I Tried Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN LAQR – Here Are My Thoughts

The day came. I received Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN LAQR nail polish, meaning I could finally review it! undn box To say I was excited is an understatement. I chose to order Party Favor (neon pink) and Depressionist (black), because black nail polish is my statement, and what better to pair it with than neon pink? Because my hands are so shaky from my epilepsy and diabetes, I had my mother help out so I could take non-blurry photos and not paint my entire finger black. I thought it would be cheating to get them done professionally. Shout out to Siri for being the best. She’ll be sharing her opinion on the brush. #bless But before we jump in, I know what you’re thinking: wait, what? arrow

Uh, MGK Released Nail Polish?

Yep, and he’s been smart: the tabloids have talked about his nail polish regularly, the colors and patterns and the fact that a grown man was wearing nail polish. It baffled the media. Gender norms shook their heads. depressinist undn nails mgk
In an interview with Allure regarding UN/DN, he explained that it was a build-up to the brand. “I was doing it to make ‘his nails’ a constant headline knowing that we had UN/DN coming out, knowing that we had a product that revolved around what the headlines kept pointing out about me. This is something that you associate with me subconsciously because whether you hate it or love it, for about a year and a half or two years, it’s been ‘MGK’s nails.'” 25 to life mgk undn nails
Twenty Five to Life
A business genius? Maybe a little bit. But the nails weren’t just promotion – they were a way for MGK to interact with the outside world. Self-proclaiming himself as shy – though his stage persona would indicate the opposite – Machine Gun Kelly mentioned how his nail polish started a conversation with a barista. This sparked a thought: “You spend time taking care of yourself and paying attention to a detail and then somebody else appreciates that detail. [It’s] for sure a social connection.” Talking to W Magazine, he stated that men were often uncomfortable, perhaps shy, in their opinions – especially when it comes to things women like, such as beauty. He sees himself as a conduit when it comes to this form of self-expression. “I … got to be a little bit creative, and I would leave with a tangible satisfaction,” he says of painting his nails. So, “I’m trying to be the seesaw between male insecurity and beauty.” party favor undn nails mgk
Party Favor
UN/DN isn’t just a quick idea, one that MGK isn’t involved in and simply runs for clout. Instead, he’s all about making sure the product is accessible. “I’m not expecting people to be nail artists, right? I want it to be accessible. I want people to try it and enjoy it, so that was why we made the brush thicker.” It’s details like these that make you realize he’s dedicated to making UN/DN the best it can be. “I still am going to work on perfecting the best brush,” he says. Ultimately, he emphasizes that the brand is for everyone, no matter how you identify. “I mean, I’m hoping aliens, at some point when they reveal themselves, are fully immersed in the UN/DN stuff.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek statement expected from the singer, despite his claims of shyness. “When I do my nails, that’s me wearing my own thoughts and making a statement. To me, polish is not just a color, it’s an intention. Every color has a purpose,” he says.

My Experience With UN/DN

mgk undn laqr party favor and depressionist The first thing I notice: the smell. It’s just like every other option out there. Understandable, but still somewhat of a let down considering how much work MGK put into his nail polish. Probably phase 2. Siri pulls out the brush. “It’s wider and shorter,” she says. “But that actually makes it easier.” I try holding it, and yep, agreed. The nail polish is thick. There’s no need for multiple coats with Depressionist – it goes on black painting black nail polish from mgk un/dn nail polish line Same with Party Favor – it was neon the second the first coat went on. I can only imagine how bright it would get with multiple coats. painting pink nail polish from mgk un/dn laqr nail polish line Siri is darling enough to paint my fingers interchangeably, so I won’t awkwardly have one black hand and one neon pink hand. I must say: fabulous. Next comes the drying. Because the polish is so thick, I expect it to take awhile to dry. I hold my hands out, get bored after two minutes, and gently tap to see how dry they are (as an experiment, of course. This is for science). Surprisingly: completely dry. Like, not even tacky. DRY. finished hand of mgk nail polish I don’t know what magic this is, and how a thick polish can dry so quickly, but here we are. Neon pink and black nails, dark and bright as ever with just one thick coat, and completely dry within less than two minutes. Out of curiosity, I take a finger to the tip of one nail and scratch. It comes off easily, despite being completely dry. Unfortunate, because chipping will happen quickly.

My Thoughts

Yeah, so, I’m never buying any other nail polish again. Period. My next try: a lighter shade, like Vertigo, just to see if I need multiple coats. But for now, Depressionist and Party Favor will last me awhile – again, one coat! Siri also highly recommends MGK’s nail polish for the brush. Surprisingly, she’d never painted anyone else’s nails. Were they perfect? No. (Love you, Siri.) But for a newbie, they look good! The color stuck directly to where she painted (she was careful to not dye my cuticles permanently with the thick polish), and the colors are so dark and bright, you can barely notice the spots she missed. Overall, I’d rate it 9/10 – higher than all of the nail polishes I’ve tried in my life! I dock 1 star because the formula is so easy to chip. But the brush, the color, the thickness, the ease – it all equals 9 stars. Easy. So, yeah, MGK, you nailed it (pun fully intended). Maybe enter the beauty world even more, because you are damn good at this so far. Color me (sorry) impressed.
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Have you tried Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN LAQR nail polish? What colors are your favorite? Tell us below!

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  1. Scott

    I have shimmering chrome color green and purple I work with my hands and surprisingly very little chipping occurs. Maybe it’s because I use his clear coat too but my nails will last upwards of two weeks with some chips. I love this product

    1. Tess Aurore

      I didn’t put on the clear coat for my first review, though I definitely should have – thanks for sharing, it’s a great product! 🙂

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