7 Razors Sensitive Enough To Shave Your Pubic Hair With

Shaving your pubic hair with the wrong razor can make for an itchy, uncomfortable, overall-shitty experience. And when you decide to tackle the time-consuming, tedious task, it’s worth getting a razor that doesn’t tear out your pubes and give you gnarly razor burn.

So, if you shave your pubic hair and are sick of coming away with painful, burning skin and an uneven, splotchy bikini line, I’ve got 7 razors that will make your life better — and less bumpy. 

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


The Twig Razor

the twig razor by leaf

I wrote all about my experience with the Twig razor, but I’ll summarize here: it’s the f*cking best. While you do need actual shaving cream in order for it to work – no shortcuts – it’s worth that extra $4 at CVS for shaving gel. Featuring a single-edge, single-blade design, your pubic hair stands no chance against this reusable safety razor. A bonus: any safety razor blade fits the razor head, so you don’t need to buy specialty blades, unlike with other razors. It is truly the best shave of my life, and it’s absolutely worth the $59 price tag. 

BUY NOW – $59

Intuition Naturals Sensation Razor

shick sensitive skin razor for pubic hair

Schick gives you lather and a smooth shave all in one, even if you have sensitive skin. The shave cream is included within the razor, so as you run the four blades along your bikini line, you’ll get a solid amount of softness straight from the source. On top of that, its defense bar is infused with protective and reparative vitamin E, as well as soothing aloe. So, really, it’s a three-in-one, delivering every part of a shave without any accessories. Does it get any better? 

BUY NOW – $13.99

Venus For Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

Venus For Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

If you have sensitive skin, I wholeheartedly recommend the Venus Pubic Hair and Skin Razor (and the rest of its products, too). It doesn’t grate your skin – there is a patented irritation defense bar that keeps the razor from scratching and irritating your pubic area, while also kissing hair goodbye. Just keep in mind that when I say gentle, I mean gentle – if you have coarse hair or don’t shave very often, it might not be enough to get you bare.

BUY NOW – $19.99

US 5-Blade Razor

bic us unisex razor for pubic area

Is it weird that a razor has to declare itself as unisex? Yes, not gonna lie about that one. But we’ll take that odd detail, because “Us” from BIC Razors is great for shaving everywhere – including the pubic area. Five blades work together to give you a close shave, but if that’s not enough, its precision trimming edge will get those ridiculously-hard-to-reach areas, too. With an irritation strip that’s infused with calming vitamin E and aloe, this razor is solid to “Me,” and “You” will love it, too.

BUY NOW – $11.91

The Weighted Razor Kit (Razor and 5 Stainless-Steel Blades)

hanni smooth shave starter kit, with one razor and five blades

I have run out of my specific pubic-area shaving gel more times than I’d like to admit, and conditioner and soap just don’t do it for me. However, hanni’s Shave Pillow – featuring moisturizing cactus water and glycerin, as well as soothing adaptogenic mushrooms (including reishi mushroom, which we love!) – coats skin beautifully. But the assist comes from hanni’s razor, which is weighted, reusable, double-edged, and stops razor bumps and burns in its tracks. Also, the razor’s packaging is adorable; even if you hate shaving in general (me), hanni will turn that frown upside down. I even wrote a full review on my experience with hanni — check it out!

BUY NOW – $42

Dollar Shave Club | 4-Blade Razor Set

dollar shave club 4-blade razor kit

Don’t want to travel with your expensive razor, just in case you lose it? Understandable, and a great reason to pick up the basic Dollar Shave Club kit. For less than $15, you’ll receive a razor body, shave cream with soothing aloe vera and coconut oil, and four four-blade cartridges (which are apparently meant for longer hair, so if you don’t shave often, this is great news!). The handle is ergonomic and made from metal, so you never have to throw it out – always ideal when you find something that works for you.

BUY NOW – $14.75

The Trimmer

the meridian pubic hair trimmer

You’ll find “The Trimmer” – pretty straightforward name – will give you the pubic hair shave you need. It’s perfect for every body part, and they promote it for both men and women (hard to find, sadly). Not only is it waterproof, but its ceramic blades and low vibrations help to give you a bump-, razor-burn-free shave everywhere. The battery lasts for 90 minutes, so even those with… extra hair can finish their shave in one go.

BUY NOW – $74

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What is the best razor for shaving pubic hair? Tell us in the comments!

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Can Crystal Hair Erasers Do What They Claim?

My irreshine Crystal Hair Eraser arrived in a beat-up Amazon box – the imperfect start to a hopefully-positive review.

