I Tried Out All Of Guide Beauty’s Products – Here’s My Review

With my years of medications for cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, and bipolar disorder, I have unfortunately developed tardive dyskinesia. In other words, my hands shake like no other; so, holding makeup and applying my essentials can be real f*cking difficult. Enter: Guide Beauty and their products made for people with disabilities – like my own tardive dyskinesia.

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I stumbled across Guide Beauty when looking for disability-friendly makeup products. The brand was one of the first to pop up, and I was immediately taken by how universal its design is. It solves so many struggles when it comes to applying the basics.

I added to cart, tagged them in my order, and two weeks later: my own kit of products came in.


About Guide Beauty

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Guide Beauty was founded when superstar makeup artist and beauty educator Terri Bryant was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She began living what her friends and clients had said – that application was hard, especially when dealing with shaking hands and a lack of precision.

Guide was Bryant’s solution: a beauty brand that made makeup accessible to everyone.

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Listening to the most pressing issues, Bryant and her team worked hard to come up with an ergonomic design for holding, making application a breeze. At the same time, she and her team worked tirelessly to create cruelty-free, vegan, and clean formulas. None of that harsh, toxic s*it on an ableist wand – just accessible beauty at its finest.

The result of active listening: a mascara wand that has grips and a jet-black formula; a brow gel that fills in and shapes effortlessly with an easy-to-hold handle; and an eyeliner combo, consisting of gel in a pot and an ergonomic applicator. (Hard to describe, I’ll show you below!)

My Review of Guide Beauty

Hey, what up, I’m Tess, and my body sucks.

tess sending peace sign to camera without makeup on

Therefore, this is my brutally honest review of Guide Beauty and its products. I ordered every single product, even though I really only needed the eyeliner applicator. You know, for science, definitely not because I’m obsessed with supporting brands that believe in accessibility.

The packaging is GORGEOUS, and it comes with a cute note from Terri!letter from guide beauty's terri bryant

I love the look of each product. The color is rich, and the hardware is a gorgeous complement. It doesn’t feel gaudy, instead looking chic and sleek.

The first thing I tried: the Guide Beauty Eyeliner Duo.

The pot is cute, and the black is super pigmented. However, it catches the light, so I know it won’t be oddly matte against my lids. The applicator is a little odd and almost intimidating, but Guide is thorough in their instructions.

applicator of guide beauty's eyeliner applicator applicator of guide beauty's eyeliner applicator

So, I glided my applicator through the gel, grasped it, and drew a line… with ease? As if my hands didn’t shake??

The result: a highly-pigmented, jet-black, strong line and cute wing. And no awkward irritation or build-up! It’s just a perfect line without excess gel or mistakes you can’t fix.tess wearing eyeliner on one eye

Happy with the result, I moved on to my brows.

I have pretty iffy brows, ruined by years of filling in, yanking, rinsing and repeating every day. They’re fairly strong closest to my nose, but they taper out weakly at the ends. Because of this, I’m always looking for good brow gels.

The handle for Guide Beauty’s brow gel has a protruding handle, giving you a natural space to rest your fingers and grip the applicator.

brow moment guide beauty review

I like how I don’t have to awkwardly twist my wrist in order to fill in both brows (I’m not ambidextrous). The handle makes it easy to grasp the brush and give yourself an even coat.

I can’t think of the last time a brow gel looked this good on me, but I’m obsessed. I have arches! I have strong eyebrows from nose to temples! I have color, so you don’t see peeks of skin! The formula is soft and easy to wipe should you get a little too crazy with the filling.

tess with guide beauty brow moment on one eyebrow

Finally: Guide’s mascara!

The color is pitch black, which I love, because my lashes are so light. I’m always wanting a doe-eyed look courtesy of my mascara, and few succeed. Guide, however? Their mascara is flawless. I have fairly sensitive eyes, and this mascara didn’t bother me one bit – even when I accidentally blinked some into my eyes.

Put it all together, and this is the final look!

tess full face of makeup

My Summary of Guide

Even if you’re perfectly able, you will love Guide Beauty’s products. Like I said, I didn’t need them for my lashes or brows, yet I don’t think I’ll ever find a more comfortable brand. The products are convenient, the formula is solid, and you’re supporting an amazing cause.

I can’t refrain: I give Guide Beauty’s kit a 10/10, because the price tag is absolutely worth it. Can’t recommend enough. I love it, and you will too. Thanks, Terri, for creating a product that makes my eyelids look flawless again. Beyond grateful.

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I hope you liked my review of Guide Beauty! Have you tried Guide? What are your thoughts? Share below!

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Makeup Profiles

MOXIE Nail Varnish’s Founder Has Just That

If you’re looking to purchase from a company dedicated to bettering the world, let me introduce you to MOXIE Nail Varnish.

Actually, no, let me introduce you to the heartbeat of MOXIE: Mary Ann “EM” Kilgore, who formed MOXIE Nail Varnish with her husband, Hugh.

It was actually Hugh who emailed me, mentioning that they were a gender-neutral nail lacquer brand, and they loved what QUILL was doing, and would we want to talk?

The answer was an immediate yes. After a 45-minute introductory call, EM and I scheduled a time to really talk. 

When the day came for our conversation, I was under a raincloud. There were bugs in my room that maintenance had yet to deal with; my boyfriend had just broken up with me; I was in the middle of medication changes for my bipolar.

But when EM said hello and asked about People With Periods, prompting us to talk about taking first steps in our respective businesses, my spirits quickly lifted. I walked away 40 minutes later feeling uplifted and inspired.

And to say “MOXIE” had a new meaning to me after our conversation? Well, that’s an understatement. Here’s why.


To keep things vague at her request, EM Kilgore witnessed adversity throughout her childhood, threading deep compassion and empathy throughout her identity.

mary ann "em" kilgore, founder of moxie nail varnish

So, when it came time to decide on which direction EM and Hugh wanted to take MOXIE Nail Varnish in, the Kilgore’s decided the philanthropic route was for them. It was inspired by her childhood and giving back in the ways she couldn’t then. 

“Before I became a manicurist, I did hair part time while working in corporate,” EM explains, laying out her beauty industry experience for me. “In the different companies that I worked in, I would use my haircutting skills to raise money during the holidays for different charities. I would offer haircuts for $10 to all of the employees and their families, and the money would go to local organizations.”

When EM began MOXIE Nail Varnish, she wanted to carry over her philanthropic spirit. So, “each month, a new influencer collab or special product is dedicated to a community cause. Currently, we contribute to 7 organizations,” EM says.

