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7 Razors Sensitive Enough To Shave Your Pubic Hair With

There is nothing I hate more than watching my shorts ride up and show hints of pubic hair on the insides of my thighs.

I know it’s natural. I’m aware that this is just society forcing me to believe that I shouldn’t have hair. But I hate it! 

Sound like you? Clearly, you need a razor specifically to shave your pubic hair. And don’t we all? We can’t just expect razors meant for legs to be gentle on sensitive pubic skin. Razor burn and bumps are inevitable when you use the wrong razor.

I learned this a little too late, after many itchy shaves and awkward bikini waxes. But I’ve grown! And now, I’m bringing you the razors I’ve tried – and loved.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


THE SINGLE Matte Black Sensitive Skin Razor

oui the people matte black razor the single

Coarse, thick, curly hair? Let’s be real, lots of us have it, and some razors just don’t cut it (pun fully intended). THE SINGLE from Oui the People is a single blade, with a weighted body to stop you from pressing down and ripping through your pubic hair when trying to shave. They’re even dermatologist recommended, and you know that requires being gentle with your skin and not irritating the hell out of the follicles.

BUY NOW – $75

EcoRoots Safety Razor

ecoroots safety razor in black

EcoRoots calls this razor their Safety Razor, and rightfully so: it only has one blade made from zinc alloy and stainless steel, giving you a close shave without the painful razor bump, burn, and ingrown results – aka, perfect for shaving your pubic hair. The whole razor can be recycled, so you’re also saving the planet. (Two BILLION plastic razors are thrown away each year – get on board with the sustainability movement!)

BUY NOW – $36.50

Athena “The Best Shave Ever” Razor Kit

athena club razor kit

A pivoting head is nice, but so is an ergonomic handle; we love Athena Club’s Razor Kit for just that. The razor has an easy-to-grip handle made from UV-protected silicone, while the razor head uses five spaced-out blades and a moisturizing strip that’s activated when water hits it for a soothing, clean shave. 

BUY NOW – $9

The Leaf Kit

leaf razor kit

Okay, so you can have a pivoting head or an ergonomic handle… or both. And we love both. The Leaf Kit allows for up to three razors within it, so you can choose your shave based on the body part. The head pivots to contour to every curve, and if you need help with the handle, they offer a silicone sleeve. The razor is carbon neutral with plastic-free packaging, and the initial kit comes with 60 complementary blades. Can you beat that customer service?

BUY NOW – $113

Bamboo Razor Handle

public goods bamboo reusable razor

If you don’t want a metal razor, but still want to join the sustainability movement, Public Goods’ bamboo handle is for you. The description says it’s “made for all genders,” which makes our team dance, and also lets you know that it can be used for underarms, facial hair, chest hair, and pubic hair. Pure bamboo, no colors. We can get behind that.

BUY NOW – $9.95

The Francesca Trimmer


We don’t like how this trimmer only shows women in its pictures, but it’s still effective for every body part, head to toe. Whether you want to trim, groom, or shave it all off, The Francesca Trimmer will do it. It’s waterproof, so throw on the brand’s pre-wax and feel safe knowing it has a shaving guard to protect your skin as you shave your pubic hair off with ease in the shower.

BUY NOW – $65

The Trimmer

meridian the trimmer for pubic hair

You’ll find “The Trimmer” – pretty straightforward – will give you the pubic hair shave you need. It’s perfect for every body part, and they promote it for both men and women (hard to find, sadly). Not only is it waterproof, but its ceramic blades and low vibrations help to give you a bump-, razor-burn-free shave everywhere.

BUY NOW – $74

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What do you think is the best razor for pubic hair removal? Tell us in the comments!

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