Ew, I thought. Has this been used before?


As if the inside would bite me, I peeled open the poorly-sealed (yet still-sealed, for the record) box. Inside was an even smaller, even more beaten-up box, reading “Crystal Hair Removal.”

On the front is a drawing of one hairy leg labeled “before,” and one smooth leg labeled “after.” 

The rest of the box was… well, beaten up. Not torn, but… “Loved,” we’ll say. Accepting my fate, I opened the little bag, which came inside the box, which came inside the other box, which is very not-sustainable if you think about it, and pulled out the little crystal-infused hair hacker to begin.


Take One Of Crystal Hair Removal

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A post shared by

Well, I kind of began. Because I’m me, I decided to do an experiment. 

The box says to soak in hot water first, so your skin and hair are softer to work with. I am a rebel, however, and said “nah.” I lifted my very hairy, very not-smoothed-over hair, and began rubbing in circles as directed.

To say I was disappointed by this “Magic” Crystal Hair Eraser is an understatement.

Then I grew up and put a little elbow grease in, because of course something without needles is going to take awhile to cut through my thick leg hairs… especially when the aforementioned cutting is done via “Nanocrystal Technology,” aka tech that clumps and breaks hair at the surface.

It worked a liiiiitle better, but not by much. So, I gave up and got in the shower, letting the hot water soften my legs and leg hair. It was tempting to just shave – I was already in the shower, wet, with my favorite razor and shaving cream right next to me.

But no, I practiced self control, exited the shower, dried off, and tried again.

Magic Crystal Hair Eraser: Take Two

I needed elbow grease yet again, but this time, my hair was shedding! After about two minutes of solid circles up and down one part of my leg, I was hairless. Plus, the Nanocrystal tech exfoliates away dead skin cells, so my leg also looked alive – but not irritated. The blood flow was there, yes, but the scratch marks were not.a

To do my lower legs, it took about 20 minutes. So, yeah, longer than if I’d shaved. But irreshine’s Crystal Hair Eraser promises to keep hair from growing back as quickly. We’ll see if this is true (I’m skeptical, because science), but if there IS somehow a win there, I’ll take those 20 minutes over repeated 10 minutes and occasional cuts.

In Summary: This Hair Eraser Might Be Magic

Many brands are selling Crystal Hair Erasers, and I simply chose mine because it had good reviews on Amazon. I’d be interested to see if the same Nanocrystal tech works the same on every other, and if not, why?

At the end of my session, I rinsed my Crystal Eraser back into its beat up box and stored it in my medicine cabinet. I know I’ll be getting more use – maybe five years, if it’s/I’m lucky – out of it in the semi-near future. After all, you can only use it every 2-3 weeks… so here’s hoping it actually lasts.

BUY NOW – $16.99

Did this review of irreshine’s Magic Crystal Hair Eraser help convince you to invest? Or are you skeptical like I was? Tell us in the comments!

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I Reviewed Shaving My Pubes For The Internet

No, I’m not going to tell you my pubic hair grooming habits. Let’s get that straight. But when the internet won’t stop mentioning the Venus Pubic Hair and Skin razor, you’ve gotta be brave and give a firsthand review.

So, mom, dad, I’m sorry for putting this on the internet: here’s how it went shaving my pubes with Venus’ trending razor.


The Venus Pubic Hair and Skin Products

Not only did I buy the Pubic Hair Razor, I also bought three of its compadres: the 2-in-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel, the Daily Smoothing Serum, and the Hair and Skin Softening Oil.

The razor looks standard: it has two blades and an ergonomic handle. But look closely, and you’ll see the trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach areas – very convenient, imo. And then there’s the Patented Irritation Defense Bar, which puts space between the blades and skin to lessen irritation. Neat!

venus pubic hair and skin razor from gilette

The 2-in-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel is just that: a gel that doesn’t foam up, but gets kinda sudsy – think more like soap than foam. However, the formula is totally soap-free, and it’s dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested plus pH-balanced. Ingredients include ultra-nourishing olive, coconut, and jojoba oils, treating your skin as you slide a sharp piece of metal up and down it.

2-in-1 cleanser and shave gel from venu's pubic hair and skin collection

Venus’ Softening Oil reminds me of fur’s Fur Oil – they have the same point, to soften your fur and make it easier to cut through the madness. However, their ingredients lists are fairly different. While they both have grape seed and jojoba oils, that’s about where the similarities end. Venus uses more fatty components and emollients to help protect the skin, while fur uses less emollients and more antibacterials/antimicrobials.