For example: in October – right before we spoke – they collaborated with a fellow MOXIE lover to create a pink lacquer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, donating 30% of proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“We have influencer Collabs where the influencer has an opportunity to actually create their own nail polish with a kit that I ship to them. We imprint their name directly on the bottle alongside MOXIE Nail Varnish. (October’s influencer was Jens_Ten; the varnish is called JEN.)

Another unique way MOXIE gives back: offering commission to their collaborators. For example, one woman wanted a Royal Purple lacquer with glitter. EM chose microfine glitter (it comes off the nails easier than your standard glitter), titled the deep purple “ROYAL!,” and offered the collaborator commission for three months. And, at a collaborator’s request, they’ll donate the commission to the collaborator’s nonprofit of choice instead. 

No matter what, MOXIE is about giving back to people, 100%. “It is an honor to work with these awesome artists,” she gushes. “The goal is for everyone to see themselves in the way the product is presented.”

And EM Kilgore is dedicated to making sure everyone has a product that works for them, which is why the swatch team from social media is diverse in itself.

This way, they receive feedback on what colors look best on specific skin tones, as well as what colors are universal. “We can use nail polish – my passion – as a playground for everyone to feel valued, included, and respected,” she tells me. “[That’s why] I am passionate about this brand.”

The best part: you don’t have to wait a year before their next color hits the market, because they make their own nail polish in their Orange County, California manufacturing facility. Aka, when EM is inspired, “MOXIE Nail Varnish can bring new colors to our fans quite quickly.” This is another reason why fans and swatch team members are so involved in the process – what needs to be (or is highly requested) on the market is available in a short period of time.

em kilgore choosing colors for moxie's next polish

While they did just release their first seasonal collection as an experiment driven by Nick, a member of their swatch team – “it’s an eight-shade Fall/Holiday array of shimmery brights, which can actually be worn year-round and fit in just perfectly with any season and person,” she says excitedly – EM is adamant that colors stay available. Because of this, there are currently 55 colors available, not including treatments. EM crafts every color herself.

The inspiration is versatile. “Our signature color is MOXIE!, an off-black with just a tiny touch of shimmer; that was inspired by a Tesla car,” EM laughs. And while, yes, they look at Pantone, too, true inspiration comes from the outside world.

“We really try to come up with new and different colors that aren’t focused on a particular season or trend, but rather by architecture, nature and different textiles.” And again, they also ask fans to request specific colors if they can’t find the specific shade they’d like to swipe on.

I’ve browsed the site multiple times, and I love every color I see. But as I browse it now, looking through the various blues and reds, I find myself drawn to bright orange FREEDOM. My True Colors Personality type is Orange, representing creativity; spontaneity; an aversion to authority; and bold.

I quietly make a mental note to mention this to EM.

MOXIE labels itself as a gender neutral brand.

moxie nail varnish logo with "colors for humankind" below

We’ve written about these – and I’ve reviewed Fluide’s Be Bold Nail Trio and MGK’s UN/DN LAQR – so how had I not heard of MOXIE in the first place?

Turns out, they started right when QUILL did, and they’re still growing in the gender neutral space (again, like QUILL). EM wanted to make sure that it was branded as for all, because in her earlier days as a manicurist, she noticed that only women-identifying individuals would come in to have their nails done.

“I made it a point to market my services to everyone, because everyone should enjoy manis and pedis,” EM says. “I feel that groomed nails are important, regardless of gender.”

EM notes that skincare lines are becoming better at marketing to men, now, by adding color correction items to men’s lines. While not outright lipstick and contour kits, it’s a step in the right direction. “I love the idea of anyone waking up and touching up a little of this or a little of that to put their best self forward,” she says. But, “why leave the nails out of the process?”

moxie nail polish in periwinkle

She understands that polish can be scary. While makeup can quickly be wiped off, nail polish is there – it’s a commitment. So, MOXIE offers BUFF!. “It’s a transparent tinted nail treatment with a low level of shine,” she explains. With one swipe, it covers the entire nail, giving it a healthier-yet-still-natural look. 

“BUFF! is a simple introduction to anyone wanting to extend grooming to their nails,” she says. I mention that men must love it – she says yes, but reminds me that it’s for everyone. “The great thing is that people who normally don’t wear polish will get introduced to the notion of swiping something on their nails.” She pauses, eyes widening and smile growing. “Maybe the next step will be full-on red polish!” she exclaims.

Something tells me there are smaller steps in between a natural look and full-on red, but I like where EM is going with this.

Ultimately, “I am so excited to see how thinking has evolved in the past few years and how the world has become,” EM Kilgore says, as we wrap up our interview.

“We’re so much more open to new ideas in fashion, self-care, and self-expression. And I am so excited that MOXIE Nail Varnish can be a part of this evolution.”


I ask where she’s hoping the nail industry will go next. She takes a moment to think. “​​I look at nail polish as a medium to express one’s style. … I would love to see polished nails become a natural part of creating a look for the day, or to even be a part of total grooming for everyone.”

But for EM, it all comes back to philanthropy. “There are so many things that we’ve been touched by,” she says, and she wants to touch upon all of them through MOXIE.

Why? I ask. What about it makes it so important to her to give back?

“It feels so good. It feels right. I mean, what’s the driver?”

She smiles and shrugs.

“It feels right.”

Thank you to EM Kilgore for this interview. Find MOXIE Nail Varnish at their website, or on their Instagram.


8 Dupes for Youthforia’s BYO Blush

Arguably their most popular and sought after product, Youthforia’s BYO Blush is one-of-a-kind: it matches and forms a flush based on your skin’s pH, giving you color that’s impossible to replicate. So, how do you find an alternative to a blush that does that? Bring in the BYO Blush dupes now, please – QUILL has 8 that can easily replace the Youthforia fav!


On-the-Glow Blush

PIXI on the glow blush

Pixi’s On-the-Glow is a fantastic dupe for BYO Blush, thanks to an insane list of fruit extracts. Some you’ll find: blueberry to fight inflammation, apple as an anti-aging agent, and raspberry for its fill of vitamin C – great to help brighten and protect at the same time.

Both Youthforia’s option and its dupe feature aloe for its soothing properties. On-the-Glow matches the nourishing properties of BYO Blush’s various oils, choosing castor and sea buckthorn oil, the latter of which can help regulate excess oil, fight uneven skin texture, and help heal wounds. 

