Fluide’s “Superneutrals” Collection Has Changed My Mind On Liquid Lipstick – Here’s My Review

I was emailing back and forth with the amazing founder of Fluide, Laura Kraber. Fluide shares QUILL’s mission: to destigmatize beauty. I had mentioned our Machine Gun Kelly review; she asked if I would review Fluide’s next collection of liquid lipstick, their “Superneutrals.”

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I hadn’t worn liquid lipstick in over 15 years. I’d had a bad, goopy experience, and I swore off of it.

But I trust Laura, and Fluide’s products are high-quality, so I said yes.

Best. Decision. Ever.


About Superneutrals

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Fluide already has multiple shades of their liquid lipstick, one of my favorites being Candy Bar – a rosy red lip color I’ve admired from behind my screen. I’ve been scared of light colors (aka self-conscious about my teeth) and deep browns have always felt too off (aka self-conscious about my cheeks).

But Laura trusted me, and I did love the way the colors looked, so I shook off my fears and anxieties and opened up tube #1.

But before we get into the colors of these three tubes, let me review the details – which are the same for each tube, so tick the consistency box off for Fluide.

The Deets

My previous experience had been a sponge tip, which soaked up the liquid. Then, when I went to apply it, the sponge was squished, and all of the liquid spilled out. The result: me looking like Dracula, as it dripped down my chin. And as I scrambled to wash it off, the lipstick dried on the outside of my lips, like liner.

Not cute.

Fluide’s brush is flat, with short polymers to grip the liquid. This means that it can only hold a small amount – enough for a full application, no more, no less. I used the first side for the first application, which was almost enough by itself; the lipstick is highly pigmented. I flipped the brush around and painted on a second coat, and boom! Full-blown color.

fluide liquid lipstick brush review

The lipstick itself is watery, not goopy, and it doesn’t slide around. Instead, it applies where you put it, dries quickly (I counted to 13 before it was fully dry), and doesn’t feel like it’s getting stuck in the cracks of your lips, or like the formula is tightening around your lips. It sits instead, just chillin’ there, giving you color.

When it came time to remove the color, it was difficult. The color stays on your lips, as evidenced by trying to rub it off on my hand, toilet paper, a glass. (By the way, I didn’t use lip liner, and it didn’t smear at all.) But even makeup remover takes time to work on the Superneutrals, because the lipstick latches on so well to each nanometer of tissue on your pout.

makeup remover with superneutrals wiped off

Now that you know why I might just have to wear their liquid lipstick instead of my usual MAC tube, let’s move on to color.

Tube #1: Therapy

tess with fluide's superneutrals therapy ready for her review

I need therapy, so I thought I’d try Therapy – the shade, that is (though I do see my therapist once a week to stay sane). It’s a rosy nude, flattering based on what I saw inside the bottle. But would it actually look good on me?

Yes. Yes it flippin’ does.

If you can’t tell by my smile, I am obsessed with Therapy (and therapy). It’s not a vibrant red, but it adds a punch of color to my smile. It doesn’t make me look red all over – it gives me a flush, one reminiscent of my 17-year-old self when my crush walked in the room. But, like, more adult, obviously.

Seeing as I don’t wear blush and am almost always washed out, this is a major win. It also claims the I’ll-Smile-With-My-Mouth-Open award, something I’ve only done with my trusty MAC lipstick.

Alright, one down, and it was fantastic. Next up: Metro.

Tube #2: Metro

tess with fluide's superneutrals metro shade ready for her review

Metro is definitely more nude, with a hint of peach to it. I was worried it would wash me out, because I’m already so damn pale, and nudes without pink tend to do that. I’ve only worn orange once, and I was a fan… but once again, it was vibrant and added color.

Turns out, there was nothing to worry about, because Metro was the color that plumped up my lips the most.

I didn’t even overdraw my lip line – I legit put on the liquid lipstick and that was it. Yet somehow it enhanced my mouth, and I fell in love with the way my lips looked when wearing the peach shade. I did feel that it pulled out my skin’s imperfections, but tbh, I probably would have felt that way anyway if I looked in the mirror for that long without Metro on.

Finally, tube #3 was removed from the box.

Tube #3: Icon

tess with fluide's superneutrals icon shade ready for her review

This was the color I was most afraid to try. Like, I put it off ‘til the end because I didn’t know what to expect, and I like being able to expect things. But I’m brave, so in the name of beauty and loving Laura, I applied it straight after opening it.

and don’t know why the hell I put it off.

I love the gothic look it gave me, and it didn’t feel appropriate to smile. (I smile all the time, so it would absolutely happen naturally, but for pictures? Nah.) I felt like a total badass. It wasn’t black, but it wasn’t my usual deep purple or red – it was a brand new color to play with, and I definitely will be wearing it on days I need to feel like a certified badass.

My Review Summary of Fluide’s Superneutrals

tess smiling in superneutrals shade therapy - she gave it a positive review tess in metro - one of the shades from fluide's superneutrals that she reviewed

Look, I take back what I said about you, liquid lipstick… kind of. I won’t speak for other brands, but I absolutely will speak for Fluide’s lipstick. The Superneutrals are ultra-flattering for me, with no weird tints or contrasts with my natural lip color. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the world looks like in it – and I’ll be joining in on the fun.

A huge thank you to Laura and Fluide for giving me the opportunity to try out and review these! It’s such an honor, and I will continue wearing these until the tubes are empty. And then I’ll buy more. Because I’m ALL for liquid lipstick now… as long as it’s Fluide’s, that is.

bow and arrow

Was my review of Fluide’s Superneutrals helpful? What are your favorite Fluide products? Tell us below!

Check out Fluide’s website and Instagram now for more info on the brand!

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