I Tried Amazon’s Foreo Dupe, And I’m Actually Impressed

On the hunt for new products to review, I was stoked when I managed to snag the Foreo luna mini 2 for half off from Amazon. The It Skincare Product was officially mine! I reveled… until I hit the next page, and there was the popular Foreo dupe, the EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush, also half off.

And, boom, the idea for this article-slash-review was born. Foreo vs. EZBasics: could the $30 Facial Cleansing Brush do what the revered $140 luna mini 2 does?

I had to know, so I scooped up the on-sale EZBASICS with my Foreo savings, waited two days, and skipped to my front door after I heard a knock on the door from the delivery driver.

So, what are my thoughts on when it comes to the OG Foreo luna mini 2 vs EZBASICS’ Facial Cleansing Brush dupe? Let me give you the rundown.


First Impressions

Before I begin, I’d like to state that I didn’t read the instructions. This was intentional! I wanted to see if one was more intuitive than the other. #science. Moving on.

First of all, the Foreo luna mini 2 is cute. Its shape is absolutely adorable, and the blue I snatched is deep-yet-pastel. The EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush, on the other hand… is also super cute. It’s in the shape of an oval, and the baby pink fits the ~vibe~ (because we’re talking about products that vibrate, get it? I’m funny). There are other color options for both, though pricing may vary; I chose from the cheapest options, because duh.

tess holding foreo luna mini 2
The Foreo Luna Mini 2
tess holding ezbasics facial cleansing brush, aka foreo dupe
The EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush

On the front of the Foreo is a blank circular indent, a plus sign, and a minus sign. The indent is meant to be the power button, though I’ll be honest: it wasn’t super obvious at first, and I checked the back to see if I was missing something. 

The front of the EZBASICS is simpler. On the left, you’ll find a minus sign; on the right, there’s a button with the power symbol and an X. Obvious? Yeah. So, EZBASICS wins that war.

Now, for the (more) important part: the cleansing bristles. The Foreo luna mini 2 has a bunch of small, soft bristles on its front, meant for getting into the nitty gritty areas without irritating too much. On the back are wider, thicker bristles, meant to get in deep and remove that stubborn dirt from your pores.

It’s almost the same on the infamous Foreo dupe, but this is where the term “dupe” is emphasized. The front has soft, small bristles, but they aren’t as flexible as the luna mini 2’s. And I thought the EZBASICS was missing a deeper option; turns out the back is the deeper option, though it feels more like finger-gripping material than material meant to dig into your pores. So, Foreo comes out on top here.

Now, for the cleaning — aka the important part.

Hi, I’m Tess, your grimy-skinned Editor-in-Chief!

tess making a face and pointing at the camera as per usual

I snuck a peek at the luna mini 2’s instructions, so I would know how long the OG required: one minute, in which you divided your face into 15-second quadrants. I applied the same math to the EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush, because if Foreo says it can clean your face in one minute, you’ve gotta repeat the variable in the same review, you know?

To best test its cleansing capabilities, I wiped off a full face of makeup – yes, foundation included. I know: me? – with a makeup wipe, then found my favorite face wash to use with the products. I wanted to see which one did the real work, the “I just got home from a long day and can barely move, just get the makeup off, ugh” removal.

I started with the Foreo luna mini 2, dividing my face up: mid-cheek to forehead and mid-cheek to jaw line on both sides of my face. I decided to try out both sides of the beauty product – again, without reading instructions and going off of what felt like it was doing the most. I applied my face wash, careful not to lather – I wanted to see how well the luna mini 2 did with the least amount of effort.

tess trying the foreo luna mini 2

Using the smaller bristles first, I whisked away top layers of dead skin. I then flipped it over, letting the bigger bristles attack the gunk deeper in my pores. I did this on all four quadrants, which were separated by a pause in vibrations to say “move on, move on,” then rinsed my face off. The result: soft, flushed, but not irritated skin.

tess feeling her face which is super smooth after using the foreo luna mini 2

When rinsing off the Foreo, I noticed that the water was a little brown/black. Ew. But that meant it was getting the job done! As one final check, I wiped with a makeup wipe, and there were only a few flecks of leftover eyeliner and a faint spot or two of brown – nothing that the luna mini 2 could have done anything about, really.

Next: EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush trial time (after waiting a few hours in between washes)! I did the same as before: wiped off a full face of makeup, didn’t lather the face wash, and went to work.

One thing I do like about EZBASICS’ option: the shape allows for me to get in the crevices of my nose. Foreo has a precision tip, but the shape makes it awkward to reach those little creases. The EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush, on the other hand, capitalizes on its shape and fits into every nook and cranny with its precision tip.

ezbasics facial cleansing brush on nose

However, the backside, with the deep cleansing? Not great. It felt more like grips being rubbed against my face, and less like a deep massage into my pores. And after I rubbed down with a makeup wipe, there was a liiiiiittle more grime left on the sheet than compared to the OG. It wasn’t anything major, and I probably would have gone “this is the best EVER” had I not tried the luna mini 2 first. So, the Foreo dupe loses in the cleanliness category.

Post-”massage,” my face was soft, flush, and… well, a little irritated from those grips. Ugh.

tess face looking irritated after using foreo dupe

EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush: Is The Foreo Dupe Worth It?

tess using foreo dupe (the ezbasics facial cleansing brush)

Long story short: yes… if the Foreo luna mini 2 isn’t discounted. In the end, I want to love the dupe more than the original, but Foreo truly #NailedIt with their luna mini 2 vs EZBASICS’ Facial Cleansing Brush. I can look past an awkward fit into my nose if it means removing 98.2% of the grossness on my face post-cake-face half-hearted wipe-down.

HOWEVER, if that Foreo luna mini 2 is gonna cost a chunk of your paycheck, go for the dupe. It gets the job done, though you might need to put a little elbow grease into your half-hearted wipe-down. But let’s be real: less than $30 + elbow grease is a lot nicer on the wallet than $140.

A review summary: I will be buying the Foreo luna mini 2 forever, because Foreo knew what they were doing… but I’ll only pull out the wallet when it’s on sale. Because when it’s not? The EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush does a good job, making it my solid-B back-up.

tess giving the thumbs up after using the foreo mini 2

bow and arrow

We hope you enjoyed this review of the Foreo luna mini 2 vs EZBASICS’ Facial Cleansing Brush dupe! Any other Foreo dupes you recommend? Share with us below!

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