I Tried Revlon’s Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

Humans are incredibly creative and resourceful when it comes to finding skin care products.  We make use of mushrooms, jade, salt water… basically, whatever we can get our hands on.  And that resourcefulness is exactly what came in handy when Revlon’s Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller came into the picture.

This product is made of volcanic stone — yup, that burning hot lava that comes out from volcanoes is taken once it’s cooled and hardened, and then it’s shaped into a little tool that can help with your oily skin. So, none other than the lovely Tess sent me the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller to review.


What Is Revlon’s Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller?

revlon oil absorbing volcanic roller

The Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller is a skincare tool that helps control the amount of oil on your face.  An oil roller is a perfect way to get rid of that excess of oil on your face, especially for those of us who have an oilier skin type or just need to freshen up on the go.

This oil control product went viral on TikTok, as do most things these days, and we’re here to see if this volcanic oil roller lives up to the hype.

How Does An Oil Absorber Work?

Oil absorbing volcanic rollers are made of volcanic stone (or lava rock, whatever you want to call them really), which is known to be very porous.  A rock being porous means it has these really tiny holes and spaces, known as pores, that can trap oils from your face, leaving your skin matte, oil-free, and looking refreshed.

Since it is also a rolling product, it is also a good way to work in a little facial massage to get that blood pumping throughout your face. If you read my recent gua sha article, you’ll know why getting that blood flowing to your face through a facial massage is a good thing.

Using Revlon’s Oil Absorber For The First Time

When I first opened Revlon’s package, I was very confused with what it was, because I’d never seen anything like it before (but that could just be because I am out of touch with the fancy products the kids these days are using).

rollerball of revlon's oil absorbing volcanic roller

I used the product immediately after opening it.  Let me tell you, I had just finished six straight hours of classes and studying, and I was looking ROUGH.  Skin oily and ready to go, I went and rolled the oil absorber on my face.

It was like magic.  My skin looked almost like I had just washed it and there was no greasy shine, definitely ready for the next half of my day where I had to do even more studying and homework.

After Three Weeks Of The Oil Roller

lexiss with oily skin before using revlon's volcanic oil roller
Pre-Roller – long day.
lexiss after using the revlon oil absorbing volcanic roller
Post-Roller – bye, oil!

I used the oil absorber nearly every day for the last three weeks, and it is safe to say that I am very pleased with the results.  Without fail I got that unpleasant shine down and looked refreshed when I needed to.

Here’s a side-by-side of the oil roller results.  This day in particular consisted of working, eating, shopping, walking through a park, and… honestly I kind of forget BUT I was definitely busy.  And after using the roller, I definitely looked less shiny and more refreshed! 

One thing of note is that you should wash this every night, or at least at the end of every day that you use it.  If not washed, there will be an oil build up on the product and it will not absorb face oils as much as it should, thus lessening efficacy.  To wash the oil roller, I would just use a small little pump of my regular face wash to get my face oils out of the stone.  

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The tool itself felt somewhat cheap, with the volcanic stone being held together by various pieces of plastic.  I feel like the roll of the stone wasn’t as smooth as it could have been because of said plastic material — the stone would occasionally get stuck and would be hard to move around, but generally would move well enough to where it got the job done.

Now, these don’t last forever, so you’ll want to get a new facial roller about once every six months, or whenever you see fit.  The point is, you want clean, properly working skin care tools to give your skin the best possible treatment and care.

A Note: Volcanic Oil Rollers vs. Oil Absorbing Sheets

a picture of a girl with oil on an oil absorbing sheet.

The Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller is an ideal on the go option when it comes to getting off any excess oil.  It is a great alternative to oil blotting sheets, as they tend to create a lot of waste since they are single use.  

Having used both oil absorbing sheet and oil rollers, I can say that oil sheets do have significantly more coverage than oil rollers, but I feel so much better using oil rollers knowing that I have a more sustainable and reusable product.  

In the long run, oil absorbing rollers will be a lot more affordable as well, making this product one of the best choices when it comes to removing excess face oils on the fly.

Overall Review Of Revlon’s Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

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This is a great product and I absolutely recommend it if you can get your hands on it.  It absorbs my face oils so I don’t look like a grease trap — it is a great addition to my arsenal of skin care tools and products, and it will always be in my bag.


Did this review of Revlon’s Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller convince you to try it? Do you prefer oil rollers or sheets? Tell us in the comments!

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