An interesting difference: Youthforia chose willow bark extract to help exfoliate and unclog pores, cleansing the skin of dirt and debris; Pixi decided to use witch hazel to help purify and tone skin with its astringent properties.

Ultimately, this blush won’t match your pH, and that’s a bummer. But it’s also half the price, is good for your skin despite being makeup, and comes in three shades, so you can choose the one that’s most flattering – or mix two different options together for the same price!

BUY NOW – $18

BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush

TOWER 28 beachplease cheek and lip tint

This is a cream blush. I know, alarm bells, it must be highly-pigmented! But simmer down – Tower 28 wouldn’t do you dirty like that.

Instead, the tinted balm deposits a subtle hint of color on cheeks and lips without any caking or bursting hues. It’s less of a blush and more of a subtle swipe of color.

Ingredients-wise, green tea extract calms skin in this dupe, as well as aloe – which you’ll recognize in BYO Blush. Both also utilize oils for their nourishing properties – avocado and castor are special features in BeachPlease, though the dupe also has sunflower oil and jojoba esters. 

BeachPlease utilizes waxes (including sunflower) and shea butter for its nourishing, creamy formula, which glides right on. Add in bonuses like rosemary extract for firming and vitamin E to both repair and protect skin, and you have a worthy dupe for Youthforia’s BYO Blush. While we can’t recommend sleeping in this one, we can recommend wearing it whenever you want.

BUY NOW – $20

Bionic Liquid Blush

bionic blush by milk makeup

We love Milk Makeup for its inclusivity, but we’re spotlighting their Bionic Blush for its damn good ingredients.

Over here at QUILL, we’re big fans of mushrooms (especially reishi). So we were, quite understandably, thrilled to see that Milk’s Bionic Blush includes nourishing snow and reishi mushrooms, combining their hydrating and firming properties with hyaluronic acid’s ability to lock in all of that moisture.

The BYO Blush dupe also has plant-derived collagen, which erases any hint of aging by improving saggy skin and upping elasticity. Jojoba oil is found in both for its hydrating properties, but Bionic Blush gets an assist from sodium hyaluronate, too. So, while you may not have five billion oils, you have solid ingredients that will give you that nourishing, softening, smoothing touch.

Bionic Blush comes in four shades, all of which are considered “natural finishes,” thanks to the ability to build up color. No neon at first application, just a slow burn (figuratively, of course).

BUY NOW – $22

Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush

milani cheek kiss youthforia byo blush dupe

For less than $10, you can get a dupe for Youthforia’s BYO Blush that is extremely impressive. Milani’s blush is a kiss to the cheek, rather than a slather along the side of your face. Appropriate that it’s called Cheek Kiss, then, hm?

In terms of ingredients, they don’t really seem like equals. But take a look closer at what their ingredients actually do, and you’ll see that they each achieve the same aims.

As we know, all nourishment and fixes to various ailments come in the form of oils in Youthforia’s option. Softening, smoothing, anti-aging, hydrating – it’s all there. Instead of using a slew of oils, Milani relies on ingredients like glycerin to hydrate, watermelon extract to brighten and even out skin tone, and vitamin E for restoring and protecting. 

Still, the above don’t cover everything that BYO Blush’s ingredients do, so the heavy lifter rises to the surface: pomegranate extract. The ingredient helps with acne, reduces fine lines, promotes collagen production, prevents sun damage, and acts as a skin detoxifier, too. It basically cleans up your skin’s aisle 5 in one fell swoop.

And, we’ll emphasize it one more time: less. than. $10. Can you really score a better deal? (Love you, Target.) 

BUY NOW – $9.99

Juice Pot

the beauty crop juice pot

Maybe I’m just lame, but The Beauty Crop has only recently begun popping up for me. And when searching for dupes for BYO Blush, their Juice Pot was a quick qualifier.

BYO Blush is all about acting as skincare, and we’re gonna be honest: Juice Pot has talc. While not necessarily bad for your skin, it’s not like you can sleep in it. Regardless, we’re including this blush for its other ingredients and rave reviews.

The highly-pigmented formula proudly lists vitamin E as an ingredient, thanks to its reparative and protective properties against UV. They also boast elderberry to help balance out excess oil, and bilberry to fight hyperpigmentation by brightening dark spots and the epidermis overall.

Bilberry is also a great anti-inflammatory, so if you have acne or irritated skin, you’re in the clear – even with the presence of talc here.

BUY NOW – $15.99

Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint

Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint, a youthforia byo blush dupe

Consider Mother Monster in the running against Youthforia. Hy-Power works as a lip, cheek, and eye tint, so if you thought you needed three products? Yeah, no, you don’t anymore.

Hy-Power is ~powered~ by three key ingredients: plant squalane, which protects and softens skin; hyaluronic acid, for its moisture and hydration-lock abilities; and maracuja extract, which nourishes and calms skin. 

There aren’t oils in Hy-Power, but the amount of hydration you get from the above three ingredients rivals every oil in BYO Blush. Plus, vitamin E protects and acts as a bridge between protecting and repairing your skin from damage from environmental stressors.

BUY NOW – $24


i'm MEME blush

Look, not gonna lie when I say that this BYO Blush dupe stood out to me immediately because of the brand name, “I’m MeMe.” Do I know how to pronounce it? Is it probably not the way I think it’s pronounced? Yeah. Regardless: I’m in love.

In terms of fab ingredients, I’m MeMe includes the Vita D complex in their blush. “What is that?” I hear you ask.

Let me tell you: it’s a combo of vitamin D, almond, orange, and cranberry extracts, all of which help with evening out skin tone and hyperpigmentation, giving you an overall glow. Topped with orange peel oil to fight inflammation and acne, your skin will be clearer than ever!

For the nourishment that you don’t get in a swamp of oils, enjoy shea butter and eucalyptus oil – the latter of which has been suggested to encourage ceramide production and add moisture. Kaolin also comes into play to keep excess oil out.

BUY NOW – $15

Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush

SAIE Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush, a youthforia dupe

And to round out the list, we have Saie, whose ingredients can rarely be beat. Coming in six shades, from light pink to deep berry, all skin tones can reap the benefits of Saie’s Dew Blush. 

One thing I want to point out immediately: it’s fragrance-free. There aren’t any added essential oils or fragrances to make the blush pop the second you open the bottle. Saie relies on its solid ingredients instead, not smells, and QUILL appreciates a company that stands by its products’ compositions.

Speaking of ingredients, you’ll love to see brightening licorice root extract and mulberry, as well as glycerin for hydration. But it’s the unique ingredients that make this product the closer, the finale, the themme fatale of the list.

