hims and Hers’ Biotin gummies? Did this review help you decide on whether or not you’ll invest? Share with us below!

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