Both use fragrance, which is odd to me, though the fragrance DOES come with benefits; for example, coconut oil nourishes in Venus’ option, while tea tree oil is soothing in fur’s.

venus' hair and skin softening oil

And finally, to ease the pain (slash razor burn and bumps), the Daily Soothing Serum works to calm skin by using ingredients like panthenol and allantoin to calm, olive oil to nourish, lactic acid to gently exfoliate away dead skin and stop clogged pores, and glycerin to hydrate.

venus pubic hair and skin daily soothing serum

Basically, they thought this shit through. But how does it actually go when you’re shaving your pubes? I was about to find out.

The Shaving Process

I’m gonna admit it now: I think I fucked up by not putting the Softening Oil on before, but I won’t fully say I did, because the ingredients didn’t specifically say to put it on before – instead, they said to apply it to towel-dried skin.

This doesn’t make sense, looking back. But I’m going to blame the bottle. I was following instructions, dammit!

So, instead, I exfoliated with fur’s little finger mitt. And then it was time to lather up with the Shave Gel and begin my journey.

Maybe it’s better for those who have some fine hair, or who shave the second they start feeling prickly, but my hair wasn’t having it. It took so. many. swipes. to get through one full line of hair. I appreciated the lack of burn and cuts, but, damn, there was bound to be irritation after attempting to shave the same line 12 times (I counted). And after the 12th time, I gave up on the stray hairs. It was time to leave the area and move on.

I will admit that the smaller razor head allowed for fitting into spots that other razors def struggle to reach, or spots that usually require serious contortion. And the Precision Trimmer was a godsend in those areas that needed more care – think more inner than outer thigh, if you catch my drift. 

Finally, after about half an hour, the job was done… er, “done enough.” It was imperfect. There were strays. But like I said: my back ached and I was tired and frustrated from going over the same spot multiple times, only to see nothing removed.

I WILL give it this, though – I experienced no irritation afterward when I used the Softening Oil and Soothing Serum. No razor bumps, no burn, no cuts, nothing. And it wasn’t even sensitive to the touch!

The final test: waking up the next few mornings with underwear on, going to bed after a day with pants, and seeing if that would make me itch and squirm each day.


The serum worked! It was a miracle. I nearly cried from knowing I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable all day and only irritate my skin – my very-susceptible-to-bacteria-skin – with my nails when I inevitably scratched for relief. I applied the Soothing Serum that night, woke up the next day, and same thing: nothing.

However, “my” poor job was showing, with hairs sprouting up in random places already. Not cute. However, after rubbing in the Softening Oil, my hairs felt softer and less prickly. A win!

My Final Thoughts

venus pubic hair and skin razor daily soothing serum and 2-in-1 cleanser and shave gel

If you have fine hair or shave every other day, this razor is absolutely for you. But if you have coarse hair or give yourself weeks in between shaves, it’s worth it to skip out on the Pubic Hair and Skin razor and invest in a better, more aggressive one. There are plenty out there that do a damn good job – you just might need some TLC after.

As for the 2-in-1 Cleanser & Shave Gel, it’s just like any other shave gel. I personally loved it… but I also love my other shave gel that doesn’t cost this much, so I’ll be skipping out. Use it up on your pits and legs though – it’s not just for your bikini area!

I will be investing in the Daily Serum and the Softening Oil for sure. Not only are the ingredients luxe, the products work. The Daily Serum stopped irritation from my leggings, jeans, and underwear – things that would normally irritate the sh*t out of me if/when/should I shave. (Still not gonna tell you my shaving habits, sorry. Do I have coarse hair? Do I have fine hair and just wait to shave every six months? Do I shave at all? You’ll never know.) 

My overall thoughts on Venus’ Pubic Hair and Skin collection: skip the gel, buy the razor if you have fine hair/shave regularly, and invest in the Daily Serum and Softening Oil. Your pubes will thank you for getting rid of next-day discomfort.

bow and arrow

We hope this review gave you more insight on Venus’ Pubic Hair and Skin Razor kit! Have you tried it already? Tell us below!

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Does Leaf’s Twig Razor Live Up To Its Hype? I Found Out

As you read this intro to my review of Leaf’s Twig razor, I want you to picture this: me, raising my arms at the dinner table to cheer, and my brother going, “ohmygod, you really are letting it all grow” in complete disgust horror.

