Guest Post: The Kpop Witch Is Making Magic On Etsy

So what do Kpop and witchcraft have in common? If you were thinking ‘virtually nothing’ you may find this story surprising. Meet The Kpop Witch. 

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The Kpop Witch’ is an Etsy shop founded in February 2021. I sell a unique range of Kpop inspired witchcraft and beauty products from spell kits to lip scrubs. It’s the perfect shop for anyone wanting to practice self care or ease their way into the magic that is witchcraft all while enjoying the fun and interactive Kpop music genre. 

The witch behind it all is, me, Kennedy Jai, a twenty-one year old black, queer non-binary (they/he pronouns) creative from Arizona, USA. I have a deep passion for skin care and makeup that was instilled in me at a young age. Part of my beauty obsession comes from my mother, who gifted me a MAC eye shadow palette to play with at the age of ten. The other part comes from a desire to feel more connected with my sex and assigned gender. I remember collecting a series of books titled “The Girls Book: How to Be The Best at Everything.” I clung to these books like a life preserver and read them like the bible. It failed to raise me into a cisgendered woman as I am out as a transmasculine non-binary person, however, it taught me a lot of tips that I know about beauty today.

I’ve been practicing the craft and listening to Kpop since 2018. On one boring day in 2020, I made a full moon bath salt inspired by the beloved song Moonchild by RM. It was so heavenly that I had to share it with my friends and family. It wasn’t the first time I made beauty products for others, but it was the first time that I got bombarded with good reviews and demands for more. After hearing the overwhelmingly positive feedback, I realized something: Kpop is a powerful genre that belongs with a powerful practice. 

With my extensive knowledge of healing magical properties and skin care, I was able to create an impressive catalog of Kpop inspired metaphysical products over the last year. Amongst the fandom, it’s common to see people who find healing and belonging through Kpop music. The Kpop Witch amplifies that feeling by creating tangible goods in the name of my favorite songs. And the response was shocking. Just three months after launching my shop, 396.5 thousand TikTok viewers fell in love with the Love Talk (WayV) Lip Scrub, a strawberry flavored treat intended to boost sexual attraction. This remains my most popular product. 

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As a transmasculine person in the small beauty business, I often think about the impact I could make. I tend to get misgendered by my peers, but I don’t think it’s on purpose. There’s a pre-existing judgment that beauty, jewelry making and even witchcraft are seen as inherently feminine. Much like many other non-binary people, I want my femininity and my masculinity to coexist without the fear of being misgendered. I want trans men to be able to do feminine things like get our nails done, grow our hair long and wear makeup without it taking away from our masculinity. I also hope to join the lineup of amazing and impactful trans people of color in the small beauty industry. 

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Thank you to The Kpop Witch’s Kennedy for this article! Check out their Etsy shop now.

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