Basically, the Youthforia dupe uses elderberry to fight free-radical damage, while evening primrose soothes dry patches, and comfrey leaf extract fights aging and rejuvenates dull skin. The formula is also Clean according to Sephora’s standards, so no ick is to be found in the ingredients list.

BUY NOW – $25

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What dupes for Youthforia’s BYO Blush do you love? Tell us in the comments!

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12 Hoola Bronzer Dupes To Give You Glow

A classic staple in many makeup bags is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. The best-selling bronzer comes in four shades for all skin tones – love the inclusivity! – and has a matte finish that looks gorg on everyone… but it’s kind of expensive, coming in at $32 per palette. So, we have found 12 Hoola bronzer dupes that will have your skin radiating at an affordable price!


Solar Paint

solar paint from glossier, a hoola bronzer dupe

Solar Paint by Glossier is a great dupe for the Hoola bronzer that blends into your skin for a natural look in any lighting. Solar Paint has Desert Milk™ (plant oil and extracts) which helps give your face glow. A little goes a long way, so make sure to slowly build up the product until you reach your ideal level of radiance.

BUY NOW – $20

Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick

Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks, a hoola bronzer dupe

This bronzer stick blends evenly into your skin, leaving a long-lasting glow. The Hoola dupe is vegan, cruelty-free, and without parabens, with a formula that’s water-resistant. Despite its non-greasy finish, it still slides on smoothly thanks to meadowfoam and sunflower seed oils, which are non-comedogenic – goodbye, clogged pores!

BUY NOW – $23

Oh My Glow Cream Bronzer


Oh My Glow Cream Bronzer has a coconut scent and is full of jojoba and castor oils, which balance excess oil and moisturize, respectively. The bronzer contains Vitamin E as well, helping to hydrate, protect, repair, and smooth your skin. The bronzer dupe is blendable and buildable with its cream formula.

BUY NOW – $12

Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick

Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick, a hoola bronzer dupe

Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick is an excellent dupe for the Hoola bronzer with a wide range of shades for all skin tones. The Skinstick has a matte finish that gives you medium- to long-lasting coverage, and a lightweight, blendable, cream-to-powder formula. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and without parabens and phthalates.

BUY NOW – $28

Sun Melt Natural Cream Bronzer

sun melt cream bronzer, a hoola bronzer dupe

Saie’s Cream Bronzer is a rich and buttery balm that blends evenly into your skin, so there aren’t any splotchy applications here. The formula has beneficial ingredients like colloidal oatmeal to calm and moisturize; grapeseed oil, which is bursting with antioxidants and vitamins; and elderberry extract to soothe your skin.

BUY NOW – $30

Putty Bronzer

e.l.f. putty bronzer, a hoola bronzer dupe

For under only $10, the e.l.f putty bronzer has a powdery finish that is lightweight. The Hoola dupe is buildable in pigmentation and effortlessly blends into your skin, giving you as subtle or intense a glow as you want. The Putty Bronzer’s key ingredients are argan oil and Vitamin E to hydrate and protect, so the actual sun won’t have nothin’ on your skin.

BUY NOW – $7

No Limits Matte Bronzer

no limits matte bronzer by lys

This Black-owned company’s pressed powder matte bronzer has a rich formula that makes for a fantastic Hoola dupe. The buildable matte bronzer features Niacinamide to minimize your pores, green tea extract to rejuvenate your skin, and sodium hyaluronate to moisturize and give extra plumpness. The bronzer comes in recyclable packaging, is vegan and cruelty-free, and contains ultra-clean ingredients.

BUY NOW – $18

Bionic Liquid Bronzer


Another excellent Hoola dupe is by Milk Makeup, one of our favorite gender-inclusive beauty brands. This liquid bronzer will leave a natural finish on your skin. The plant-derived collagen will tighten and brighten your skin, while the snow and reishi mushrooms and hyaluronic acid will give your skin an extra plump look. 

BUY NOW – $30

Superpowder Bronzing Powder

Superpowder Bronzing Powder, A HOOLA BRONZER DUPE

 The Superpowder Bronzing Powder is baked and has a semi-matte finish that will absorb the shine on your face. Achieve a subtle glow with plant-based ingredients of olive-derived squalane, which moisturizes, and mica, which gives your skin the reflective glow you’d normally have to burn to achieve (which, ugh, no thanks). There is no synthetic fragrance, and the formula is super clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and EWG verified.

BUY NOW – $22

SEA Mini Breezy Cream Bronzer

SEA Mini Breezy Cream Bronzer

tarte’s waterproof bronzer is another excellent, affordable choice that’s good for your skin, featuring marine plant extract to help with any creasing on your face. The cream formula is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free of parabens. The formula is creamy and smooth, drying into a beautiful matte finish.

BUY NOW – $14

Play Bento Cream Bronzer, Powder Blush and Highlighter Sculpting Trio

Play Bento Cream Bronzer, Powder Blush and Highlighter Sculpting Trio

Instead of receiving only bronzer, the set comes with a powder blush and highlighter. The cream bronzer in the kit is cruelty-, sulfate-, and paraben-free,  hydrating your skin with the Mangifera indica seed butter. Despite being a cream, the bronzer dries down into a powder. Paired with the highlighter, you have a contour that’s picture-perfect.

BUY NOW – $28

Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Physician's Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

A classic drugstore dupe for Benefit’s OG is the Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula. The bronzer has murumuru, cupuaçu, and tucuma butters to moisturize your skin for a light, natural glow. The product is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, so even the most sensitive skin can appear sun-kissed without irritation. It’s also cruelty-free, so feel ethical when you wear it, too!

BUY NOW – $11.99

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Which of these Hoola bronzer dupes is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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Beauty Makeup

These 6 Brands Are Making A Bold Statement: Nail Polish Is For Everybody

Trying to enter the beauty world, but overwhelmed by how completely NOT genderless it is (like literally everything else on any market, tbh)? Not ready to wear the glittery shadow? Wanting to add pizzazz to your body, but not sure where to start?

Nail polish. I’m telling you. That’s the ticket.

It’s blowing up as the latest entry to the beauty world, especially with celebrities. Machine Gun Kelly just released his new line, UN/DN LAQR, in December – we wrote a review about it, and it’s still one of our most popular articles to date.

Then there’s gender-inclusive brand Fluide, with a variety of nail polish shades to fit every mood. Or NE1, who we found on Instagram, founded by a man overwhelmed by the amount of colors out there. And while Lil Yachty is no longer a part of it, he founded crete, which arguably opened the door to many men who perceived nail polish as too feminine.

