I Shaved With Hanni – Here’s How It Went

I heard about hanni forever ago, so I jumped on the trend and got the starter set… but I was always a little too intimidated to try and shave with it. So, today, I’m giving you a full-on hanni review, because you deserve to know about the incredible dry shave I had. Here’s why you should be dry shaving with this amazing brand, too.


Hello! It’s Tess, and I don’t shave enough. Here’s a full review on my dry shave with hanni for your education.

tess smiling at camera with glasses on

I decided to review hanni’s starter set, which comes with the weighted double-sized razor, a silicone cap for the razor, a pack of blades, a holder, a blade bin, and the Shave Pillow. It’s $68, but considering I get a reusable razor that’s good quality and the ability to shave on-the-go? I’ll take it.

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I’m gonna start this off by saying the color is gorgeous. I went with burgundy rather than pink, and I do not regret it. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s me in a razor. The cool part: you simply twist the bottom, and the razor opens for you to put blades in. It’s so the blades and metal in general don’t rust, which, genius.

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The (very thin, very light) razor blades come in individual packaging – a mini envelope with a blade wrapped in wax paper. The envelopes read “no pressure,” which is adorable because 1. We love lil sayings in this house, and 2. It’s a reminder not to put pressure on when you’re shaving with the razor.

hanni razor with "no pressure" envelope holding razor blade

razor blade in hanni razor

I put the blade in gently, and it slides into the slot easily. After closing the razor head, this is what you see.

closed hanni razor

And now, the whole point of this starter set, review, purchase, etc.: the Shave Pillow!

The Shave Pillow goes on smooth, clear, and comfortably. It glides easily, and it’s light. It doesn’t feel weighted, like it’s pushing my hair down in preparation for a shave – instead, it feels like it’s prepping the skin. Which it is, of course, but I thought there’d be more of an effect on my hair, too. Good sign? Bad sign?

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The instructions say to use short strokes, rather than long strokes. It’s also a dry shave, but I’m paranoid, so I wet the razor anyway. Look, I know, the review isn’t as by-the-book now. Leave me alone, I’ve never dry shaved with this foreign Shave Pillow before!

Speaking of the Shave Pillow – the vegan and cruelty-free formula consists of ingredients such as softening olive oil, two different mushroom extracts (anti-inflammatories Turkey Tail and Reishi), hydrating glycerin, and protective vitamin E. Here’s the full list of ingredients, taken directly from the site. (The final ingredient is “Fragrance,” FYI.)

hanni ingredients list

The Shave Pillow also smells delicious – not overtly feminine, not overtly masculine. We love that! Reading over the smell’s details, hanni lists top notes as bergamot and leafy greens; middle notes as jasmine, ylang, and rose; and base notes as cedarwood, sandalwood, clove bud, and cinnamon. Yum, and also, who needs gender anyway?

So, I begin the shave, naturally applying pressure as per usual to a long stroke from ankle to knee. I’m a creature of habit, so I cut myself. Oops.


This time, I simply glide the razor and hope it works its magic. I also use a short stroke, running from my ankle and up about an inch, slowly working my way to my knee. Success! No cuts!

I continue doing this, and then the razor gets clogged and stops cutting. Flip it, bless hanni, and continue shaving.

I’m so close to being done, and the razor is now entirely clogged. Though slightly disappointed I couldn’t get a full leg in – but, okay, okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t usually use a double-sided razor (as if you couldn’t tell, right?) – I rinse the razor.

Nothing comes out. The Shave Pillow’s formula sticks with all of that sexy leg hair to the blade. I resort to tapping the razor-less sides on the sink, hoping to loosen the formula. Nope. It sticks. And sticks.

Unfortunately, I have to open the razor and wipe off the remnants of leg hair and goo with my finger. I don’t cut myself this time, but it’s a little annoying that I can’t just rinse and go. I think it’s because of the design (actually, I’m sure of this), which bums me out, because the concept is so cool! But sometimes modernity doesn’t equate to ergonomic. 

hanni dirty razor blade with leg hair and leftover shave pillow formula

Shuffling the blade into the razor and closing it again, I proceed to the next side. Same thing happens, and it’s a bummer then, too, when I have to open up the razor and wipe. But c’est la vie, right? I’m still saving on my water bill, my back doesn’t hurt from my tiny shower, and I haven’t cut myself, so it could be worse.

When I’m done shaving, I rub on some Stubble Cream from Fur (which I included in my Fur You review), rinse off the blade and razor, then dry each carefully. I tuck the blade in a dry spot, then close the razor and put on the silicone cap. And like that: I’ve shaved without turning on my shower and only turning the faucet on five times, including pre- and post-razor rinses. 

tess' NOT HAIRY leg woooo

Hours later, after the Stubble Cream has been absorbed, I rub my legs…

… and they aren’t entirely smooth, much to my chagrin.

Despite following the instructions, I have bumpy legs. I have to acknowledge that I am not the best at using weighted razors, and I probably just need practice to get a smooth shave. (I probably will still use my standard razor like the stubborn bish I am, but I gotta say it – manifest it, perhaps?)

Overall, I’m stoked on this purchase. I’ll be using my regular razor (though I’m trying a new one next week – can you guess whose?) most of the time, because I love ergonomic designs. But I can appreciate hanni’s attempt at being forward-thinking.

And to close out my hanni review, I’ll say: I hate shaving in my shower more than most things – my diagnosed scoliosis is not a fan, either – so being able to shave safely without having to fold myself in half or continuously apply when water accidentally erases an entire section of shaving cream? I’ll happily take it.

tess smiling at camera with hanni razor and a thumbs up

I hope this hanni review helped you decide on whether or not you should shave using the brand. (Yes, you should.) And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

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