Obviously, you are allowed to do whatever you want with your body hair. It’s 2022! I didn’t mind letting it grow in COVID, but I generally kept it shaved when going out in public. Was I mad that he’d pointed it out? Yes, because it was a reflection of society’s expectations. Was I embarrassed? No. But was I aware that it might be time to shave? … Yeah.

tess' stupidly hairy legYes, it was time.

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been using a plastic razor for the past six months. Nope, no interchangeable heads… the blade has just been wearing down. So far down that it was barely shaving any hairs off, and that was part of my I avoided shaving. But I knew: I had to invest in a good one.

I did my research. Single blades, double blades – is a single blade better than five? Yes? Wait, have I been lied to my whole life? — safety, unsafe(?). And then there was sustainability; I wanted one that wouldn’t destroy the environment. One that I could either recycle when it was worn down, or one I could keep forever, or one from a brand with its own recycling company. 

After much research, I landed on Leaf Razors – specifically, their Twig razor.

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A post shared by Leaf Shave (@leafshave)

I was immediately drawn to the Twig razor’s rose gold coloring… just like a basic bish (I also knew I could write a review solely on how pretty it was, just in case Leaf’s sucked). I quickly added the affordable-yet-slightly-sticker-shocking razor to my cart (affordable being $59 for this magic, not $7 for a plastic razor that came with no other blades and, apparently, was doing more harm than good). 

When it finally arrived, I was in the middle of testing my Hanni kit, so I placed the Twig test on hold. Then Hanni’s razor worked super well, so I put the Twig test on hold some more. And some more. And some more… until I almost ran out of blades for my Hanni razor and decided that, okay, it was time to try out Leaf’s baby, Twig. Worst case, I hated Leaf’s Twig and switched back to Hanni for two more shave cycles; best case, I had another razor and 10 more blades. 

So I shaved. And let me tell you: I’m mad.


First Impressions

tess, excited to start her leaf razor twig review I had just woke up but couldn’t wait!

Pulling this heavy razor out of its box, I noted the shine of the rose gold, compared to the matte of Hanni. Leaf wins when it comes to presentation, but what about ergonomics? 

Turns out, loading the razor blades into the handle is basically the same. You twist the bottom of the handle to open up the razor, drop your blade in easily – the shape makes it quick to figure out which way the blade goes in – twist the bottom again, and boom: you have a razor that’s ready to go.

So frickin’ pretty.

In a rush, I decided to apply Hanni’s shave pillow instead of jumping in the shower. 

What a let down. Goodness gracious.

The razor clogged up so quickly, barely getting one stroke in along my stupidly-hairy legs. I didn’t give up, rinsing out the razor to clear out short hairs. But then Hanni started to bubble like soap, because it’s meant to be waterless, and I had to switch to my trust Hanni razor to clean up the mess.

I was frustrated. How could this razor have such rave reviews when it was so bad at shaving the hairiest of legs? Was it meant for the women in those razor commercials who have a little stubble, nothing more? I didn’t know, but I was frustrated, so I put it back in its box and forgot about it for a bit.

One More Try

Eventually, I ran out of my final two shaves with Hanni. As I was washing my face, I glanced over toward the sink and saw my Twig razor sitting there, calling out to me: your legs are ridiculously hairy again, please use me! (I hate shaving, could you tell?)

tess making a peace sign at the camera and sticking her tongue out, preparing for part two of her leaf twig razor review   Baby, just one more try…

I went back and forth, eventually deciding on giving it one more try. This time, I used Venus’ 2-in-1 Cleanser and Shave Gel (review on that coming later) after getting my legs nice and damp. I stroked up my leg, ankle to knee, and…

I have never had a better shave in my life. Period.

The hairs came out, my skin wasn’t the slightest bit stubbly, and it was painless – no bleeding included, which often happens with my Hanni. I’d clear out the blades easily after a few long strokes up the leg, which is difficult with Hanni’s razor, and then go back in for the next section.

I’m not kidding when I say my legs were shaved within less than six minutes. It’s a record for me, not gonna lie to you, and I’m damn proud of it. Most of the time, I have to clear up stubble to finish, and yet the Twig razor cleared stubble up for me proactively. Smoothest. Shave. Ever.

Leaf’s Twig Razor: My Final Thoughts

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The sticker shock I had? It’s gone, because I now understand that a shave this smooth does not come with a price. (Yes it does, at least for me: $59 plus tax and shipping.) Partnered with the 2-in-1 Cleanser and Shave Gel, I don’t think I will ever be able to successfully shave without this razor. I’m mad I put it off for so long. So mad I put off the sharpest, smoothest, most satisfactory shave of my life.