If you’re a non binary person looking for nail polish that feels right, a man who is dreaming of subtly entering the beauty world, a woman looking to support genderless brands, and anyone in between, these brands support you — and that’s why we support them.



View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CRETE (@crete__co)

Lil Yachty may not be a part of it anymore, but his genderless nail polish company, Crete, lives on. Their Instagram is not filled with perfectly-manicured, pointy and glossy nails. In fact, it’s kind of punk, which we absolutely love – catch the heavily-tattooed wrists, imperfect polish, and neon lighting as opposed to porcelain skin and precise paint. The colors are far from subtle, instead bordering on – or completely reaching – neon. The pen is easier to use than your standard brush, making it perfect for nail polish newbies.


Fluide’s description for their nail polish reads that “you can feel good whether you’re waving across the bar or flipping someone off”; basically QUILL’s feelings toward those who are gender-inclusive and those who ignore pronouns, respectively. There are 10 colors, ranging from glossy black to glitter-tinted New Year’s Revolution, and the formula is 7-free, nontoxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. And yep, you read correctly: it has 5 stars out of 40 reviews. Beat that.


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Tess here, saying UN/DN LAQR’s nail polish is still chipping away, with Party Favor and Depressionist still dotting my nails (and that’s without a top or base coat, yes I know, please don’t kill me for this). Machine Gun Kelly’s genderless nail polish brand hasn’t just restocked – they’ve also dropped their latest Chrome collection, which will give you an affordable trip to outer space. And yes, I bought the entire collection immediately, who do you think I am? Didn’t you read my 9/10 review? (If not, it’s here!)

NOW Unisex Nail Polish

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NOW’s bottle immediately shouts “unisex!” in case you missed “Unisex” in the name of each nail polish. Jeff Parshley started NOW to destigmatize beauty, starting at the fingertips. There are tons of colors to choose from, whether you want classic white (for a French manicure, perhaps?), screaming scarlet, or sparkling silver. They also offer a glossy top coat to seal your shade of choice.


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Harry Styles was at the front of the “fuck it, I’m not a woman and I can wear nail polish because gender is a social construct” movement. (Alright, he didn’t call it that, but we’d like to believe that’s what his thought was.) Pleasing is the result, a gorgeous collection of pearlescent shades. They aren’t bright, but they will give your nails a tint of color and a glossy finish if you’re not ready to go full-on pink.


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Cole Kubisiak founded NE1 when he decided to venture into the world of nail polish… only to feel totally overwhelmed by the color options. When he did find a color, he eventually wanted a new one, but still had bottles of old colors. So, when he created NE1’s 13 colors, he decided to use mini bottles. Grab a base coat and top coat while you’re at it – gotta make bottles last when there’s practically none to waste.

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What gender neutral nail polish is your favorite? Do you have a brand you can’t get enough of? Tell us below!

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Smashbox’s Always On Liquid Lipstick: Smash or Pass?

Tess’ Note: I have photographic evidence that Marissa owns this, and she will be adding photos to her Smashbox Liquid Lipstick review when her skin is less, as she put it the day before publishing, “putrid.” Until then, enjoy!

We all love a good game of smash or pass, but instead of putting your favorite actors to the test, why not makeup? I was inspired by Smashbox’s Always On Liquid Lipstick (“smash” is in the name, after all) when all I could see online were glowing reviews. So, is Smashbox’s Liquid Lip “smashable?”

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Although they didn’t have a super wide range of shades, they did have a fair amount that complimented every skin tone. The makeup can be found virtually everywhere, making boat-bound babes like yours truly ecstatic with the convenience of Amazon Delivery. The makeup arrived the day after ordering, and I put it to the test instantly. 

Just for some background: I am not a habitual lipstick wearer. I decided to buy a tube for an upcoming trip to Italy, since I’ve decided I want to add a little more oomph to my standard au-naturel look. Although I was searching for a dark red (since my doppelganger Alexandra Daddario pulls it off so well), I settled on the darkest “red” shade they had.

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It was love at first application.

The applicator has a pointed tip that makes it easy to trace and stay within your lip line, and the product is moisturizing yet matte, going on smooth. This is absolutely thanks to the formula, which is filled with jojoba oil to hydrate, apricot oil to soften, and sunflower oil to offer a burst of anti-aging vitamin E. There are no gross ingredients, like talc, or synthetic fragrance, or parabens – just ingredients to keep lips kissable.

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My mug was print-free as I sipped my coffee, no trace of a lip signature anywhere. And when I kissed my honey, he instinctively wiped his cheek – even though there was no product to wipe off.  He cracked a joke and I laughed, hard, smiling ear to ear, and when I reassessed in the mirror, there was no trace of cracking!

This product is solid, and I am excited to test it abroad. It is DEFINITELY a smash (or distruggere) from me.

bow and arrow

Have you tried Smashbox’s Always On Liquid Lipstick? Tell us in the comments!

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“A Face Of Fluide” – Tess’ Full-On Fluide Review

Laura Kraber of Fluide agreed to sit down to have a conversation with me, and I am so excited to be releasing this profile on Laura and Fluide. But first: I decided to do a general Fluide review.

“A Face of Fluide,” as I’m calling it.

With a rainbow of their Universal Liners, Universal Balm, Big Bang Mascara, Browzey, Universal Gloss, SuperNeutrals Liquid Lipstick, and Otherworldly Palette, I’ll put together an entire ~look~ with Fluide products and review each one as I go along.

And wiiiiiith that – it’s (literally) on!


Hello, it’s Tess, QUILL’s scatter-brained Editor-in-Chief, and I didn’t wear foundation – bite me!

tess smiling at camera without makeup with glasses on

Fluide Review: The Look

ALIEN. And these are the products to make it happen.

fluide's otherworldly palette, browzey, big bang mascara, universal liners, universal gloss, and lip gloss

No, really.

If I’m going to be using a celestial eyeshadow palette and adding glitter everywhere, I’m going full on ET. But, like, a pretty one. My reference photo is below. I can guarantee that my makeup will not look like it, but we all have goals.

#1: Otherworldly Eyeshadow Palette

open picture of fluide's otherworldly palette for review

The Otherworldly Palette says “Express Your Otherworldly Self. Make Up The Rules.” Perfect, because that’s what I’m going to do!

There are four matte neutrals, and one neon orange matte called “Blood Moon.” But don’t be fooled – just because they’re matte neutrals doesn’t mean they received boring names. Let’s just talk about dark brown “Queersar,” okay?

