Sephora’s Supergoop Sampler: A Review

“They will be there soon,” is the vague text I got from Tess (QUILL’s Editor-in-Chief) on a random Thursday afternoon. I had no idea who “they” were or what their business visiting me was, but I was absolutely certain that if Tess was involved, I would be putting another product to the test very shortly. The Sephora bag was delivered by a kind Shipt woman and inside was a case of Supergoop’s best-selling sunscreens. I. Was. So. Excited! Here’s my 100% honest review of Sephora’s Supergoop sampler.


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Supergoop are commonly known as the Experts in SPF – so much in fact, that it is part of their Trademarked slogan! For more than 15 years, they claim that product has been their purpose, but their mission is about so much more than just sunscreen. 

This sunscreen brand is all about finding a formula for everyone, which is why their product line is pretty expansive for SPF. They are reef safe, which I find ironic since the bag their “SPF Best Sellers” came in was wonderfully reusable… whereas their products themselves were contained inside gross, basic, plastic (come on Supergoop – do BETTER!). Although I would like to hold their seemingly greenwashed attempt at being eco conscious against them, I decided to look past their shortcomings and put what was on the inside to the test. 

Right away I noticed that there were no funky smells like you experience with some sunscreens (ah, the smell of “summer”) and that the consistency was silky. I applied the product to my face and exposed skin and was pleased that it didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky like other sunscreens. Shortly after, we untied the lines and went sailing, enjoying the sunshine that melted onto our skin like butter. So, how did Sephora’s Supergoop sampler stack up against the Big Ol’ Ball in the sky?

Supergoop Play

supergoop play everyday sunscreen

Applied to chest, arms and any exposed skin below my face

I wasn’t a sunscreen fanatic until I turned 25 and my friends that were 5+ years older than me bestowed some very helpful advice upon me. They said if they could go back in time and tell their younger selves one thing, it would be to wear sunscreen – say no more. Ever since, I have been well-shielded from the sun. However, with my active lifestyle, it could be hard to find a sunscreen that really stuck to my skin without being sticky, smelly or greasy. Supergoop’s Play formula is perfect because the lotion melts into your skin leaving a healthy subtle glow while keeping you “ick”-free and – most importantly – burn-free while you play all day in the sunshine.

BUY NOW – $22 (2.4 oz)

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

supergoop review unseen sunscreen in sephora's sampler

Applied to face

When I added sunscreen to my daily regime, it was important that I found a sunscreen that would be a good base for the rest of my makeup if I so chose to wear any. The oil-free formula of their Unseen Sunscreen is totally invisible and weightless. Because of that, it works well as a makeup primer or as a mattefying finish after your daily moisturizer, meaning you can’t go wrong with however you choose to use it!

BUY NOW – $36 (1.7 oz.)

Supergoop Glowscreen

supergoop glowscreen sunscreen in sephora's supergoop sampler

Applied to face 

Alright, so I thought the Unseen Sunscreen was impressive… but O.M.G! Glowscreen is amazing with its gel-like texture that blends in clear and feels weightless on skin – much like Supergoop’s other products. However, this SPF 40 formula is also packed with brightening antioxidants and ingredients that nourish your skin, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and niacinamide. The result is a pearlescent finish. The hydrating formula also acts as the perfect base for makeup, locking everything in from lightweight foundations to concealer and bronzer, so you can go as full-glam as you want, whenever you want, while protecting your skin from harmful UV.

BUY NOW – $36 (1.7 oz.)

My Final Thoughts

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Supergoop has so many incredible sunscreen products, but we hope that this review of Sephora’s sampler helps give you an idea of where to start with your sun protection journey. Don’t forget to grab your favorite reusable water bottle and stay hydrated – an important part of every beauty routine!

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