The bummer about Hanni doesn’t even bother me anymore. I’ve learned personal time management when showering – whoah! – and only use the shave pillow and Hanni razor when I’m seriously short on time. The blood comes with sweat and tears, and it’s not worth it when I have enough time for a luxurious shower and shave. So for emergencies? I’m keeping it. For life in general? Sorry, Hanni, it’s been nice.

Leaf, you did an outstanding job with Twig, and I look forward to using my adorable, rose-gold razor whenever I can; you receive an A-rating for this review. Silky smooth has never been this simple, and my leg hairs have never stayed this short for such a long period of time. Count that as a win, trust me.

tess after her leaf razor twig review

Are you going to try Leaf’s Twig razor after reading my review? Have you tried it already? Share below!

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Will I Use Fur’s Shaving Products For Furever?
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Will I Use Fur’s Shaving Products For Furever?

I’ve known about fur for furever. Yes, I’m very sorry for that.

In all seriousness, I first heard of fur right when the brand started, after my dear friend Kiana, founder of papaia, began selling their products. I was smitten immediately by the promise of no ingrowns – something I battle with especially during the winter and chilly days of spring (shout out to thick seams, rough fabric, and tight denim after a nice shave. Love you too). 

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A post shared by Fur (@fur_you)

Now, let’s collectively be honest: ingrowns and razor bumps are especially common when it comes to shaving your bikini area. Yeah, I said what we all know. So the idea of not having red, itchy bumps, no matter how sharp my razor was or how well I exfoliated pre and post? Give me all of it.

In support of Kiana, I decided to write a fur review and purchase from papaia.

My five fur products arrived neatly and quickly (nice, Kiana!): the brand’s Shaving Cream, Stubble Cream, Fur Oil, and Ingrown Concentrate, as well as a mini exfoliating pad that slips onto a finger so you can reach and exfoliate every nook and cranny.

für papaia box

Anyway, here’s what happened (on my legs, obvs) and my full-blown fur review.


Hello, it’s Tess, your hairy Editor-in-Chief!

tess with glasses sticking tongue out about to do her für review

As you can see, I’m a hairy b*tch. Leave me alone – it’s COVID, I’m cold, I work all the time, and my shower is tiny.

BUT I’m a responsible beauty editor, so I’m here to give you a run down of my experience shaving away.

tess' hairy legs don't judge her

As directed by fur and common sense, I let my legs soak in warm water to soften the hair – it’s a wet shave here, folks. 

I decide to exfoliate twice like a responsible shaver and beauty editor, even though I don’t actually do this please don’t tell anyone. I slip the little pad over my finger and rub in little circles with soap, enjoying the sensation. There’s something spine-tingling about a mini-exfoliator compared to a huge exfoliator. It’s slightly inconvenient to scrub two legs with just your finger, but I get it done, then grab my Fur Oil and use the dropper to guide it down my left leg.

It’s gooey. That’s how I’m gonna describe it.

fur oil on leg

It doesn’t quite slide, but it’s not waxy, either. It’s thick and gooey, and after rubbing it into my leg and waiting two minutes, I don’t notice a difference in leg hair… or so I think.

Fur’s Shaving Cream is just that: shaving cream. There’s nothing special about it that makes me go, “WOW, I’M NEVER BUYING A DIFFERENT SHAVING CREAM!” It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s… shaving cream at its simplest. It’s also $32 on their site for five ounces, which is kind of ridiculous considering my usual sensitive-skin shaving gel is less than $3 for seven ounces.

On top of that, it does the exact same thing thanks to aloe and olive oil. It also has antimicrobial marshmallow root extract and “coconut derived cleansing agents” to help with glide; the site says it’s good for a closer shave and will prevent all the side effects of shaving, but again – it’s pretty much tomato, tomahto. 

fur shaving cream for für review

This is where I’m surprised, though – I put the shaving cream on my right leg, leave the left solely with Fur Oil, and start to shave. 

NOT A BIG SURPRISE: the shaving cream is shaving cream. The razor goes through it and leaves a bare line where hair once was. There are still a few stray hairs, like with usual shaving. Much wow.

LEGIT SURPRISE: My hair is softer and it’s easier to shave with the Fur Oil. It cuts through with my razor in one stroke, and my skin doesn’t feel a damn thing but nourished. Clearly, that thick consistency helps protect the skin, and it does it well – WAY better than my trusty shower gel.

I finish shaving both legs. Again: shaving cream is shaving cream. But Fur Oil? I’m stocking up on this shit immediately – it’s a total game changer.