Quarkle is glitter. Pure, purple-based glitter. I could have let it sit gently on my lids as a topper.


But the foundation first. I went with the coffee Astral Halo as my base and placed the dark brown Queersar (I had to use it, c’mon) on the outer edges. HOLY. PIGMENT. It went on bright in one swipe.

base colors from fluide's otherworldly palette

I was then planning on using the sparkling gold Andromedaze to highlight the brow bone. 

But I have bipolar, so I “accidentally”-totally-on-purpose slid Andromedaze up to my brow. Sparkling gold on my brow bone, not highlighted by it? Eff it – after all, the palette says to “Make Up The Rules.” So you’re damn right that’s what I’m going to do.

It looked disjointed AF, and I panicked for a brief moment. What if it didn’t come together? Then what? But I’m Editor-in-Chief of a beauty site. I COULD DO THIS. And do it I did. Using the matte yellow-gold Stellactic, I blended everything together. Success!

blended shadows from fluide otherworldly palette for review

Finally, Quarkle, the finishing touch. I used my ring finger to pick it up, and it didn’t feel like sand, coarse and bound to be uncomfortable. It was soft, almost difficult to pick up. So, I dampened my finger and swiped it through the shadow.

Now, I promise, I was going to be subtle with it. After all, the colors didn’t really go together, and I just wanted a little sparkle. I promise!

… Oops. And then, there was purple glitter all over the top of my lid.

It did not look cohesive. My logical self was right. So I took my other ring finger and was ready to wipe off all pigment.

Nope! The eyeshadow diffused, but the core colors remained vibrant. It was soft to the touch, not messy and over-powdery. I didn’t see puffs of eyeshadow remnants come off when I flicked my ring finger out of curiosity. Impressive.

And voila: my eyeshadow was done.

tess with finished blended eyeshadow from fluide otherworldly palette being reviewed

#2: Universal Gloss

Here, I decided to go full-blown rave-Alien. Out came the Universal Gloss, which was in Roxy. Smell-wise, it was sweet, and I was excited to see how it felt on my cheeks (and how much color it added).

I did not sleep last night. This will be extremely noticeable later on. So, my skin is ridiculously dull (this is where I began wishing I had worn foundation, before getting mad at myself for trying to “follow the rules” – get over it, Tess). Roxy gave me a nice color – subtle enough to look natural, but bright enough to give me life. #bless

And of course, I couldn’t help myself, so some Quarkle went on too.

quarkle and universal gloss from fluide on tess' cheek

#3: Universal Liner

Laura sent me five billion colors of Fluide’s glittery Universal Liner, so I’ve decided to review the vast majority of them, aka the ones that would make me look weirdest and most out-there.

I started with the orange Retrogayz, because same. It didn’t show up much, so I continued on with the green liner, Area 51. Oh my god. BRIGHT. And glittery! And super precise – the brush glides along and follows you, rather than a pen that leads the way with mistakes. The brush is super fine, perfect for precision.

My one critique: you get about half an eye before the brush runs out of juice and requires re-dipping, maybe a full line if you go super lightly. Unfortunately, my tardive dyskinesia requires full force in order to keep my hand steady, so I got half the lid. Something to think about, other companies! (And Fluide, if you ever decide to revamp.)

And there was GREEN.

#4: Browzey & Big Bang Mascara

But I wasn’t done.

I used Browzey to get my brows into place, and then I put in some red liner, Magma, to give my brows extra color and glitter. I used to be a redhead, so it felt normal to do this. The glitter was new, and I wish I had gone a-la Halsey when I was 16.

I used Big Bang Mascara to give my lashes some oomph. While the brush was hourglass shaped, I had to use the pointed end to get the most product out of it, and not as much the full brush.

Alien Tess was allllllmost done!

#4: Liquid Lipstick & Universal Balm

My lips are one of my favorite features of mine. I think they’re the perfect shape, not too big or small, and they take lip products well. So to finish off the look with three lip products was very exciting for me.

I decided to use Magma as a lip liner, something Laura had said the community does. I also applied a SuperNeutrals lip shade, Therapy (my favorite – read my review of all three, though!), and then topped it off with Fluide’s Universal Balm.

I’m a diehard eyeliner fan, so I used the mascara as a liner.

The Final Product

I am a frickin’ alien.

I’m obsessed. I cannot get enough. I am glittering like no other. 

Before I get into my review, I need to state that Laura is a queen and Fluide is my fav. Moving on.

Fluide Review: The Summary

My favorite product was the Otherworldly Palette. The colors and names are (inter)stellar, the intensity of its pigments is insane, and the consistency and blendable quality takes it to the top.

I also love the Universal Balm. No goop, no stickiness, and it doesn’t taste gross – thank goodness, because we all know you eventually taste your glossy balm. The Universal Gloss was ALSO fantastic, bringing me to life and holding the glitter on my cheeks with ease. There was no residual grease after I rinsed it off.

Then, the Universal Liners. The colors are fun and they go everywhere! Area 51 is gorgeous, practically glowing, and I’ll definitely be rocking it more often. And Magma as a lip liner? Thank you for the tip, Laura, because I’m never buying a pencil again.

Browzey gave me the brows I wanted, and they held them up while I added in Magma liner. However, I don’t really shape my brows in the first place, so I’d recommend it to those who LOVE gel, and say pass if you don’t need it.

I did get picky with the Big Bang Mascara. Don’t get me wrong – the parts that worked worked, and it’s possible I just got a dry option. It was by NO means disappointing, just not a perfect mascara. But again, could just be my batch.

Anyway, excuse me as I go add even more to cart. And yeah, you can bet I’ll be pairing this with the Be Bold Polish Trio for the most wild look I’ve ever created. Thank you, Laura, for giving me the gift of being ET!

Did my review of Fluide products help? Which Fluide products are your favs? Tell us below!


Fluide’s “Superneutrals” Collection Has Changed My Mind On Liquid Lipstick
I Was Bold And Wore Fluide’s Be Bold Nail Polish Trio
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I Was Bold And Wore Fluide’s Be Bold Nail Polish Trio

When I was updating my gender-neutral nail polish article, Laura from Fluide was sweet enough to send me a BUNCH of nail polish. Individual bottles, sets, anything I could write a review for. And though it took me some time, I’ve finally settled on it: a Be Bold Polish Trio review.

box of fluide's be bold trio for tess' review

I will absolutely be flashing more colors after this experiment, but considering I only have one shaky hand, I had the thought: why not try the Be Bold Polish Trio, since I can do it with my dominant hand? It wouldn’t look perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be pretty, and I could show Fluide my gratitude.

