Will I Use Fur’s Shaving Products For Furever?

I’ve known about fur for furever. Yes, I’m very sorry for that.

In all seriousness, I first heard of fur right when the brand started, after my dear friend Kiana, founder of papaia, began selling their products. I was smitten immediately by the promise of no ingrowns – something I battle with especially during the winter and chilly days of spring (shout out to thick seams, rough fabric, and tight denim after a nice shave. Love you too). 

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Now, let’s collectively be honest: ingrowns and razor bumps are especially common when it comes to shaving your bikini area. Yeah, I said what we all know. So the idea of not having red, itchy bumps, no matter how sharp my razor was or how well I exfoliated pre and post? Give me all of it.

In support of Kiana, I decided to write a fur review and purchase from papaia.

My five fur products arrived neatly and quickly (nice, Kiana!): the brand’s Shaving Cream, Stubble Cream, Fur Oil, and Ingrown Concentrate, as well as a mini exfoliating pad that slips onto a finger so you can reach and exfoliate every nook and cranny.

für papaia box

Anyway, here’s what happened (on my legs, obvs) and my full-blown fur review.


Hello, it’s Tess, your hairy Editor-in-Chief!

tess with glasses sticking tongue out about to do her für review

As you can see, I’m a hairy b*tch. Leave me alone – it’s COVID, I’m cold, I work all the time, and my shower is tiny.

BUT I’m a responsible beauty editor, so I’m here to give you a run down of my experience shaving away.

tess' hairy legs don't judge her

As directed by fur and common sense, I let my legs soak in warm water to soften the hair – it’s a wet shave here, folks. 

I decide to exfoliate twice like a responsible shaver and beauty editor, even though I don’t actually do this please don’t tell anyone. I slip the little pad over my finger and rub in little circles with soap, enjoying the sensation. There’s something spine-tingling about a mini-exfoliator compared to a huge exfoliator. It’s slightly inconvenient to scrub two legs with just your finger, but I get it done, then grab my Fur Oil and use the dropper to guide it down my left leg.

It’s gooey. That’s how I’m gonna describe it.

fur oil on leg

It doesn’t quite slide, but it’s not waxy, either. It’s thick and gooey, and after rubbing it into my leg and waiting two minutes, I don’t notice a difference in leg hair… or so I think.

Fur’s Shaving Cream is just that: shaving cream. There’s nothing special about it that makes me go, “WOW, I’M NEVER BUYING A DIFFERENT SHAVING CREAM!” It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s… shaving cream at its simplest. It’s also $32 on their site for five ounces, which is kind of ridiculous considering my usual sensitive-skin shaving gel is less than $3 for seven ounces.

On top of that, it does the exact same thing thanks to aloe and olive oil. It also has antimicrobial marshmallow root extract and “coconut derived cleansing agents” to help with glide; the site says it’s good for a closer shave and will prevent all the side effects of shaving, but again – it’s pretty much tomato, tomahto. 

fur shaving cream for für review

This is where I’m surprised, though – I put the shaving cream on my right leg, leave the left solely with Fur Oil, and start to shave. 

NOT A BIG SURPRISE: the shaving cream is shaving cream. The razor goes through it and leaves a bare line where hair once was. There are still a few stray hairs, like with usual shaving. Much wow.

LEGIT SURPRISE: My hair is softer and it’s easier to shave with the Fur Oil. It cuts through with my razor in one stroke, and my skin doesn’t feel a damn thing but nourished. Clearly, that thick consistency helps protect the skin, and it does it well – WAY better than my trusty shower gel.

I finish shaving both legs. Again: shaving cream is shaving cream. But Fur Oil? I’m stocking up on this shit immediately – it’s a total game changer.

Next up: gentle exfoliation, then Ingrown Concentrate. THIS is what I was most excited about, because ingrowns are the worst and I’m really over not-cute bumps and red spots. I drizzle the formula over my legs with the mini dropper – it’s a tiny bottle, so I’m not sure how long that is going to last. Considering it’s $32 on their site, this might be a little gift I give myself every now and then – not every shave. fur ingrown concentrate

I wait for the products to dry, then rub in my Stubble Cream, which is an aftershave, basically. 

fur stubble cream

And now, we wait until tomorrow.

Okay, it’s tomorrow, and here’s where we’re at with the lumps and bumps and itches and scritches:

My left leg – which had just the Fur Oil – looks bump- and irritation-free. And it feels smooth, too! I have strawberry legs, which isn’t the greatest, but in terms of the issues I’m used to having? Nope. Fur’s softening oil did its job, and it did it well; combined with the Ingrown Concentrate, I’m HEAVILY impressed.

left leg, strawberry leg but no bumps from using fur oil

While my legs feel hydrated, I can still feel a little coarseness where my hairs were not cut all the way down or well enough, or are starting to emerge again because my hair grows stupidly fast. So, Stubble Cream, not #KillinIt as an aftershave worthy of $38.

And now, the shaving cream side. The $32 shaving cream. That shaving cream.

My right leg has bumps. Not a lot, but bumps.

Bumps that are there after my normal shaving gel.

leg with bumps despite using the shaving cream from fur

SURPRISE except not really, I saw this one coming. While the Fur Ingrown Concentrate probably helped, and the Stubble Cream hydrated my skin (without doing much else), it was the exact same shaving experience with an approximate 1,000% price hike. I was already unimpressed during the process, and this confirms my initial thoughts. It’s $32 shaving cream. Tada.

The Fur Review: Closing Remarks

fur products

Alright, so I’m def buying that Fur Oil from now on, because that’s a game changer on every level. What. The. Hell. My skin was protected, my hair was soft and easy to cut through… shaving has never been more of a breeze.

I might consider buying the Ingrown Concentrate again, though I’ll probably try other serums first that are either less expensive or have more product. It’s a bummer for sure, because clearly it helps, but I just can’t justify buying it all of the time. So, occasional use and purchase it is.

Stubble Cream was great as a post-shower lotion, and… not much else. Did it help? Maybe, and it definitely hydrated. But in terms of stopping stubble, it didn’t show up to the party. I’d rather buy my usual lotion than this one, so I’m gonna use it up – no wasting here – and then say sayonara. 

And that shaving cream. I’m not even going to write a paragraph on it. You know how I feel about it. We all know how I feel about it. It’s not a BAD shaving cream, but it’s not worth $32 for the promises it makes and fails to keep.

Fur, overall, you gave my legs some TLC, and I’m grateful. Kiana, you blessing, I’m glad I purchased this from you and papaia. Never again will I shave without the magic that is the Fur Oil. A solid 8/10 on this kit.

And yeah, I’m definitely stocking up on my favorite shave gel from now on. Shocker.

bow and arrow

I hope you liked my Fur review! Have you tried the brand? Did the shaving cream work for you!? Sound off in the comments.

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