Next up: gentle exfoliation, then Ingrown Concentrate. THIS is what I was most excited about, because ingrowns are the worst and I’m really over not-cute bumps and red spots. I drizzle the formula over my legs with the mini dropper – it’s a tiny bottle, so I’m not sure how long that is going to last. Considering it’s $32 on their site, this might be a little gift I give myself every now and then – not every shave. fur ingrown concentrate

I wait for the products to dry, then rub in my Stubble Cream, which is an aftershave, basically. 

fur stubble cream

And now, we wait until tomorrow.

Okay, it’s tomorrow, and here’s where we’re at with the lumps and bumps and itches and scritches:

My left leg – which had just the Fur Oil – looks bump- and irritation-free. And it feels smooth, too! I have strawberry legs, which isn’t the greatest, but in terms of the issues I’m used to having? Nope. Fur’s softening oil did its job, and it did it well; combined with the Ingrown Concentrate, I’m HEAVILY impressed.

left leg, strawberry leg but no bumps from using fur oil

While my legs feel hydrated, I can still feel a little coarseness where my hairs were not cut all the way down or well enough, or are starting to emerge again because my hair grows stupidly fast. So, Stubble Cream, not #KillinIt as an aftershave worthy of $38.

And now, the shaving cream side. The $32 shaving cream. That shaving cream.

My right leg has bumps. Not a lot, but bumps.

Bumps that are there after my normal shaving gel.

leg with bumps despite using the shaving cream from fur

SURPRISE except not really, I saw this one coming. While the Fur Ingrown Concentrate probably helped, and the Stubble Cream hydrated my skin (without doing much else), it was the exact same shaving experience with an approximate 1,000% price hike. I was already unimpressed during the process, and this confirms my initial thoughts. It’s $32 shaving cream. Tada.

The Fur Review: Closing Remarks

fur products

Alright, so I’m def buying that Fur Oil from now on, because that’s a game changer on every level. What. The. Hell. My skin was protected, my hair was soft and easy to cut through… shaving has never been more of a breeze.

I might consider buying the Ingrown Concentrate again, though I’ll probably try other serums first that are either less expensive or have more product. It’s a bummer for sure, because clearly it helps, but I just can’t justify buying it all of the time. So, occasional use and purchase it is.

Stubble Cream was great as a post-shower lotion, and… not much else. Did it help? Maybe, and it definitely hydrated. But in terms of stopping stubble, it didn’t show up to the party. I’d rather buy my usual lotion than this one, so I’m gonna use it up – no wasting here – and then say sayonara. 

And that shaving cream. I’m not even going to write a paragraph on it. You know how I feel about it. We all know how I feel about it. It’s not a BAD shaving cream, but it’s not worth $32 for the promises it makes and fails to keep.

Fur, overall, you gave my legs some TLC, and I’m grateful. Kiana, you blessing, I’m glad I purchased this from you and papaia. Never again will I shave without the magic that is the Fur Oil. A solid 8/10 on this kit.

And yeah, I’m definitely stocking up on my favorite shave gel from now on. Shocker.

bow and arrow

I hope you liked my Fur review! Have you tried the brand? Did the shaving cream work for you!? Sound off in the comments.

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12 Unscented Shaving Creams For A Nick-Free Experience

We’ve covered unscented soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Now, it’s time to cover a product that is lesser-known for being unscented: shaving cream!

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A post shared by Wellshaved (

I hate when I nick myself, and artificial fragrance seeps into the cut, adding a little extra burn – kind of like insult to injury. And then it smells like candy, which can be weird when shaving your armpits, because deodorant is about to go on, right? Won’t they create a weird combo, one in which candy battles it out with florals?

Maybe these are random thoughts. (Definitely.) But I know I’m not alone in thinking this! If you’re not interested in smelling strongly post-shave, I have 12 unscented shaving creams to keep you smooth, hydrated, and not smelling like a perfume shop.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


Shave Soap Bar

unscented shave soap bar

Leaf continues to say no to plastic, creating a shave soap bar to accompany their razor. The soap bar lathers up nicely, but skin stays hydrated rather than stripped without sodium lauryl phthalate. Ingredients you will find? Nourishing coconut oil and cocoa butter, as well as detoxifying and moisturizing kaolin clay. Oh, and love. Lots of love.

