Marinated Makeup Is Fall’s Biggest Trend

As somebody who has oily skin, I am constantly dreading wearing makeup during the summer. It’s way too hot to even function, and if I move any kind of muscle, my face looks like it’s been drenched in grease just seconds after, no matter how much I try to brush up my appearance.


You just can’t imagine the feeling I got when I first heard of the “marinated makeup” trend that’s been going around. My immediate thoughts had to do with my skin being slick and gross from having makeup on all day, but to my surprise, this might be a look I’d love to go for. 


What Is Marinated Makeup?

Marinated makeup is all about letting your makeup “marinate” on your face in order for it to look its best. It’s a grungy look, one that enhances your features once the products sit on your skin after hours of wear.  A true nighttime look. 

The trend started making its way through TikTok, of course, and the key to it is this…

Focus On The Eyes


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That’s more than enough for me. I ditched the foundation and base layers and went heavy with the eyeliner and smokiness (which, actually, now that I think about it, is literally just my everyday makeup). My inspiration is the grunge-looking queen herself, beabadoobee. 

Her video with Vogue on her makeup routine is the one you want to follow; faux freckles, liner and lashes, a smidge of lip tint, and not much else. It really is that simple!


But for those of you who don’t want to ditch the bases, TikTok user @shaaynemarie has a quick routine for concealer that makes it ultimately blendable for that flawless finish. Just let your concealer or base (we recommend a breathable one, like a tinted moisturizer) sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes, and blend it out with either your hands or a beauty sponge. 

You’ll notice your skin glows more. It’ll even look better as the day goes on, because, as Vogue puts it, the point of marinated makeup is for it to look “lived in.”

Get That Grunge


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After that, you can go ahead and get started on your grungy look.

The best part about this is that it can be dressed up and down; I could go to school with it just fine, then hit the nightclubs right after, all in a day’s work of this simple routine.

After you choose whether or not to wear foundation/concealer, take some eyeliner and wing it out. Smudge out your waterline too, and if you want to go all the way, use dark eyeshadow to very subtly blend out the eyeliner to make it look messy (in a perfect way, of course). You can also choose to add lashes to really amp up the grunge-iness.  

You can use henna or a brown pencil liner to dot some faux freckles across your nose bridge and cheekbones, and if you want, add a little bit of blush. Finish up the look with a lip tint, and you’re all done.

Products For The Marinated Makeup Look

Here’s a list of products that will help you achieve this look! It’s very beginner-friendly, so don’t sweat too much on breaking the bank for these products. Take a visit to your nearest drug store and you’ll be set.

Are you getting in on the grunge-y, messy, marinated makeup trend? Is grunge your thing? Tell us in the comments!

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