So I bucked up, I pulled out my phone, and the pictures began. Do my nails look clean and sharp? No. But are they gorgeous? Hell yeah. Here’s my review of the Be Bold Polish Trio, courtesy of Fluide!


What’s up, it’s Tess (that one Editor-in-Chief who has shaky hands) using nail polish!

tess without any nail polish on her nailsBefore I begin, I’d like to state that Fluide’s nail polish is 7-free. This means that they don’t include the questionable ingredients that come in most of your standard nail polishes: formaldehyde, Toulene, DBP, Xylene, Camphor, Phthalates, and TPHP. The formula is also vegan, cruelty-free, and completely devoid of parabens. Your nails will be singing, no matter how many coats you put on.

First: COLORS.

Ohmygod, that red, that fuchsia. It’s so bold – I get now why it is literally the Be Bold Polish Trio! I’m bummed I missed Valentine’s Day with the romantic colors, but at the same time, why can’t every day be dedicated to romance, hmmm?

fluide three colors in the be bold polish trio

I decided to start off with the orange-red shade, “Citrine.” And how could I not? I’m a red girl (I had fire-truck-red hair for five years), so I was immediately drawn to the screamin’ scarlet. I decided Pink Quartz would alternate, and that the glittery Chromium would be a topper for some glitter action (we all know how much I love glitter, after all!).

The brush is short, as is the cap.

For someone with tardive dyskinesia, it’s a little difficult to grasp the brush properly and paint… but I also can barely hold a pencil, so I can’t complain about that too much. Sure, it would be nice for a biiiit of a longer handle, but for the majority of the population, this is no issue.

fluide review be bold polish trio brush

The formula smells strongly of your standard nail polish – no false fragrance here poorly trying to cover up the chemicals. The solution is watery, but the polish doesn’t drip off the brush or smear across my nails; it’s thick enough to latch on, but watery enough to glide easily across my nails.

Red goes on. BRIGHT. Fuschia goes on. BRIGHT. Impressive.

With just one coat, my nails are flaming. I count how long it takes for the colors to dry, and it takes about one minute without any blowing or heat. It took less time than if I had gone to the salon and waited for the paint to dry underneath the fan.

fuschia and red from be bold polish trio

I then topped it off with the glitter bomb, as I lovingly call Chromium. Painting it on, I only needed a few strokes to get a glimmer. I imagine that, should you add a second or third coat, it’s practically blinding (okay, dramatic, I know) and can be a statement on its own, like Fluide’s site shows. But for now, I wanted it to accent the colors.

One minute later, and I had gorgeous nails!

final look of be bold trio nail polish review
review for fluide's be bold trio

Now, do they look flawless? No. Thank you tardive dyskinesia, once again, for ruining this moment. But the colors and glitter are so good, they alllllmost hide my inadequacy. The one coat also hides my gross nails that I def should have cleaned before this, but unfortunately did not. But hey, science, right?

I once said I would never wear anything other than UN/DN LAQR, and I am now a liar. Fluide’s nail polish is super solid, like MGK’s. While UN/DN does have the thicker, longer brush, I do love the color options and the glittering topper/polish from Fluide. (I’ve yet to try UN/DN’s, will update, but it’s sold as solely a topper.) 

chromium from fluide's be bold polish trio

Overall, 9/10!

One star docked for the brush, but again, I’m picky and shaky. The color is great, the shimmer is spectacular, and the formula is clean, which I REALLY appreciate.

Looking forward to trying more colors, and a huge shout out to Laura and Fluide for the lovely Be Bold Polish Trio. Can’t wait to update you on the next batch!

tess with her be bold polish trio nails from fluide

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I Tried Mintty Makeup’s EMPOWERMINTT Palette, And It’s Incredible
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I Tried Mintty Makeup’s EMPOWERMINTT Palette, And It’s Incredible

I stumbled upon the lovely Mintty Makeup when researching trans beauty business owners. Enter: Junior Mintt’s brand, with a gorgeous palette: the aptly titled EMPOWERMINTT.

Smitten by the bright colors and looking to support small business owners, I immediately ordered the palette. I’ve been looking for some solid greens and golds, and EMPOWERMINTT was the answer.


Hello! It’s Tess, your local makeup mess, trying Mintty Makeup!

tess without makeup smiling at camera

Today, I’m taking this makeup-free face and putting a lot of crazy colors on it. Here we goooooo.

First of all, the packaging. Uh, can you say adorable!? I smiled immediately when I opened my box, because it’s just so damn bold and fun. And the drawing of Junior herself? Love it so much.tess smiling with mintty makeup empowermintt palette

I had glimpsed the colors on Etsy very briefly. I wanted the damn palette, and I wasn’t about to study and scrutinize. Best. Decision. Ever.

Every shadow’s name ends with “Mintt,” because obviously: A navy blue, “Fulfillmintt”; a deep green, “Understatemintt”; and my favorite, a sparkling bronze called “Announcemintt.” It’s all so appropriate, uplifting, and… fun. Just glimpse at Junior’s Instagram, and you’ll understand that this palette is the creator in 15 shadows.shadows from mintty makeup empowermintt palette

I quickly decided I was going to go for a very colorful, very out-there look – it would be wrong to try out this palette for the first time and be conservative, right? 

So, I started with Fulfillmintt, the deep blue, at the inside corners. On the middle of the lid, I chose Empowermintt – the palette’s name front and center, right?tess trying two colors from empowermintt palette

The pigment is STRONG, so I buffed it out a bit. The shades smear, but in a good way! They’re perfect for blending, which, spoiler alert, I did at the end for cohesion (and it looked good, unlike other shadows that blend into an atrocious brown). 

I then added the gold I fell in love with, Announcemintt, to the outer corners. Engagemintt went into the crease and brow bone – a green haze, in a way, to finish off a bold look. On the bottom lash line, I added depth with Improvemintt; on the top lash line, I went with black, aka Refinemintt.

tess with three colors from mintty makeup empowermintt palette
tess with three colors from mintty makeup empowermintt palette

To blend, I took my favorite brush and gently ran it through glimmery Encouragemintt, then buffed it out from the center to the brow bone. Adding my Guide brow gel and eyeliner, plus my Fluide Therapy liquid lipstick (and dotting some on my cheeks!), I had a ~look.~

tess final eye look with empowermintt palette
tess final look with empowermintt palette, guide beauty brows and eyeliner, and fluide lipstick
(I skipped the foundation because I’m breaking out and trying to let it breathe, rather than cake on and irritate. Don’t judge those red bumps, dammit!)