BUY NOW – $9

Schaf Skincare Shave Cream

Schaf unscented shaving cream

All skin types and all parts of the body can rejoice: this shaving cream was created with armpits and bikinis and beards in mind as one single thought. It’s fragrance-free, meaning it won’t sting after you slice your chin or inner thigh; you’ve got cooling aloe, hydration-locking hyaluronic acid, protecting vitamin E, and soothing coconut oil to baby the burn.

BUY NOW – $25

fragrance free shave cream

fragrance free shaving cream

Look, it’s not just men’s, I promise. This unscented shaving cream isn’t thick enough to clog pores, it’s super hydrating, and it doesn’t exacerbate any skin problems – in fact, the soothing aloe and chamomile extract will calm and treat. Add in olive oil to give you a silky consistency and moisturizing effect, and you won’t deal with dry skin.

BUY NOW – $3


wet shaving products shaving cream unscented

The creator took two years and hundreds of prototypes to get this unscented, crazy natural, super soothing shaving cream – and it was worth it. It’s described as “Manly” (like, there’s a strong emphasis on it for some reason, ugh), but it’s unisex, using ingredients like argan oil, aloe, castor oil, and shea butter to nourish your skin throughout the shaving process.

BUY NOW – $28.99

Goat Milk Shaving Soap Bar

unscented goat milk shaving cream bar from honey sweet acres

Ya gotta love a company that makes sure to state their shaving cream is for women. (I mean, duh, it always is, but they make sure to be inclusive!) Goat milk is the focus ingredient, and for good reason: it’s filled with fatty acids to repair, vitamin A for gentle exfoliation, and plenty of probiotics to keep the good bacteria and fight the bad.

BUY NOW – $8


nurture my body all natural fragrance free shaving cream

There is nothing bad in this. No parabens. No sulfates. No fragrance. And a bonus: it’s totally biodegradable! The unscented shaving cream has lubricating emollients in it to help fight razor burn, using dandelion root and carrot. High in vitamins, the two ingredients will give you soft skin and protect you from painful nicks.

BUY NOW – $19.95

Classic Shaving Cream


Classic Brand makes Classic Shaving Cream. We kind of love this, kind of find it hilariously straightforward. It’s creamy and lathers up nicely, but it won’t dry out your skin. Instead, you’ll find a collection of protecting, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, green and white tea, oat kernel, and a bunch of vitamins.

BUY NOW – $17.99

vitamin e shaving cream.

Vitamin e shaving cream.

We love (MALIN+GOETZ) for how gender-neutral they are, from scents to packaging (no pink or blue binary stuff). Their shaving cream is lightweight and won’t leave residue or clog your razor. Squalane and shea butter moisturize; glycerin and sodium PCA hydrate; chamomile extract and allantoin calm; menthol cools and protects; and the magic ingredient – vitamin E – is bursting with antioxidants, helping to protect.

BUY NOW – $34

Scotch Porter Shaving Cream Sensitive Skin

scotch porter shaving cream for sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin, the products you use matter. The first step is finding a good razor, and finding a solid shaving cream should be next – ideally unscented. Scotch Porter’s fits the bill, avoiding scents and soap and using nourishing ingredients instead – think shea butter, anti-inflammatory cucumber extract, rejuvenating soy protein, and vitamin E.

BUY NOW – $20

Shaving Cream

shaving cream from etsy

Oils! Oils! And… even more oils! However, don’t assume I mean essential oils, because they aren’t included. Oils that ARE? Apricot oil, which gives you glow; palm kernel oil, which fights aging and hydrates minus grease; and coconut, olive, and castor oils to give you a soft and smooth foundation. The result: a simple shave that won’t irritate.

BUY NOW – $15

Vanicream Shave Cream

vanicream fragrance free shave cream

Vanicream, yessss. Vanicream is all about creating fragrance-free products for those with sensitive skin, and their shaving cream is a fantastic product in the line. Unlike other brands, it’s not oily, so any shine or residue is a problem of your past. It doesn’t have alcohol either, so you’ll be left soft and moisturized, rather than dried out.

BUY NOW – $8.99

Pacific Shaving Company Clean Shave Cream

pacific shaving company clean shaving cream - unscented

There’s no testing on animals here, promise. And there aren’t any smells. Oh, and it’s clean and vegan. So, yeah, you need to feel good about yourself? Use Pacific Shaving’s unscented cream. It’s full of sunflower seed oil, which acts as protection from redness, while vitamin E forms a protective barrier over your skin. Bye bye, irritation.

BUY NOW – $9.49

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Do you prefer unscented shaving creams? Do you use one that you love? Share your secrets below!

