These 8 Beauty Brands Are Fully Embracing Gender Inclusivity

Here at QUILL, we believe in gender inclusive beauty. It’s not just for women – it’s for everyone.

But so often, there are beauty brands who do not include this necessary mission in their company. They may believe in gender inclusivity – they may donate to LGBTQ+ causes, or support during Pride Month, too – but nowhere do they mention that their products are gender-neutral.

In fact, many use the words “she” and “woman.” It’s probably (hopefully) subconscious, but it feeds into the stereotype that beauty is only for women – aka, not genderless.

But then there are brands who ARE gender-neutral. Beauty brands who ARE gender inclusive and say so on their site, in their makeup, in their missions. 

QUILL wants to spotlight the amazing brands that are working hard to destroy gender-based stereotypes in the beauty industry. Here are some of our favorites, plus the products we can’t get enough of.


Natch Essentials

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Natch Essentials is dedicated to clean, sustainable beauty – none of those gross, toxic chemicals that we accidentally put on our bodies every day. But they also state in their about that they are “completely genderless.” You’ll notice it right off the bat. There are no pinks or blues, no obvious signs of “for her” and “for him.” Instead, the products are in minimalistic green and/or white bottles, and each description emphasizes that the product is genderless.

We Are Fluide

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We Are Fluide is run by six team members, all of whom firmly believe in the brand’s mission: making accessible, clean beauty available for everyone, regardless of your gender identity. They believe makeup is fun, and that no one should feel excluded because of who they are. Founder Laura Kraber (she/her) founded We Are Fluide to celebrate gender inclusive beauty and encourage and support younger generations’ self-expression. No matter your pronouns, We Are Fluide has a place for you.

Jecca Blac

Jessica is all about safe spaces, creating a studio where she could teach trans women how to experiment with their makeup. Her studio was a place for private lessons, helping trans women feel confident in themselves and how they presented. Following the founding of her studio, she voluntarily provided lessons to trans prisoners in Parc Prison in Wales, a category B prison… that was all-male. Eventually, Jessica took her knowledge and created Jecca Blac, and the rest is history.


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If you’re looking for a brand that’s here to fight stereotypes, and fight them HARD, Morphe is the brand for you. They describe themselves as a “ride-or-die fam,” and this beauty fam and its community are totally gender inclusive. Created for creators, there’s something for everyone at Morphe, and the possibilities to create your own looks? Endless. You want color? You wear the damn color, because stereotypes are BS, and you deserve to look fabulous in whatever Morphe makeup you choose.

Milk Makeup

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As of June 2021, 50 employees reported their ethnicity and gender identities. The findings: 2% identified as genderfluid (2% chose not to disclose). Every June and December, Milk shares their accountability progress, rather than hiding their diversity from the world. Since June 2020, they’ve donated $50,000 to The Center, and 1% of all sales go to The Center as well. They also brought on a team member who had completed an internal leadership and team climate and culture assessment and provided Bias and Allyship training for Milk’s team.

NOTO Botanics

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Founder Gloria had a mid-life crisis, so she went to Thailand to recenter. After a month, she finally felt ready to pursue her dream: owning her own beauty line. She went home to California and started the line in her kitchen, making cosmetics for the people that weren’t shown in the media. NOTO’s mission is all about representation and inclusivity, no matter your gender, age, size, or race. NOTO encourages you to own your individuality and live authentically, no matter what that means to you.


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We love (MALIN+GOETZ) for their dedication to clean, natural, luxury skincare, specifically made for all genders. Its packaging is also neutral, with white bottles and a variety of colored fonts that aren’t directed at specific genders. The fragrances are also unisex, so no smell will be completely avoided by one gender. The products can be worked into any skincare routine and the fragrances feature no alcohol, so your skin will thank you.

TooD Beauty

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“TooD” is short for Attitude. Shari Siadat was teased for her unibrow growing up and attempted to hide it for years. But when she became a mother, she was dedicated to changing her attitude and showing her daughters that EVERYONE is beautiful. Shari believes it’s time for the world to welcome you for who you are. As Shari puts it: “No longer should anyone have to cover up who they are. Isn’t it about time we live in a world where we are fully embraced? As is?” She’s right.

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What is your favorite gender inclusive brand? Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments!

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