To say I’m obsessed with this palette is an understatement. I normally go for a bronze smokey eye, but I’m done hiding behind my neutrals. Green and gold are coming out more often – perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day in a few weeks. 

And those hazel eyes of mine? They’ve never looked prettier.

tess final look making funny face with empowermintt palette, guide beauty brows and eyeliner, and fluide lipstick
tess final look with empowermintt palette, guide beauty brows and eyeliner, and fluide lipstick

Thank you, Junior Mintt, for this palette of EMPOWERMINTT. I feel it – and I look it, too!

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Fluide’s “Superneutrals” Collection Has Changed My Mind On Liquid Lipstick – Here’s My Review

I was emailing back and forth with the amazing founder of Fluide, Laura Kraber. Fluide shares QUILL’s mission: to destigmatize beauty. I had mentioned our Machine Gun Kelly review; she asked if I would review Fluide’s next collection of liquid lipstick, their “Superneutrals.”

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A post shared by We Are Fluide (@fluidebeauty)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I hadn’t worn liquid lipstick in over 15 years. I’d had a bad, goopy experience, and I swore off of it.

But I trust Laura, and Fluide’s products are high-quality, so I said yes.

Best. Decision. Ever.


About Superneutrals

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A post shared by We Are Fluide (@fluidebeauty)

Fluide already has multiple shades of their liquid lipstick, one of my favorites being Candy Bar – a rosy red lip color I’ve admired from behind my screen. I’ve been scared of light colors (aka self-conscious about my teeth) and deep browns have always felt too off (aka self-conscious about my cheeks).

But Laura trusted me, and I did love the way the colors looked, so I shook off my fears and anxieties and opened up tube #1.

But before we get into the colors of these three tubes, let me review the details – which are the same for each tube, so tick the consistency box off for Fluide.

The Deets

My previous experience had been a sponge tip, which soaked up the liquid. Then, when I went to apply it, the sponge was squished, and all of the liquid spilled out. The result: me looking like Dracula, as it dripped down my chin. And as I scrambled to wash it off, the lipstick dried on the outside of my lips, like liner.

Not cute.

Fluide’s brush is flat, with short polymers to grip the liquid. This means that it can only hold a small amount – enough for a full application, no more, no less. I used the first side for the first application, which was almost enough by itself; the lipstick is highly pigmented. I flipped the brush around and painted on a second coat, and boom! Full-blown color.

fluide liquid lipstick brush review

The lipstick itself is watery, not goopy, and it doesn’t slide around. Instead, it applies where you put it, dries quickly (I counted to 13 before it was fully dry), and doesn’t feel like it’s getting stuck in the cracks of your lips, or like the formula is tightening around your lips. It sits instead, just chillin’ there, giving you color.

When it came time to remove the color, it was difficult. The color stays on your lips, as evidenced by trying to rub it off on my hand, toilet paper, a glass. (By the way, I didn’t use lip liner, and it didn’t smear at all.) But even makeup remover takes time to work on the Superneutrals, because the lipstick latches on so well to each nanometer of tissue on your pout.

makeup remover with superneutrals wiped off

Now that you know why I might just have to wear their liquid lipstick instead of my usual MAC tube, let’s move on to color.

Tube #1: Therapy

tess with fluide's superneutrals therapy ready for her review

I need therapy, so I thought I’d try Therapy – the shade, that is (though I do see my therapist once a week to stay sane). It’s a rosy nude, flattering based on what I saw inside the bottle. But would it actually look good on me?

Yes. Yes it flippin’ does.

If you can’t tell by my smile, I am obsessed with Therapy (and therapy). It’s not a vibrant red, but it adds a punch of color to my smile. It doesn’t make me look red all over – it gives me a flush, one reminiscent of my 17-year-old self when my crush walked in the room. But, like, more adult, obviously.

Seeing as I don’t wear blush and am almost always washed out, this is a major win. It also claims the I’ll-Smile-With-My-Mouth-Open award, something I’ve only done with my trusty MAC lipstick.

Alright, one down, and it was fantastic. Next up: Metro.

Tube #2: Metro

tess with fluide's superneutrals metro shade ready for her review

Metro is definitely more nude, with a hint of peach to it. I was worried it would wash me out, because I’m already so damn pale, and nudes without pink tend to do that. I’ve only worn orange once, and I was a fan… but once again, it was vibrant and added color.

Turns out, there was nothing to worry about, because Metro was the color that plumped up my lips the most.

I didn’t even overdraw my lip line – I legit put on the liquid lipstick and that was it. Yet somehow it enhanced my mouth, and I fell in love with the way my lips looked when wearing the peach shade. I did feel that it pulled out my skin’s imperfections, but tbh, I probably would have felt that way anyway if I looked in the mirror for that long without Metro on.

Finally, tube #3 was removed from the box.

Tube #3: Icon

tess with fluide's superneutrals icon shade ready for her review

This was the color I was most afraid to try. Like, I put it off ‘til the end because I didn’t know what to expect, and I like being able to expect things. But I’m brave, so in the name of beauty and loving Laura, I applied it straight after opening it.

and don’t know why the hell I put it off.

I love the gothic look it gave me, and it didn’t feel appropriate to smile. (I smile all the time, so it would absolutely happen naturally, but for pictures? Nah.) I felt like a total badass. It wasn’t black, but it wasn’t my usual deep purple or red – it was a brand new color to play with, and I definitely will be wearing it on days I need to feel like a certified badass.

My Review Summary of Fluide’s Superneutrals

tess smiling in superneutrals shade therapy - she gave it a positive review tess in metro - one of the shades from fluide's superneutrals that she reviewed

Look, I take back what I said about you, liquid lipstick… kind of. I won’t speak for other brands, but I absolutely will speak for Fluide’s lipstick. The Superneutrals are ultra-flattering for me, with no weird tints or contrasts with my natural lip color. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the world looks like in it – and I’ll be joining in on the fun.

A huge thank you to Laura and Fluide for giving me the opportunity to try out and review these! It’s such an honor, and I will continue wearing these until the tubes are empty. And then I’ll buy more. Because I’m ALL for liquid lipstick now… as long as it’s Fluide’s, that is.

bow and arrow

Was my review of Fluide’s Superneutrals helpful? What are your favorite Fluide products? Tell us below!

Check out Fluide’s website and Instagram now for more info on the brand!

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