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Beauty Skin

These 10 Shaving Gels Will Make Razor Burn Disappear

Shaving gel is the best thing I’ve ever encountered for shaving. You can quote me on that.

Like, I’m still trying to find good razors. Cream didn’t do a thing. I relied on conditioner for my bikini area.

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Shaving gel changed. the. game. 

But, much to my surprise, the vast majority of people I know still use cream or… oh man… soap. Ugh. I share the word like a messiah, and those who have listened come back to say “ohmygod, you were totally right.” (Psh, as if I didn’t know that.)

But with so many shaving gels on the market, it can be overwhelming to find one! And, yeah, it took me awhile to find my favs, too.

As a beauty editor, I note everything I try out. So, during my search, I made a list of my top 10, and I’m sharing it with you today! No extra 11 and 12, no less than my top 10. Have the smoothest shave of your life, bbs.


Foaming Shave Gel

flamingo foaming shave gel

For some reason, shaving clubs are often separated by men and women, but I digress. Flamingo’s gel foams up to stay put, but not to the extent that your razor clogs. Filled with aloe and bisabolol to calm — needed with, you know, razor blades on your skin – you’ll have a soft and soothing shave.

BUY NOW – $5

Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel

elemis shaving gel

This foaming shave gel goes on ~ice-cool~ which can cause a bit of a shock… until it feels good. You can thank gentle aloe vera, witch hazel to reduce inflammation, and english oak to stop irritation for your clean and chilly shave.

BUY NOW – $36.50


manscaped CROP shave gel

Don’t rely on after-shaving products to smell amazing, because Manscaped (yep, there’s “Man” in the name, but don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s JUST for men) gives you a light citrus scent. The thick-but-not-too-thick formula is filled with grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, and tea tree oils for nourishment against the blade, plus orchid flower extract for antioxidants.

BUY NOW – $12.99

Original Shave Gel

Bulldog shave gel

Again, for men, blah blah blah THIS FORMULA. Aside from calming aloe vera, its star ingredients are camelina oil, which moisturizes with vitamin E and omega oils, and green tea for its antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, so infections and bacteria? Nah, you can pass on all of that.

BUY NOW – $6.99

Daily Shave Gel

murdock london nordstrom exclusive shaving gel

I love products that are exclusive to Nordstrom. Because I love Nordstrom? Possibly. Because it’s always the best brands? Definitely. Murdock London’s gel is made in a fair-trade certified factory with cedarwood oil to gently rub over acne, eczema, and general dermatitis. You don’t have to worry about making your skin woes even worse, so bless you, Murdock London.

BUY NOW – $24 (8.5 oz.)

No Bump Body Shave Gel

gigi no bump shave gel

Okay, can we all agree that there is nothing worse than shaving, feeling great, and then having red bumps all over the next day? Yeah, it’s a bummer. No Bump Body Shave Gel fixes this with an infusion of salicylic acid to exfoliate and fight those bumps, with soothing aloe vera and willow bark extract to calm irritation.

BUY NOW – $7.99

Bye bye, razor burn! Refinery is banishing you and your bumps. You can thank the main ingredient, aloe vera, for calming skin after taking a blade to your sensitive skin; clove and peppermint stop itching and have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, respectively. Cuts and chafing are in the past.

BUY NOW – $26

Pure by Gillette®

pure by gillette shaving gel

Gillette, the classic shaving company, comes in with a soothing shave gel to pair up with their (or any) razors. Pure has 0 alcohols, dyes, parabens, and sulfates, which can occasionally be found in some shaving gels for extra lather. It’s ideal for sensitive skin with aloe, but all skin types can benefit from a smooth shave, no?

BUY NOW – $5.99

Venus 2-in-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel


Yeah, it’s Gillette again. If you’re shaving your bikini line, you may notice your privates acting up a little – either with irritation, or, occasionally, with your pH. That’s why Gillette went ahead and studied up to create a pH-balanced shaving gel that won’t throw your privates’ pH off. It’s gynecologist-tested, so you can trust that they didn’t pull a fast one on you.

BUY NOW – $19.99

Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk

oui the people shave gel

I’m used to being dried out and using extra gel – or even conditioner – to get that soft, hydrating shave. But soothing, anti-irritation dandelion root extract pairs with slippery, vitamin-packed aloe to totally condition, so you can know you’re getting a close and cozy shave. There’s also tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, which helps encourage the body’s production of hyaluronic acid – it’s totally worth the splurge, promise. (It’s also my fav.)

BUY NOW – $64

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Are you going to (trust me and) try out shaving gel? Any questions? Leave them in the comments!

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